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Image: cent_dragon_swim.jpg   615x740 91774 bytes 2006.06.15

Just something for my bro'.\r\n\r\nHim admiring the little fish that inspired his character design, the Moorish Idol (one of my favorite marine fish species). \r\n\r\nArtwork 2006 Tina Leyk,\r\nCentrifuge the water dragon belongs to my bro'.\r\n

Image: chaos_dragon_anthro1.JPG   375x531 63634 bytes 2002.02.01

My dragon character as an anthro'. Humans know her by many names of which Talon, Chaos,and Darkflame are included. But her proper name is Cha'ta'dar. This image can only be seen on the VCL, due to the fact that my website host doesn't allow "nudity". This image was done in pen and ink then colored in photoshop. Art and character are Tina Leyk.

Image: chaoseven_smallfile.jpg   1120x631 238356 bytes 2010.11.07

Long overdue commission piece done for Chaoseven.\r\n\r\nCharacter belongs to his player.\r\nArt 2010 T.Leyk.

Image: chat_sunning.jpg   750x593 162304 bytes 2004.12.13

Been a long while since I drew my dragon character. The inkwork for this pic' has been sitting on my hard drive for weeks, only got the motivation to finish it today.\r\n\r\nChat's a WYVERN class Dragon. As in, she's like a bat or bird. Her 'arms' are her wings.... which always makes it challenging to draw her when she's not in flight.\r\n\r\nChatadar,art Tina Leyk. Do not copy, alter, or redistribute!

Image: Chatadar_complete.jpg   418x1010 68084 bytes 2009.12.01

Dragon's Moon

Chatadar, my dragon.\r\n\r\nArt and character 2009 Tina Leyk, all rights reserved.

Image: chatadar_first_snow_vcl.jpg   600x436 92709 bytes 2002.12.26

My dragon character stands upon the rocky wastes as the first snows of winter softly dance in the air. Acrylic on canvas paper.\r\n\r\nArt and character Tina Leyk 2002.

Image: chatadar_oldpic_1997_smallfile.jpg   675x885 99102 bytes 2003.03.28

"Before the Storm."\r\n\r\nSafely landing and taking up shelter before the ever increasing winds. The surf rolls and thrashes angrily as the fog rolls in, the storm comming ever closer.\r\n\r\nOld painting, done in '97. This is what Chatadar, my black dragon character looked like way back when~ no membrane between the spines on her back, and her horns weren't as spiraled as they are now.\r\n\r\nArt and character Tina Leyk. Hand off~ no touchie.

Image: chatasian_color.jpg   826x633 158894 bytes 2006.07.31

Sometimes you just want to draw for the hell of drawing...\r\n\r\n2006 Tina Leyk, all rights reserved. Do not copy, alter, or redistribute.

Image: cherryblossums1.jpg   620x798 130498 bytes 2010.10.25

Cherry Blossoms

Well here we have an example of something that started out as an inconspicuous doodle, and ended up as something way, way more complicated.\r\n\r\nI spent way too much time playing with this. Twelve hours straight during a single day at one point.... maybe twenty hours in total. I'm calling it done, anatomical errors and all. My hand hurts... XP\r\n\r\n2010 T.L, All rights reserved.

Image: chibi_chat_lovexenos.jpg   489x480 43326 bytes 2003.07.23

I love xenomorphs. And here's a chibi, anthro'ized Chatadar to get the point across. That thing she's holdin' is a Alien Queen Plushie! I wish I really had somethin' like that... XD\r\n\r\nArt and character 2003 Tina Leyk, hands off.

Image: chibitaffyxmas.jpg   881x552 80577 bytes 2010.11.19

My dog. She loves snow... \r\n\r\n2010 Tina Leyk, all rights reserved.

Image: chicklette1.jpg   630x902 176825 bytes 2011.12.12

Chicklette was my Aunt's dog. A Golden Retriever cross.\r\n\r\nThis is based of a photo I took of her four or five years ago. She was very old at the time. I haven't seen or spoken to my Aunt in many years but chances are Chicklette has long since passed away. She was really special. She got me over my fear of dogs (I was mauled by a Rot'x as a toddler and didn't have many good experiences growing up around dogs). She was a sweet, old soul who was never given enough credit.\r\n\r\nLove you Chickie. I'm sorry I never got to say good-bye.\r\n2011 Tina Leyk, all rights reserved. Do not copy, alter, or redistribute without expressed written permission by the artist.

Image: chrome_dragon.jpg   900x1063 201952 bytes 2005.08.03

"Cold Like Chrome."\r\n\r\nLook. It's a chrome-scaled dragon. An opinionated, arrogant, nasty chrome-scaled dragon.\r\n\r\nNo, he's not friendly, and certianly not happy to see you... unless you're dropping 'in' for dinner... :P\r\n\r\n\r\nFour days solid worth of work. (Well over 24 hours) Adobe Photoshop per usual. Originally sketched on loose leaf paper.\r\n\r\nArt 2005 Tina Leyk, all rights reserved.

Image: coloredpencilfox_2010.jpg   489x620 151149 bytes 2010.04.09

Under the Birch Trees.

Found my prisma pencils. First time in a very long time I've used my old traditional media. Had some fun. Nothing special.\r\n\r\n2010 Tina Leyk, all rights reserved.

Image: crimson_dragon1.JPG   413x531 84444 bytes 2002.04.09

The Crimson Dragonlord. A pic' for my brother. He's got a thing for the color red, so natrually the dragon had to be red. XD Art and character Tina Leyk 2002.

