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Image: gngbangd.jpg   438x414 108625 bytes 2001.05.05

Image: goodegg.jpg   501x618 101744 bytes 2002.12.23

Timothy Freeze being a good simaritan for a pregnant dragoness.

Image: gothltst.jpg   502x600 104987 bytes 2000.08.27

Coming soon. A much more imposing, straight foreward Lastat. This isn't his finished form, but it's pretty close. I went to a retreat recently to reavaluate myself, and there was this goth that reminded me of a couple of the friends I used to hang out with before I joined the Corp. Me and him were into a lot of the same things, and I have yet to contact him again and converse. Like Lastat, his first name was also James, so Lastat's dressed exactly like him, down to the bullet-proof vest and smiley button.\n

Image: gusher.jpg   378x499 61538 bytes 2001.10.31

This is like post-UB. The one where the female sticks a garden hose up her muff and inflates her womb to the nth power. Well, Roadkillmark/Missy asked for a diaper inflation pic, but I think I screwed up her request by making the kitten thin again. I just wanted to excentuate the other areas.

Image: hearty.jpg   554x600 103376 bytes 2001.05.05

Image: heavyrandy.jpg   258x357 39724 bytes 2003.12.13

A somewhat squashed pic, but anyways... Randy after a lengthy pred binge. Virginia patting or stroking his jiggly belly.

Image: hedgehug.jpg   709x519 148426 bytes 2000.08.28

Well, this isn't so bad. She does have a soft underbelly after all. Squeeka. Squeeka.\n

Image: HEIFER.JPG   386x577 49103 bytes 2003.11.14

Pregnant cow in old-style dress. Don't do many hooved furs.

Image: hellofox.jpg   288x387 62500 bytes 2000.08.27

Image: hermlove.jpg   639x481 124894 bytes 2000.08.28

First and foremost, I would never want to meet a RL herm. Secondly, actually I get promoted on the first of April, but if its anything like the first of August last year, then it's going to be a psychologically stressful day. So, what's that got to do with Bitchy and hir getting yiffy over dancing with Randy? Believe me. You don't want to know.\n

Image: hvwmailj.jpg   536x464 139157 bytes 2000.08.28

More of my version of furodica. There's no mail delivered to the camp, so I'm going to have a lot of it when I get back. Mostly bills.\n

Image: hvwmorph.jpg   840x980 80052 bytes 2000.08.28

Colored pencils work well, and Hitler comes out in his natural blue color. I don't know if I got that combat mode on the first try or not, but its how I intended him to look. It looks just like my cuz. As for that empty quarter of space, I will never get back to drawing a boat.\n

Image: hvwscure.jpg   598x518 55716 bytes 2000.08.28

"We're going to need another Timmy." "My God. Hitler killed Kenny." You decide. Either way, "another one bites the dust" as Hitler VW once again "cuts down on the surplus population". He's a gangsta/neo-nazi T-2000, this is his Combat Mode, he's extremely impulsive, and unfortunately he's mine.\n

Image: hvwtrckn.jpg   1094x367 74803 bytes 2000.08.28

Well, after a month of driving, Hitler VW's finally hauled all the stuff for the crew's new home to Geo City. It looked like easy riding until he got to the toll gate. He can either pay something and get that trailer through without any disorder, or he can try UHauling most of it. Or, he can whip out the trusty diamond tipped chainsaws and get rid of that level marker. Of course, any way he goes, he's most likely going to be getting a lot of flak for being himself. Oh, well. Such is the afterlife.\n

Image: inflate.jpg   370x444 48075 bytes 2001.09.26

Image: inflatepic.jpg   306x388 31631 bytes 2001.10.31

Image: intmssn2.jpg   468x247 60359 bytes 2000.08.28

It's interesting what some furs do in their sleep...\n

Image: intrxmgp.jpg   698x547 87987 bytes 2000.08.28

I've given an identity to my computer. I'm brought my cousin's car to life. Now, say hello to the company that's my client. Say hello to the team that I dispatch to fix the periodic problems the client has. It's Rexam, the 6 MILLion dollar Dalmatian. He's quick (most of the time), efficient, and multi-tasking. He was literally made for his line of work. I disliked the look of the pup Rexam, so I made him a bigger freak than Lastat is. My life now revolves around my job, so my drawings probably will, too.\n

Image: jad.jpg   345x468 73366 bytes 2002.09.25

"Oooo. Stal-bon."\r\nVore-ish and intriegued sea dragoness made for Stalbon. Maybe later I'll make the other three elements and give him a full harum. Well, full after they've shared him between themselves. ;)

Image: kinder.jpg   515x384 49898 bytes 2006.03.24

Very pregnant military wife.

Image: kitten.jpg   400x804 82697 bytes 2001.08.06

The middle kitten from my illustrated poem, fatter, softer, and unclothed.

Image: kittens3.jpg   886x627 163524 bytes 2000.08.27

Image: lick.jpg   1600x1200 137097 bytes 2003.07.31

Though I work on the pic at this size, I usually avoid posting it like this, but all the better to center the pic into a throat shot if you want.\r\nAnyways, POV shot of Bitchy on hir back on a table, with you on hir tongue ready to go in waterslide fashion.\r\nMalady "Bitchy" DeBauchee is of course c/o me.

Image: loveseat.jpg   515x450 112806 bytes 2000.08.28

How Schick let Emily get this far, I don't know. I just hope he comes with sealant or this is going to very short relationship.\n

Image: lrgmarge.jpg   379x529 95963 bytes 2000.08.28

Welcome to the Roadkill Cafe, where complainers will be served accordingly.\n

Image: lullaby.jpg   600x661 151718 bytes 2001.05.05

Image: malady.jpg   333x540 46264 bytes 2001.05.23

Image: marntact.jpg   312x519 79288 bytes 2000.08.28

It's a joke. Okay?\n

Image: marriage.jpg   648x511 63432 bytes 2000.08.28

Wanting a relationship that will never end, Silk finally hooks up with her mostly unrelated brother, Fixate (who doesn't see it that way), after being unsatisfied with everyone else. They'll be a happily unreproductive couple for eternity. This is the relative height of me and my sister, and I really do get mistakened for her boyfriend.\n

Image: megahtlr.jpg   330x445 87054 bytes 2001.06.13

Bigger, badder Hitler VW. When you absolutely, possitively have to f*ck up a town overnight.

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