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Image: ArmoredJes.jpg   430x563 48658 bytes 2002.01.18

Jester in battle gear. Drew this one mostly to emphasize his hair length and the shape of his darkscythe. Jester and art © 2002 Trevor Buettner

Image: BAJester.jpg   400x505 18266 bytes 2001.06.03

My style, revamped....reworked....and rethought. Colored using pencils and a blending stump that dosn't work. ©Me

Image: bloodbath.jpg   498x361 30681 bytes 2002.02.19

Jester in one of his....weirder moods. No, I don't know why his right arm's all bloodied, and no I don't know WHY he's nekkid. Maybe he just wanted to feel more free. Anywhatchamacallsits, Jester and art be © 2002 Trevor Buettner

Image: Darkhelm.jpg   232x376 14219 bytes 2001.04.21

This....would be DarkHelm. ©Me

Image: darkwind.jpg   362x544 22333 bytes 2001.11.27

Touched up version of Wolf's piccit. Still nekkid, but I like the look. His footpaws look a little messed up though. Oh well, have to work on that, I suppose! Anydoots, Wolf Darkwind and art ©2001 Trevor Buettner

Image: GHETTO.gif   498x712 55395 bytes 2001.04.21

Heeheehee!! Too much time living in the slums! ©Me

Image: Hallocat.jpg   448x351 83465 bytes 2001.11.05

Something I had up on the door to my room for Halloween. Tis an evil kitty! Drawn in pencil, charcoal, wax crayon, colored pencils, and ebony pencil. ^__^

Image: insanity.jpg   550x750 64677 bytes 2001.11.27

Part of a poster I did for my friend Becka's birthday Since we're only four days apart in age, we decided to celebrate our birthdays together, plus I got to hang out with her and her now fiancee((He proposed on her b-day. Sweet, no?)) for Thanksgiving. You can't see all of the writing, but it says 'Traces of Insanity'. Always wanted to draw a bloody Jester, guess this'll have to do. Jester and art ©2001 Trevor Buettner

Image: jes2002.jpg   444x525 54109 bytes 2002.02.19

This is the last new pic you'll see from me. I'm quitting art.

Image: Jescloak.jpg   535x629 82347 bytes 2001.12.29

Time for a change, in my opinion. Jester's new look and outfit. I took a page from the Pini's in this one. For those who don't know, they're the writers/artists for ElfQuest™. Jester © 2001 Trevor Buettner

Image: Jescolor.jpg   613x811 67815 bytes 2003.02.18

Slightly bishi pic of Jester.\r\n\r\nJester and art © 2003 Trevor Buettner

Image: Jesterfin.jpg   599x725 108555 bytes 2003.02.17

Yay....crappy PSP rendering. Anyways, Jester and art ©2003 Trevor Buettner

Image: JesterScythe.jpg   576x807 50689 bytes 2002.02.21

It's Jester.....built like Triple H! Anyways folks, I WAS going to quit drawing....but then I decided to quit being so immature and full of self pity. Instead, I'm going to keep drawing, but if anyone wants a pic from me, it'll be either pay or trade unless I happen to draw yer char out of sheer boredom, in which case you get a free pic. Yiffy pics, however, won't be free from now on. You'll have to pay for those. Jester and art © 2002 Trevor Buettner, and if you steal anything from my archives...I'll feed you to my pet squirrel((I really have one, too! He lives in a nest on the ledge outside my apartment window. I named him Syco.))

Image: jestitude.jpg   455x685 33660 bytes 2001.05.24

Don't you be a messing with me! ©me

Image: loneliness.jpg   662x801 41083 bytes 2002.07.13

Life sucks.....anyone ever tell you that? Jester and art © 2002 Trevor Buettner

Image: PSCgroup.jpg   482x519 79568 bytes 2001.11.05

Old piccit featuring several of the main chars of PSC at the time. DT © Kris Updike Tiera © Ileah Olsen Katherin © Keri Michie Keptan © David Rupp Serg © Sergio Discua Tonic © his player Xeno © his player Jester and art © Trevor Buettner

Image: roland.jpg   420x542 23935 bytes 2001.04.21

A color pic of Jester in his battle gear. Weird, huh? Anywho, Jester©Me

Image: sorrow.jpg   536x530 26330 bytes 2001.04.29

Meh....nothing's going right for me. My luv no longer trusts me, got laid off from work, and I'm dead broke. Anyways....Jester©Me, of course

Image: torment.jpg   296x284 13430 bytes 2001.04.22

A tribute to the time I'm forced to spend apart from my luv.... ©Me

Image: trigger.jpg   395x507 20841 bytes 2001.05.24

Trigger the boxing hare. ©me, so no take!

Image: WDarkwind.jpg   386x590 46399 bytes 2002.04.29

It be a Wolf, dressed up in clothes that I wear everyday iRL. He also has my hair! ^_^ Wolf © 2002 Trevor Buettner

Image: Wolf2.jpg   427x663 63374 bytes 2001.12.20

Fun with filters. And yes, it's SUPPOSED to look that way. Wolf © 2001 Trevor Buettner

Image: Wolf3.jpg   407x643 40587 bytes 2001.12.20

Same as Wolf2.jpg but without the filter effects. Wolf and art © 2001 Trevor Buettner

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