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Image: I_Brian-Dog.gif   700x800 62800 bytes 2000.09.01

Now this a curiosity. Okay, let me get to the long and short of it. The tall one on the left is Brian from the Fox show "the Family Guy." The short one on the right is the dog from the long missed ABC show "the Family Dog." Now consider for a moment, if you will, the strong possiblility that these two are related - maybe even separated at birth. Bear with me a moment, I've got evidence. *offers proof to the court*\r\n\r\nExhibit A: the names of the shows they're from have only a one word difference.\r\nExhibit B: they both have the exact same color patterns (soft white with no distinguishing markings).\r\nExhibit C: they both have oddly shaped black noses.\r\nExhibit D: they both have bulbish eyes with bead-like irises.\r\nExhibit E: they both wear a red collar.\r\nExhibit F: they are both quite intelligent.\r\nExhibit G: they both experience wondrous dreams of often great proportions.\r\nExhibit H: they both have extremely strange families and neighbors.\r\n\r\nYou be the judge. Oh and don't mind me. I'm just mental from a recent artistic drought that has hopefully been quenched by this image. =^,^= \r\n \r\nCharacters are © their respective owners.\r\nImage is © Vulpes Mundi. Please do not alter or distribute.

Image: I_DawnCajole.gif   425x765 53534 bytes 2000.04.03

Ah, the frivolity of youth. What's more amuzing than watching a youngster frollick around without a care in the world? Take Dawn here, for example. She's showing the world what happens to a child after too many hours of playing Pokémon Stadium. As you can see, she's dancing around, pointing in various directions, while shouting a mesmerizingly cute "CLEFAIRY!!! CLEFAIRY!!!" For those in the know, she's imitating her favorite mini-game: "Clefairy Says." Ain't she just sooooo kyoote? \r\n\r\nAfter what seemed an eternity, I finally sat myself down and drew a complete picture of Dawn, daughter to Alef & Starr. Of course I still have to do her twin brother, Dusk. I'll get around to that sooner or later, I assure you. Maybe. Um, I hope... =^.^=;;;\r\n\r\nDawn Tiadé of Midnight is © Vulpes Mundi. Please do not alter or distribute.

Image: I_AlefPoints.gif   450x880 69161 bytes 2000.02.24

Aleffe, also known as the "fox of true heart," has got something on his mind and he's trying to make a point. One can hear his words, "Anytime, anywhere, I'll be right there. By God, I swear, I'm magic, I'm there." It's meant as a statement of devotion towards those he cares deeply for, particularly his wife StarrLight, children Dawn and Dusk, and closest friends Fenris and Jasper of Sunset. He's definately the kind of person you want by your side when trouble comes knocking at your door.\r\n\r\nThis is the inked finalé version (finally) of "Aleffe Points it Out." Years in the making, I just, for some unknown reason, kept putting this image aside. I wish I could explain it, but there's no rhyme or reason to it. And to put it into perspective, this is the only picture I've drawn that has ever depicted Aleffe correctly, visually speaking.\r\n \r\nAleffe of Midnight is © Vulpes Mundi. Please do not alter or distribute.

Image: C_GatomonKawaii.jpg   600x780 185849 bytes 2000.02.18

Sitting all cheerful and kawaii, staring at you with intent eyes, is Gatomon, the eighth digi-destined Digimon. Though seemingly a bit out of character, we can't put aside the fact that she is a feline, and felines are known to change temperament faster than the flit of a hummingbird's wing. Let's just hope this cute mode she presents here won't change the moment Kari decides to share time with her. Or maybe we should, considering the annoyance Kari represents. *grins mischievously*\r\n \r\nThis is the colored version of my very first pic of a Digimon. Gatomon is soooo kyoote. I hope that you enjoy viewing the image as much as I enjoyed creating it. =^,^=\r\n\r\nGatoman, Kari, and Digimon are © Saban.\r\nImage is © Vulpes Mundi. Please do not alter or distribute.

Image: I_GatomonKawaii.gif   600x780 58141 bytes 2000.02.18

Here's a very kyoote inked rendition of Gatomon from Digimon. This is my very first pic of a Digimon (who would've thought I'd be drawing Digimon... go fig). For a first try, I think this came out quite well. Gatomon is soooo kyoote. Thankfully her attitude isn't usually a match for her appearance (at least so far).\r\n\r\nGatoman and Digimon are © Saban.\r\nImage is © Vulpes Mundi. Please do not alter or distribute.

