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Image: poke.jpg   283x191 21801 bytes 2004.05.23

After, well, way too long, I finally colored Timothy appropriately in his summer coat.\r\n\r\nBitchy having a yiffy dream and Timothy wanting to find out what it before the room gets flooded with milk and spooge.

Image: ECHIDNA2.GIF   221x270 26878 bytes 2004.03.14

Color version of the echidna from the aussie flag, which replaced a previous version that my instructor mistaked for an emu. It's dressed up as Nuckles for easier recognition as an echidna.

Image: SHAPES.JPG   1171x706 105453 bytes 2004.03.14

Circles, squares, triangles, crecents, hearts, and trapizodes. Nothing more.\r\nToo illustrative though.

Image: myplushies.jpg   1151x989 265631 bytes 2004.03.14

A sketch I did last quarter of my plushies, minus my snake puppet, plus my Psycho Mantis action figure.

Image: auseflag2.jpg   1224x792 187912 bytes 2004.03.14

My graphic representation of the Austrailia flag for a final's project.

Image: burgersnkoolaid.jpg   674x600 135428 bytes 2004.02.15

Happy Valentine's Day everyone.\r\nJust a bit of semi-carnivorous showering of gifts, and the first dialoged pic from me in a long while.

Image: fluffywiggle.jpg   367x598 88231 bytes 2003.12.19

Probably the last pic of the year.\r\nCandy stuffing and whatnot .

Image: heavyrandy.jpg   258x357 39724 bytes 2003.12.13

A somewhat squashed pic, but anyways... Randy after a lengthy pred binge. Virginia patting or stroking his jiggly belly.

Image: HEIFER.JPG   386x577 49103 bytes 2003.11.14

Pregnant cow in old-style dress. Don't do many hooved furs.

Image: FARAFOX.JPG   409x590 86230 bytes 2003.11.14

A tonal drawing of Fox McCloud and the pregnant original vixen in his life.\r\nStill have most of the comic Nintendo was running throughout their gaming magizine when the first StarFox came out.

Image: 3scompny2.jpg   500x756 145848 bytes 2003.09.19


Image: fashionvictim.jpg   738x633 111285 bytes 2003.09.19

Shasta, and shastataur (*shrug*), and possibly the blue bunny c/o Mamabliss\r\nPandora, as always, c/o Doug Winger\r\nAlize (the older of my sis's RL ferrets) c/o herself\r\nMiss Brisby c/o whomever\r\n"Bitchy" & Timothy c/o me\r\nidea c/o fur being the fab fashion and the chance to glitz the psycho vixen

Image: candyrack.jpg   834x556 63235 bytes 2003.09.11

Two of my infrequently drawn characters, the portly, balloon (and all things pertaining too) loving hedgehog, Emily Twinkies, and the even more corpulant, chocolate colored minilop, "Cadberry".\r\nThis is the kind of case where it's perfectly fine to stare and fantasize about other femmes (and in this case, the fatter, the more appropriate and attractive) on the street while with your mate. Randy's probably drooling over the meatiness over them as well as how big and snuggly Virginia would be if he could feed them into her.\r\nEmily just wants Schick to come back.

Image: two3rdsin.jpg   646x477 40985 bytes 2003.09.11

My getto snake type character two thirds of the way into a horny metaphysical dragoness with the realization that this is probably going to end up as full unbirthing.

Image: patronized.jpg   858x612 89428 bytes 2003.09.11

Timothy trying to hang "Bitchy", because in comparison to hir he feels inadiquite and useless.\r\nYeah, poor Timothy.

Image: lick.jpg   1600x1200 137097 bytes 2003.07.31

Though I work on the pic at this size, I usually avoid posting it like this, but all the better to center the pic into a throat shot if you want.\r\nAnyways, POV shot of Bitchy on hir back on a table, with you on hir tongue ready to go in waterslide fashion.\r\nMalady "Bitchy" DeBauchee is of course c/o me.

Image: goodegg.jpg   501x618 101744 bytes 2002.12.23

Timothy Freeze being a good simaritan for a pregnant dragoness.

Image: bosslady.jpg   618x565 88494 bytes 2002.10.01

Haven't done an unbirthing pic in a long while.\r\nNew management in Corp. V.O.R.E.\r\nA kitzune with the metaphysical power to pack away those that annoy her in a much more yiffy way than just regular swallowing, though it's bad PR and if she "spits them back out" it might be charged as fratenization, hazing, or worse, sexual harassment. >:P

Image: pappy3.jpg   308x459 38533 bytes 2002.09.25

Pregnant pappy on her back wanting to play, or something like that.

