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Image: threes_a_crowd_colour_fa.jpg   1415x1000 300715 bytes 2009.05.07

Three's a Crowd

Didn't think this needed an overly elaborate colouring, think the pic says it all :P

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Image: wash_my_back_fa.jpg   1000x1415 540526 bytes 2009.05.07

Wash my Back?

Pic I've been working on for the last few days, you gotta be afraid when a naked dog in a shower gives you THAT look. Well, afraid of turned on I guess :P

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Image: lucky_scars_colour_fa.jpg   1000x1415 376508 bytes 2009.05.07

Lucky Scars

"And tonight I count the stars as I thank my lucky scars...."

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Image: concrete_background_fa.jpg   1000x1415 483942 bytes 2009.05.07

Death from a Dog!

A dog with a big gun, enough said really.

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Image: collie_cuffs_colour_fa.jpg   1000x1415 331901 bytes 2009.05.07

Collie Collar

Collie in cuffs

Image: sweet-dreams2.gif   1000x914 401940 bytes 2008.04.11

Sweet Dreams

A playful pic with some character from my comic. Never really get to draw em like this, so it was fun

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Image: fc-test64.jpg   1000x1539 330180 bytes 2008.04.02

Anti Social Behavior issue 2 cover

The cover for my new comic Anti Social Behavior, available to buy at

Image: bc-1-flat.jpg   1000x1539 161963 bytes 2008.04.02

Anti Social Behavior teaser 3

Teaser poster/advert for my comic Anti Social Behavior\r\navailable to buy at

Image: page-seven.jpg   975x1538 266618 bytes 2008.04.02

Anti Social Behavior page seven

Not going to be uploading the comic this time round, but here's a page from it that i like.

Image: crome_vcl.jpg   599x1000 109068 bytes 2006.07.28

This is a commision for my buddy crome. I think he liked it.

Image: bearwolfjpeg_vcl.jpg   1000x649 121661 bytes 2006.06.29

Hey, it's been a long time since i uploaded anything. \r\nHere's a colouring that I've wanted to try for while now. I saw it done in Preacher once and as they say in the industry I 'nicked it'!

Image: tiger_bike_vcl.jpg   1000x644 177627 bytes 2006.04.14

Okay, this has taken me forever to do so I hope its been worth it!

Image: ty_vcl.jpg   849x1000 125608 bytes 2005.10.25

Hi! Here's a sneak look at a character I'm developing for issue two of my comic. He's called Ty! Knowing me, he'll probally be completely different when I've finished, but this is how he looks, right here, right now!

Image: rabbittiger_vcl2.jpg   1000x646 107136 bytes 2005.07.20

Okay then, the finished shiny version of my sketch. I sometimes get the feeling that some of the unique charm of the rough smudgy pencil sketch is lost when inked and coloured,etc. I got that feeling with this one, though its still pretty hot and cool theres an aesthetic thats been lost. Maybe i'll give it another pop one day.

Image: the_toast_of_rome_vcl.jpg   706x1000 256984 bytes 2005.05.09

Why haven't I posted for a while? Here's why! Charge your glasses for The Toast of Rome! This was for my boyfriend who's in love with Roman mythology and stories. So here's an over the top fantasy of a soldier and amphitheatre lions as his "pets". Inked then photoshopped using the airbrush and smudge, that's why it took so long!

Image: tiger_tokyo_vcl.jpg   446x450 116995 bytes 2005.03.28

I was so pleased when I first did this I was just sending it to everyone I knew. Took me about two days all in all to do but I loved it every step of the way and I still find myself taking quick looks at it now and again.

Image: coyote_vcl.jpg   667x800 102152 bytes 2005.03.28

This was for a friend of mine, never done a warrior fantsy style character before, so this was a good first!

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