Image: C_Fenris-Starr.jpg   700x408 122647 bytes 1999.12.29

"Hey, Starr. Over there. I think I see... No, nevermind," Fenris grumbles audibly.\r\n"Oh, Fen," Starr smiles and chuckles as she turns her head to look in another direction.\r\nLost, Fenris and Starr find themselves marooned together in some unknown new world. Together they fight to survive and to locate their loved-ones, where ever they may be. It is a struggle against time and the unknown, where uncertainty stalks like a stealthy predator. Love drives them on through adversity, but will love be enough to stand the test of time and hardships ahead...\r\n\r\nThis is a compilation pic of Flux Gryphon's coyote, Fenris of Sunset, and my own favorite vixen, StarrLight of Midnight. This has a kinda funky perspective, as Fenris is supposed to be standing a little ways behind Starr. Too bad there's nothing to judge the distance with other than the size of the characters. Perhaps I should have had Starr's ear overlap Fenris? *shrugs* Oh well. This is probably my best digital coloring job to date.\r\n\r\nFenris of Sunset is © Flux Gryphon (\r\nStarrLight of Midnight and image is © Vulpes Mundi. Please do not alter or distribute.

Image: C_Foxy-Jake.jpg   791x785 194092 bytes 1999.12.26

Lazy days. Lay-z-daze. Foxy and Jake are takin' it easy, lounging around at the park. Something seems to have caught their attention, though. What could it be? A golden retriever playing frizbee® with its pet human? A hep-cat drivin' by in a kickin' car? Or perhaps it's simply an approaching ice cream vendor? Well, whatever it is, it's sure fascinating. =^,^=\r\n\r\nFoxelia Vixen and Jake Fliers are © Patrick Little (\r\nImage is © Vulpes Mundi. Please do not alter or distribute.

Image: I_FenrisProfile.gif   330x415 22468 bytes 1999.12.24

This is a profile image of Flux Gryphon's character, Fenris. He is the `loving` husband to Jasper of Sunset. He tends to be fairly rational compared to his spouse, and yet he also tends to speak without thinking first. His mouth has the nasty habit of getting him (and his companions) in deeper than expected. Still, he's one of those folks that is worth more as an ally than an enemy. =^,~=\r\n\r\nFenris of Sunset is © Flux Gryphon (\r\nImage is © Vulpes Mundi. Please do not alter or distribute.

Image: StarrPortrait_I.gif   415x415 33064 bytes 1999.12.16

<div align=justify>Another day, another version of Starr.&nbsp; This time 'round we see a simple portrat shot of Starr's head.&nbsp; I'm not sure what to make of the style.&nbsp; It seems to be a compilation of my (rarely found) classic style mixed with a bit of animé flair.&nbsp; *shrugs*&nbsp; You be the judge.</div><br>\r\nStarrLight of Midnight &copy; Vulpes Mundi.\n

Image: I_JakeKneel.gif   497x700 45275 bytes 1999.12.11

Kneeling close to the ground, Jake almost appears as a sculpture. His attention is affixed upon something in the distance. Odds are that he's staring at his lover, Foxy, as she steadily approaches. He certainly knows what he likes, and most definately likes what he sees.\r\n\r\nJake Fliers is © Patrick Little (\r\nImage is © Vulpes Mundi. Please do not alter or distribute.

Image: KaOssInnocent_C.jpg   347x700 104089 bytes 1999.12.10

<div align=justify>Standing before you, in all her cute, devilish innocence, is KaOss.&nbsp; One look at her adorable face and you have to wonder to yourself, <i>"Okay, what kinda trouble has she caused this time?"</i>&nbsp; I guess only she knows, but I don't think she's gonna fess-up anytime soon.&nbsp; Perhaps this has something to do with why she has her hands behind her back and her ears <i>radaring</i> around?&nbsp; Your guess is as good as mine.</div><br>\r\n<div align=justify>Congratulations go out to Istanbul for sending in the selected quote, <i>"I'm too cute to get caught."</i>&nbsp; Thanks to everyone who participated.</div><br>\r\nKaOss Felnamia &copy; Vulpes Mundi.\n

Image: KaOssInnocent_I.gif   347x699 46569 bytes 1999.12.06

<div align=justify>This is KaOss Felnamia, a youthful cat with a mischievous temperament.&nbsp; Sure she looks cute, but beneath that adorable exterior is more trouble than ten house cats can typically conjure up.&nbsp; Of course when faced with the results she'll deny everything.&nbsp; What else can you expect from a youthful cat?&nbsp; <i>Meow.</i></div><br>\r\nKaOss Felnamia &copy; Vulpes Mundi.\n

Image: I_FoxyLounge.gif   955x689 61427 bytes 1999.12.01

Lounging in the park, leaning and twisting her body, Foxy scans around looking for her lover, Jake. He's late again, but she's not worried. She knows him well, and figures he'll pop up any moment now with an ice cream cone for them to share. Mmm. Doesn't that sound good?\r\n\r\nThis is my first official pic-swap, and I hope I've honored Patrick Little by drawing his character, Foxy. This is the inked version. I surprised even myself on this one, as I drew it with no references for the pose. =^,~=\r\n\r\nFoxelia Vixen is © Patrick Little (\r\nImage is © Vulpes Mundi. Please do not alter or distribute.