Image: crimson_ring2.jpg   300x433 45260 bytes 2002.09.17

It's my brother's signiture character. Crimson Fury, mecha hedgehog (which I helped design). He's a big Sonic the hedgehog Fan, so he insisted on a S.T.H. character. ^^\r\n\r\nCrimson Fury himself, Art Tina Leyk.

Image: crossfox1.jpg   674x857 133353 bytes 2011.03.17

The Mushroom Hunter

A voluptuous cross-fox vixen, who I haven't named yet.\r\n\r\nExpert Mushroom Hunter extraordinaire. She prefers to hunt at dusk, like most Foxes. Her prize tonight is a lovely bunch of Orange Bolete. Tomorrow night, maybe some Honey Mushrooms, or perhaps even some Shaggy Mane. She doesn't mess with toxic mushrooms however, her interests are purely culinary!\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n2011 Tina Leyk.\r\n\r\n*There are not enough nicely represented heavier set anthro's out there. IMO. After all, 25% of us are bigger than average, and big can be beautiful too! *

Image: dancing_pitbull_complete.jpg   525x619 46147 bytes 2003.01.20

Somethin' I drew just for fun. A dancing Pitbull Terrier. Why is he dancing? I dunno, but it sure was a blast to draw. Pen on paper, colored in photoshop. I might have it put on a t-shirt or something one day. \r\n\r\nArt and character 2003 Tina Leyk. No stealing!

Image: dark_kirin.jpg   825x675 216726 bytes 2006.01.31

I dunno... I wanted to draw something a little different and came up with this. It's supposed to look like it's a tapastry or something drawn on textiles.\r\n\r\n2006 Tina Leyk, all rights reserved. Do not copy, alter, or redistribute.\r\n

Image: darkside_painting1.JPG   375x506 62316 bytes 2002.06.04

It's my evil character, Darkside. This demonic dragon-winged fox is one baddie you never want to meed in a dark ally. Pictured here without her earings, but with all four of her braids clearly visible. Two that hang infront and two behind. She's got a mane like a lion in the way that her hair flows in long waves from her head and neck. Like a thousand serpents wriggling, even the slightest breeze seems to make it move and flow. \r\n\r\nThis is Acrylic painting done in washes and layers on paper canvas. No pre-planning or outlines drawn for this one. The way it looks is how it evolved on the canvas. \r\n\r\nArt and Character Tina Leyk 2002.

Image: darksides_pumpkinpatch1.jpg   525x684 137358 bytes 2003.10.21

The evil, siductive Darkside says "Happy Halloween..." :P\r\nInk on paper, color using adobe photoshop. \r\n\r\n\r\nArt and character Tina Leyk, hands off.

Image: dead_fur1_copy.JPG   450x563 64658 bytes 2002.08.11

A dark, morbid character I created out of boredom. A one armed cyborg creature that uses a corpse for spare parts. He wears a skull on his head, no one knows what his "face" looks like...and I doubt we'd want to. And yes, it's supposed to look sketchy....\r\nDone 100% PhotoShop due to my lack of a working scanner at the time. Art and Character Tina Leyk 2002.

Image: dead_fur_comic1_vcl.jpg   600x480 94648 bytes 2002.12.24

Just something I drew during the late summer that I didn't get to add to my VCL archive. A quick exprimental comic featuring Rell, my zombie-cyborg hybrid creation.\r\n\r\nArt and Character belong to Tina Leyk, no stealin'. ^_~

Image: death_rose_rell_vcl.jpg   638x739 122315 bytes 2003.09.07

"Death of a Rose." Rell, my cyborg. Holding a rose, contemplating the nature of Life and Death. Since he's imortal(cus he's a machine) he has no consept of death. It confuses him.\r\n\r\nArt and Character Tina Leyk. Touch and die.

Image: demon_thingie_color.jpg   525x691 97736 bytes 2003.08.14

My undead doggie-demon thing again. This time in color. I like how the scales and feathers turned out.\r\n\r\nCritter 2003 Tina Leyk.

Image: demonfur_complete.jpg   705x538 183498 bytes 2004.03.20

Finally finished, after 18 hours worth of work. Prisma pencils, watercolor and acrylic wash on 8.5"x11" illustration board.\r\n\r\nArt and character 2004 Tina Leyk.

Image: desend.jpg   500x1111 97330 bytes 2006.11.16

"Decsend." ...when all else fails.\r\n\r\n2006 Tina Leyk, all rights reserved. Do not copy, alter, or redistribute.

Image: dragon_2015.jpg   596x669 145462 bytes 2015.01.19

Happy Dragon 2015

Acrylic and ink/pen on 8"x11" illustration board.\r\n\r\n

Tags: dragon painting acrylic  
Image: dragon_dark_realms2.JPG   300x416 37247 bytes 2002.02.22

Alright, here's an example of the dragon paintings I do. I've been doing these for years. Almost ten now, my furry art is much more recent. On the order of only three years. This is one of the few off-topic sort of images I'm going to put here. Most of this stuff is archived on my website. Image Tina Leyk 2002.

Image: dragon_soaring.jpg   591x1000 100267 bytes 2006.02.09

Just a little something...\r\n\r\nPhotoshop image per usual.\r\n\r\n2006 Tina Leyk, all rights reserved. Do not copy, alter, or redistribute.

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