Image: pappy2.jpg   361x221 25409 bytes 2002.09.25

Very pregnant pappy and a salute to Sherwood.

Image: pappy1.jpg   405x241 27190 bytes 2002.09.25

Pregnant pappy wanting more food.

Image: jad.jpg   345x468 73366 bytes 2002.09.25

"Oooo. Stal-bon."\r\nVore-ish and intriegued sea dragoness made for Stalbon. Maybe later I'll make the other three elements and give him a full harum. Well, full after they've shared him between themselves. ;)

Image: ferrettease.jpg   518x728 110987 bytes 2002.09.22

Vore pic of my two personal vulpines, Malady and Timothy, and my sis's RL ferrets, Alize and Monet. Timothy's playing keep away, but in a bit of a snag since he's just as easily swallowed as they are.

Image: sumofalldesserts.jpg   782x620 184364 bytes 2002.06.18

Got a request to do a birthing pic. I like mammalian birthing, but also got a request to do a pic with Exveemon and/or Veemon in it. That and hadn't done a pic with my sis's character, the harlequin polterguist Silk in it in a very long time.\r\nOh yeah, and I have no idea how she popped out that Egg of Courage. I originally thought it more resimbled Flamedramon's gauntlets, but nonetheless.

Image: emanuel.jpg   429x526 60417 bytes 2002.04.14

Aldi sent me an Easter/Good Friday pic, so I whipped this up and distributed this around on Easter. Other than the religious slant, it has nothing to do with Aldi's dual Easter pic, and that's either a semi-macro angel or a squat version of Missy/Roadkillmark.\r\n*heh* Fat yiffy religious viper vore.

Image: wazzat.jpg   871x601 215347 bytes 2001.12.25

Came up with the concept of this pic, while trying to think of a birthday pic for Eric Vulper's roo form, then figuring I should do a Christmas one first. First non-depressing Christmas themed thing I've in a few years now, so I decided to make it really worth it.\r\nAnyways, going clockwise, it's "Santa", a lactose-intolerant Comet (*FOOOM*), "Bitchy", "Blitzen", "Prancer" trying to push away "Dancer", Timothy Freeze, "Vixen", a peach-juice soaked "Rudolph", "Dasher" filling up "Bitchy's pouch more and more, "Donner", and "Cupid".\r\nI'm always trying to reinvent "Bitchy" without changing hir outward appearance or contradict something I've done previously. Two of the things Timothy's yifftoy will never have are intestines and a scrotum, and this is the first time six tits weren't enough.\r\nOh yeah, and Happy Birthday to you, Jesus Christ.

Image: overload.jpg   519x712 182047 bytes 2001.12.11

Let's see: sketch, ink, scan, edit, print, marker, scan again, shade. What do you think of my first marker attempt in years.\r\nI like Digimon better than Pokemon, and Renamon over all other Digimon. Not just because she's a vixen, but she started off as a semi-evil vore-ish character (and if you don't think so, who do the bad digimon keep trying to recruit). Digimon actually absorb their victims to increase their strength, so instead of collected a lot of them, the object is to ultimately have only one. What if Renamon was suddenly given the powers of her mega level self, Sakuyamon, without being "upgraded" to handle it. Sakuyamon desc:\r\n"She sends out foxes of fire, water, wind, and lightning to attack and gather information for her"\r\nAll that raw data and no way and no reason to burn it off. Viruses are autorun programs, too, and so digimon are the ultimate viruses to themselves and others.\r\nRenamon digivolve to Megacachingservermon digivolve to Quantiumbombmon!

Image: pregpic.jpg   296x386 34527 bytes 2001.12.04

preg, whelping, and quite happy about it.\r\nGawd, she's cute.

Image: thatsnice.jpg   640x588 122335 bytes 2001.10.31

Well, I finally let Malissa, my not-so-Compaq Pappysario, join Silva, my not-that-Sharp-but-extremely-Mobilon, in the PC pet cemetary. Other than a cute and perky hedgehog I adopted from my sis, which would later be immortalized as Emily Twinkies, I've never really owned a living pet. From running away from home to my job at Rexam Graphics to field ops with the Marines, Malissa and/or Silva has been everywhere I've been except for Bootcamp. Well, as of 9/21, an as of yet unnamed, much (6.4 times) more powerful desktop has taken over Malissa's spot.

Image: gusher.jpg   378x499 61538 bytes 2001.10.31

This is like post-UB. The one where the female sticks a garden hose up her muff and inflates her womb to the nth power. Well, Roadkillmark/Missy asked for a diaper inflation pic, but I think I screwed up her request by making the kitten thin again. I just wanted to excentuate the other areas.

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