Image: VMfoxy_P.jpg   181x227 14440 bytes 1999.11.14

<div align=justify>Perhaps a taste of what's to come in the near future...&nbsp; Those of you who've been in the VCL for awhile will recognize Foxelia (even just a simple portrait in pencil) without a second glance.&nbsp; =^,^=</div><br>\r\nFoxelia Vixen &copy; <a href="">Patrick Little</a>.\n

Image: StarrMLTS.jpg   316x362 33614 bytes 1999.11.12

<div align=justify>Another incarnation of Starr (does the madness ever cease?).&nbsp; This image seems to be influenced by the styles of Michele Light and Terrie Smith in some way or another.&nbsp; Whether or not that's flattering is in the eye of the beholder.</div><br>\r\nStarrLight of Midnight &copy; Vulpes Mundi.\n

Image: StarrChanSD.jpg   210x297 21702 bytes 1999.11.12

<div align=justify>Here is Starr in a cutesy, semi-superdeformed appearance.&nbsp; Don't know if it's just me but this pic reminds me of Eric Schwartz's style.&nbsp; I didn't have any references from him nearby, though.&nbsp; Just a coincidence, I suppose.</div><br>\r\nStarrLight of Midnight &copy; Vulpes Mundi.\n

Image: StarD_01.jpg   300x440 21279 bytes 1999.11.12

<div align=justify>A first attempt to draw Star Dragon.&nbsp; Originally she is a member of the Great Dragon Council of the ETL.&nbsp; Not much is known about her, currently.&nbsp; Special thanks go to Lady White Dragon for sparking the ol' imagination.&nbsp; =^,^=</div><br>\r\nStar Dragon &copy; Vulpes Mundi.\n

Image: Kysma_01.jpg   201x200 7554 bytes 1999.11.12

<div align=justify>A more recent portrait of Kysma's face.&nbsp; Ain't she kyoote?&nbsp; (about as kyoote as scheming devils can be *grins*)&nbsp; As far as characterization goes, Kysma is a pet to Aleffe and StarrLight of Midnight.&nbsp; Though in truth she's more like their third child.&nbsp; =^,^=</div><br>\r\nKysmaryn &copy; Vulpes Mundi.\n

Image: KysmaOrig.jpg   520x550 66658 bytes 1999.11.12

<div align=justify>*original version upload*&nbsp; Kysma is probably the last of a race known as the feoenox.&nbsp; A sentient race, they were known for mischief and telepathic communication.&nbsp; Note to all Pokémon fans: the feoenox were conceived even before our poké-friends existed, years and years ago.</div><br>\r\nKysmaryn and the feoenox race are &copy; Vulpes Mundi and the ETL.\n

Image: TryByStarrC.gif   473x617 77168 bytes 1999.09.07

<div align=justify>This pic is titled <i>Trial by StarrLight</i>.&nbsp; It was originally influenced by Michele Light's style.&nbsp; Can't say it looked much that way on the finished product, though.&nbsp; The actual pose was referenced from a picture of Nina from <i>Breath of Fire II.</i></div><br>\r\nStarrLight of Midnight &copy; Vulpes Mundi.\n

Image: SunnyPortrait.jpg   180x265 43070 bytes 1999.09.07

<div align=justify>Here is a portrait of Sunny.&nbsp; She is a gray fox born good-hearted (and active-minded) into a house of vile, evil beings.&nbsp; That line on her forehead is a scar, and it was given to her by her eldest brother, Co'Relm.&nbsp; Her many conflicts threaten to overwhelm her, but will her brother beat them all to the <i>literal</i> punch?</div><br>\r\nSunLight of Deep Forest &copy; Vulpes Mundi.\n

