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Image: Berni_birthday.jpg   800x600 87553 bytes 1997.09.15

birthday picture for berni, showing unci (snow leopard) and berni (puma)\r\nlicking ice-cream. pencil.\r\naugust 1997.\n

Image: glidingp.gif   900x659 157871 bytes 1997.05.19

pangur (puma morph) in a glider plane flying over the landscape on sociopolitical ramifications\r\n(where he built a glider airport). pencil, january 1995.\n

Image: hbk.gif   945x638 495001 bytes 1997.05.19

drawing of the hbk (art college) in braunschweig, with unci, hurga and \r\nraschkar sitting on an old couch. another rl-photographed situation.\r\npencil, september 1995.\n

Image: jumpyxthistle-tbk.jpg   515x600 45354 bytes 1997.11.23

wedding portrait for jumpy (red european squirrel) and thistle (white american \r\nsquirrel) of spr.\r\nstill my best squirrel picture.\r\npencil, 1996.\n

Image: kirjah.jpg   798x488 41080 bytes 1997.05.19

Kirjah, the little squirrel, hug-attacks unci's paw.\r\nPencil drawing of 1996.

Image: lillian-sketch.gif   252x512 39899 bytes 1997.09.17

concept sketch of lillian (skunk/raccoon hybrid), to clear up some questions\r\nabout her appearance with her player.\r\npencil, 1995.\n

Image: lillian-zine-tbk.gif   362x512 151469 bytes 1997.11.23

drawing of lillian (skunk/raccoon hybrid), having some chocolate in the mountains\r\nof brazilian dreams (which was a muck). originally intended for a brazilian\r\ndreams magazine, which was never printed. sold at confurence 9 art show.\r\npencil, chalk and thinned ink, 1995.\n

Image: lyn_rat.jpg   582x768 61527 bytes 1997.07.20

lynard (shapeshifter) in rat shape, reading a small book in spr's knuth park.\r\npencil, march 1997.\n

Image: revar-cebit-tbk.gif   800x800 183661 bytes 1997.11.23

revar, vampiric bat morph, is a character from watts martin's stories and a\r\nwell-known muck character/coder not played by watts martin - here shown at a\r\nstand of fuzzball software at a computer trade fair.\r\ncomputer modified pencil drawing, 1996 (when fb5.47 was the latest version).\n

Image: sylvie.gif   1221x348 244654 bytes 1996.02.11

lady sylvie was a humanoid bird-morph on spr. this is my version of her.\r\noctober 1995.\n

Image: u_cflygc.gif   606x600 124406 bytes 1998.12.11

i owed a picture to two furries i only briefly met at confurence 9:\r\nlyon castro and gene catlow.\r\npencil, 1998.\n

Image: u_kah.gif   354x590 58959 bytes 1998.09.05

badge portrait for kah (leopard). pencil, 1998.\n

Image: u_melpurik.jpg   588x768 71755 bytes 1999.01.09

sketchbook drawing for melpurik (leopard morph), one who i inspired to go\r\nbarepawed in the snow. pencil, december 1998.\n

Image: u_nimbl.jpg   734x768 110585 bytes 1999.01.02

birthday picture for nimbl (cat morph), showing him as he makes fire in the oven at\r\nshalian's cottage. pencil, january 1999.\n

Image: u_shyboar.gif   354x590 78912 bytes 1998.09.05

badge portrait for shyboar (wild boar), swiss furry, who gave me a small swiss\r\npocket knife which is in daily use now :) pencil, 1998.\n

Image: u_uncicard.jpg   745x768 67022 bytes 1998.09.05

300 dpi scan of my best self portrait, which i once did on an address card. \r\npencil, 1997.\n

Image: unci_statics.jpg   800x597 132096 bytes 1997.09.17

unci learning .... this is obviously drawn during preparation period for an \r\nexam :)\r\nbipedal shape, which i use for representing rl situations.\r\npencil, march 1997.\n

Image: uncibernisam.jpg   1035x715 138412 bytes 2002.10.11

unci, berni and samarindus doing a walk in the "dresdner heide", a forest near dresden, back in 1998 when myself and berni still lived there (samarindus visited us from the netherlands) . pencil drawing, 1998.105 . i found this one today when i was looking for an envelope .... and i found out that it was not on the server yet!

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