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Image: 20031225.jpg   620x808 84530 bytes 2004.01.16

Christmas special picture. 6 hours of coloring.

Image: bathtime.jpg   400x501 88028 bytes 2006.04.10

Here is a random wolf character, made through oekaki.

Image: florachicolor.jpg   420x524 69539 bytes 2004.05.21

Another picture of Flora.

Image: floranaked.jpg   420x490 34261 bytes 2004.01.15

Bad picture of Flora from my webcomic Twokinds.

Image: Keith.jpg   575x625 73599 bytes 2004.01.16

One of my warrior characters, also from my comic. Battle stance.

Image: Longears1.jpg   453x531 30002 bytes 2004.04.24

Hm.. just something I made up at random, and eventually turned into a wallpaper for my computer. I like how it turned out. Its different from my usual artwork, since I used a different style of photoshopping. I actually like it.

Image: Longears2.jpg   322x412 27592 bytes 2004.04.24

This is the second image, which is going into the wallpaper I've been making. I don't like this one as much as the first, but it's still pretty good. The dress turned out well, I think.

Image: Longears3.jpg   236x359 47375 bytes 2004.04.24

Third of the three magi girls, for my wallpaper. I like this one too. I forgot to mention that these characters are characters for an animation I might be creating. But I'm pretty busy at the moment, it might be a while before I get to it.

Image: SleepingFlora.jpg   383x690 34925 bytes 2004.02.12

Just another picture of Flora that I made. Usual way, drew with a blue pencil and inked then scanned and colored with Photoshop 5.5, please visit my online comic for more Flora action (or inaction)

Image: TigerFloraSmall.gif   410x512 74258 bytes 2004.07.26

Well, I haven't posted here in a while, so here ya go. This is Flora, looking more tigerish then usual, out of the request of someone online. Tell me what you think!

Image: toshi.jpg   600x783 76484 bytes 2004.01.15

A request I drew for MentalFreak9's story.

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