Image: StarrValentine.gif   448x640 64771 bytes 1999.09.07

<div align=justify>Whilst working on story/RPG ideas I thought of backtracking and experiencing some of our character's pasts.&nbsp; This is StarrLight of Midnight as a teenager, sitting at a school desk in class during the valentine hand out.&nbsp; It would appear that someone has given her a very special card.&nbsp; Now <i>who</i> could that be?&nbsp; =^,^=</div><br>\r\nStarrLight of Midnight &copy; Vulpes Mundi.\n

Image: StarrXquisite.gif   240x590 19925 bytes 1999.09.07

<div align=justify>This pic is one of the <i>Starr Styles</i> series of clothing designs for Starr.&nbsp; In this case we see her in an exquisite evening gown, ready for a night on the town.&nbsp; It merely consistes of a halter-top reinforced at mid-drift and a double-sided, open-hipped, loincloth-style skirt.&nbsp; I should've darkened the linework for the clothing, though.&nbsp; Maybe Later.</div><br>\r\nStarrLight of Midnight &copy; Vulpes Mundi.\n

Image: StarrStandard.gif   247x596 23995 bytes 1999.09.07

<div align=justify>This pic is one of the <i>Starr Styles</i> series of clothing designs for Starr.&nbsp; In this case we see her in what was known in the past as her most common outfit (usually referred to as her battle wears).&nbsp; Low cut T-shirt tied off at mid-drift with a small cape attached at the shoulders and a stylish mini-skirt, so not to hinder her movements.&nbsp; I should've darkened the linework for the clothing, though.&nbsp; Maybe Later.</div><br>\r\nStarrLight of Midnight &copy; Vulpes Mundi.\n

Image: StarrSmiles.gif   310x358 45403 bytes 1999.09.07

<div align=justify>For it's time, this wasn't a bad portrait shot of Starr.&nbsp; Nowadays I seem to be picking up more and more animé influences.&nbsp; Beit from watching Japanese Animation, admiring Michele Light's amimé-ish artwork, or playing video games with an animé flair to them, they're all affecting my artwork in some manner.&nbsp; Whether or not this is truly a good thing has yet to be seen, but things look promising.</div><br>\r\nStarrLight of Midnight &copy; Vulpes Mundi.\n

Image: StarrSchoolg.gif   200x430 13546 bytes 1999.09.07

<div align=justify>The second pic of Starr as a teenager.&nbsp; In this one she looks on with soft eyes as she stands in the wind, her skirt, hair, and tail being toussled by the moderate breeze blowing by.&nbsp; She carries a tome in her arms and has a soft, friendly smile on her face.&nbsp; Even in her youth she was a proper lady.&nbsp; =^,^=</div><br>\r\nStarrLight of Midnight &copy; Vulpes Mundi.\n

Image: StarrBesque.gif   242x598 16874 bytes 1999.09.07

<div align=justify>This pic is one of the <i>Starr Styles</i> series of clothing designs for Starr.&nbsp; In this case we see her in a stereotypical Arabic design.&nbsp; Strapless bikini top, small vest, and billowing pants.&nbsp; I should've darkened the linework for the clothing, though.&nbsp; Maybe Later.</div><br>\r\nStarrLight of Midnight &copy; Vulpes Mundi.\n

Image: StarrFoxyc.gif   357x540 10772 bytes 1999.09.07

<div align=justify>This pic was referenced from Disney's Vixey from <i>the Fox and the Hound.</i>&nbsp; Not the cleanest linework nor too pretty effects, but it gets the point accross.&nbsp; I can definately say that Starr and my artwork in general has progressed through the years into so much more than this.&nbsp; And I've only just begun.</div><br>\r\nStarrLight of Midnight &copy; Vulpes Mundi.\n

Image: StarrFoxyc2.gif   303x583 9540 bytes 1999.09.07

<div align=justify>Like the previous pic, this was also referenced from Vixey.&nbsp; Unfortunately I don't have possession of the original pic, so I had to add an all new background.&nbsp; I purposely made it nothing spectacular, but fitting to Starr (to not outdo current stuff).&nbsp; I'll just say the original background was a sad early attempt at colored pencils.&nbsp; Look to Alef Foxy for insight, that is a companion piece that went along with the original of this one.</div><br>\r\nStarrLight of Midnight &copy; Vulpes Mundi.\n

Image: MidnightFoxes.jpg   510x226 43091 bytes 1999.09.07

<div align=justify>These are the Midnight Foxes, Starlight and Twilight.&nbsp; This is the outcome of the semi-realistic versions of Alef and Starr, which became two completely individual characters that were, for the most part, real foxes.&nbsp; Unfortunately I never really rolled with the idea and it just fizzled out in the end.</div><br>\r\nStarlight and Twilight &copy; Vulpes Mundi.\n

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