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Image: PuffinBW.jpg   317x301 19587 bytes 2006.03.19

No color fun sketchieness!\r\nPuffins rock.

Image: QueenMargay.jpg   595x700 91572 bytes 2006.07.09

A study on Margays that turned into this. I love their vibrant eyes and bold markings. I thought they would translate well into a tribal sort of being. Now that I look at it, I shoudl have added more ethnic-looking adornments.

Image: RabitwCopics_copy.jpg   300x385 21440 bytes 2006.07.09

More practice with Copics. I tried for high contrast to set a mood. Not sure of the mood of this one.

Image: StripiiKat.jpg   500x874 75550 bytes 2006.07.09

A concept for another alias, this one a little less fuzzy. I tried to model her physicaly as close to myself as possible. I didn't use a reference so there are alot of anatomy issues here. I really like her stockings still. :p

Image: SxyYote.jpg   760x1009 74234 bytes 2006.07.09

Ok, I enjoy drawing nudes alot because I'm fasinated by the nude form and all it's various shapes and such, but I rarely glorify strait up, gratuitous sex. Here's a first. :p\r\n\r\nHe was supposed to be a cyote, but I think he looks more like a fox/wolf mix. I guess you could say that's what coyotes look like. I think more coloring might and markign definition might have helped more.

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