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Image: Fantacy_Geckos.jpg   850x600 117175 bytes 2007.10.20

Fantacy Gecko Sketch

This is just something I decided to work on... I guess I just wanted to do some porn, I havnt in While.. so yeah, tell me wut you think :3

Image: Good_lickings.jpg   740x980 246155 bytes 2008.06.08


rawr, gotta love thm licks

Image: Lizzy_Girl_Poseing_copy.jpg   850x1000 129134 bytes 2009.01.12

Lizzy Girl poseing

Just what the title implies, what more can I say :P

Tags: lizard girl poseing sketch gecko reptial   [Comment]
Image: Tokaga_OC_sketch.jpg   640x700 128672 bytes 2007.10.20

Tokaga Blade Sketch

I wanted to draw my character cus people seem to be getting him wrong in commissions and trades and such. This was done on OC, i'm beginning to get quite attached to the program :3, my work seems to come out better on it since I dont have much supplies here.


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