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Image: Desertcommis.jpg   800x643 262567 bytes 2005.09.02

w00t other commistion piece, this time to desert wolf.

Image: cuteandfuzzy.jpg   681x800 74334 bytes 2005.09.02

My sister wanted me to draw a cute and fuzzy picture for a b-day card to someone i don't know. I did because she's my sister and i love her. but this is what i can up with. and it's really cute and fuzzy.

Image: Bound-Tokon.jpg   800x717 252978 bytes 2005.07.25

Well here it is my frist real peice of yiff. I think I did ok but i'm not that happy with the background but it'll work. So you know that's me, well my char anyways.\r\n\r\nDone in color pencials

Image: Sagisou.jpg   800x674 47409 bytes 2005.07.21

Done for my ex-mate Sagi awhile ago.\r\n\r\nPencial

Image: Wolfen.jpg   800x786 87484 bytes 2005.07.21

Done for Wolfen ^^ Took me long enough to get it done though. Well hope you enjoy it hun!\r\n\r\ndone in color pencials.

Image: Tokon.jpg   656x800 89715 bytes 2005.06.25

Yay!! it's me the cute little wuffox! ^-^

Image: Mello's-commis.jpg   539x800 96175 bytes 2005.06.25

This is a my frist commission piece ever, by Mello. I'm very happy with it, even though the paws are a bit small. But i can live with that.

Image: CyberFlee.jpg   370x800 42372 bytes 2005.06.25

HUZZAH!! It's my frist VCL upload. Took me long enough.\r\n\r\nAnyways this is a gift art for Cyperflee ^-^ It's done in color penical and my scanner hates me so the color is a bit off.

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