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Image: peterpan.jpg   443x644 85310 bytes 2000.08.22

Remember the story of Peter Pan; the boy never wanted to grow up and learned to fly? Well, so did he. I hope the emotion came through as well as I wanted it to. This pic is taped to my wall to remind myself of everyone that cares for me.\n

Image: cadberry.jpg   700x415 93452 bytes 2000.08.22

Image: dawgnwlf.jpg   366x604 114710 bytes 2000.08.22

Here's one to the Adopt-A-Marine Program.\r\nRandy Lee III has finally met Virginia and has decided to make their first date at the local chowhall. This is comparitively similar to being back in Wilbraham, where a Friendly's restaurant is everywhere (because the main plant is there, too), and every date, first or otherwise is at Friendly's (no car, no problem). Anyway, he is being just a tad bit too showy about this, isn't he?\n

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