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Image: intrxmgp.jpg   698x547 87987 bytes 2000.08.28

I've given an identity to my computer. I'm brought my cousin's car to life. Now, say hello to the company that's my client. Say hello to the team that I dispatch to fix the periodic problems the client has. It's Rexam, the 6 MILLion dollar Dalmatian. He's quick (most of the time), efficient, and multi-tasking. He was literally made for his line of work. I disliked the look of the pup Rexam, so I made him a bigger freak than Lastat is. My life now revolves around my job, so my drawings probably will, too.\n

Image: hvwtrckn.jpg   1094x367 74803 bytes 2000.08.28

Well, after a month of driving, Hitler VW's finally hauled all the stuff for the crew's new home to Geo City. It looked like easy riding until he got to the toll gate. He can either pay something and get that trailer through without any disorder, or he can try UHauling most of it. Or, he can whip out the trusty diamond tipped chainsaws and get rid of that level marker. Of course, any way he goes, he's most likely going to be getting a lot of flak for being himself. Oh, well. Such is the afterlife.\n

Image: yifftl12.gif   1051x600 180741 bytes 2000.08.28

Image: yifftl11.jpg   600x800 248220 bytes 2000.08.28

Image: yifftl10.gif   800x600 166617 bytes 2000.08.28

Image: yifftl09.gif   800x600 81025 bytes 2000.08.28

Image: yifftl08.gif   800x600 82499 bytes 2000.08.28

Image: yifftl07.gif   800x600 149901 bytes 2000.08.28

Image: yifftl06.gif   800x600 92135 bytes 2000.08.28

Image: yifftl05.gif   800x600 82009 bytes 2000.08.28

Image: yifftl04.gif   800x600 105956 bytes 2000.08.28

Image: yifftl03.gif   800x600 133812 bytes 2000.08.28

Image: yifftl02.gif   800x600 103377 bytes 2000.08.28

Image: yifftl01.gif   800x600 101173 bytes 2000.08.28

Image: btchybfa.jpg   692x501 181197 bytes 2000.08.28

Image: vrgdream.jpg   586x418 112107 bytes 2000.08.28

Virginia started out as just another random pic character, but then a commission was brought up for more on her (and a full female feeder), so here's Bitchy more user-friendly alternative. She's strictly non-vore, wears her boots all the time (for a reason I might tell later), and her favorite two words are "Ooo, yeah." Expect to see a lot more of her adventures, but no more of her than this.\n

Image: wrongift.jpg   640x416 117531 bytes 2000.08.28

It's like waving a red flag in front of a bull. Most likely Emily will just giggle when Schick pops that balloon, just narrowly missing her.\n

Image: airhead.jpg   289x347 82094 bytes 2000.08.28

I meant to redraw this much bigger so that all the other furs weren't just stick figures, but... well, I never did. I'm just wondering how Emily talked Schick into letting her tie a basket to his legs and tail.\n

Image: schick.GIF   586x503 84106 bytes 2000.08.28

Decided to take a break from drawing samples for the Comm sign, and thought of an idea for an evil balloony. I figured that that's one of the few avenues I haven't explored yet. Then I thought of pairing him with his complete opposite. A female hedgehog with a fetish for inflatable objects. Strangely enough, when I showed all my suggestions to my Staff Sgt, he saw this over to the side and chose it as his favorite instead. Though he would ultimately (and unfortunately) be altered to appeal to everyone else in Comm, Schick became the focal point of the Comm sign as the Radio symbol.\n

Image: commpred.jpg   433x663 85611 bytes 2000.08.28

My Staff Sgt suggested centering the CSSD-17 Comm Det sign around the Preditor. Unfortunately I didn't have a photo of what the Preditor was suppose to look like, and what I did from memory ended up looking like a dredlocked horse with the gear of that alien from "I Come In Peace". Oh well.\n

Image: drftbeer.jpg   783x329 99151 bytes 2000.08.28

The Marine camps are literally build around the beer tent. As a wayward furry artist and writer, I found that some furs think that a female belching is yiffy. As a Marine, I found that a male belching loudly is cool. Me? I've stopped trying to figure out others, and trying to make myself feel like they do.\n

Image: twisted.jpg   520x742 138320 bytes 2000.08.28

Oh great. Now she's really gotten him pissed off. Once again, somehow she's somehow talked him into letting her tie him down. They definitely have a love/hate relationship going on.\n

Image: marntact.jpg   312x519 79288 bytes 2000.08.28

It's a joke. Okay?\n

Image: loveseat.jpg   515x450 112806 bytes 2000.08.28

How Schick let Emily get this far, I don't know. I just hope he comes with sealant or this is going to very short relationship.\n

Image: trinity.jpg   344x500 102338 bytes 2000.08.28

Image: intmssn2.jpg   468x247 60359 bytes 2000.08.28

It's interesting what some furs do in their sleep...\n

Image: wndgogrl.jpg   169x200 56185 bytes 2000.08.28

Just a little drawing inspired by talk of a possible windigo in the 29 Palms desert that decided to run through our hooch one night. Maybe the coyotes are getting bold.\n

Image: fwdejavu.jpg   454x574 173592 bytes 2000.08.28

Virginia was made a little too normal for Bitchy's likes.\n

Image: roses.jpg   440x585 114367 bytes 2000.08.28

I only wish I was a better artist so that I could recreate the feeling that I had when I was sketching this. I was thinking of my family, the numerous times that I had wronged them, and how I haven't seen them in a year and would have to continue not being able to see them for a few more months.\n

Image: hermlove.jpg   639x481 124894 bytes 2000.08.28

First and foremost, I would never want to meet a RL herm. Secondly, actually I get promoted on the first of April, but if its anything like the first of August last year, then it's going to be a psychologically stressful day. So, what's that got to do with Bitchy and hir getting yiffy over dancing with Randy? Believe me. You don't want to know.\n

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