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Image: tt-lup.jpg   659x296 58854 bytes 2003.08.06

The League of Unextraordinary Pawpets. A picture requested by Sefina for an upcoming video project she's going to be doing. From left to right: Ezra, Arthur, Mutt, Poink, Bambi, Nerd Ferret (Aw-wiiiight!) and Carrot. All characters property of their respected owners. Find the FPS crew at

Image: matthenshin.jpg   576x947 125344 bytes 2003.06.05

Reuploaded with some corrections. Matt from my webcomic, Styles, transforming into his hardsuit.\r\nMy foreshortening sucks.

Image: ttvncartbs.jpg   477x605 80971 bytes 2003.05.23

Another piece of art I did for Trixi and her comic, <A HREF="">Vinci&Arty</A> I was in a Buffy mood when I drew it, so here's Vinci as Buffy, and Arty as Spike. I think Arty came out looking more like Angel though....

Image: tt-sabgwen.jpg   602x570 134579 bytes 2003.04.29

An image that popped in my head the other day. Gwen likes giant robots. Whether they be Super Robots, Real Robots, or Transformers. So I thought... who could she have an intelligent conversation with? The answer: Sabrina. Sabrina is used with permission.

Image: ttwackysubs.jpg   423x524 42840 bytes 2003.04.04

A picture I did for Stickdevil cause I could. A tribute to Hong Kong English Subtitles.

Image: gryfa.jpg   610x579 67367 bytes 2003.03.06

Been on a Sentai kick lately.. so decided to try drawing a villian. I call her "Gryfa" Upper left is her disguise form, and upper right is her out of armor. Points to whoever can identify what villians she's based on, which series they're from, and where I got the idea to use them for the base :P

Image: ttwagons2.jpg   469x547 64853 bytes 2003.01.27

Made as a complimentary pic to ttwagons.jpg. The first is heaven/Shangrila... and this.. this is hell. Like the first one, it'll be colored eventually. Wicked Clowns, yo.

Image: ttwagons.jpg   564x759 90259 bytes 2003.01.23

Inspired by "Nothing's Left" by Insane Clown Posse from their "Amazing Jekyll Bros." Joker Card album. I plan to color this eventually, but for now it's just B&W. (And Yes, ICP are talking about Heaven and Hell.. listen to the Wraith album and you'll see.)

Image: ttcwrobo.jpg   495x627 82969 bytes 2003.01.16

Yaaaay, Gratuitous injoke time. A picture of Gwen and Trixi's Candy Cow as mecha pilots. Inspired by Gear Fighter Dendoh, but done entirely from scratch. No references here, booya. Though the robot is Not Really Dendoh/Optimus Prime/Gundam, but that's beside the point! Notice the stereotypical masked guy in the corner. Candy belongs to Trixi, and not me.

Image: tt-cowjan.jpg   483x670 103782 bytes 2002.12.12

My Entry for the Gaultt's ( Cowlender, particulary the month of January. Had to be in color, and didn't feel like Photoshopping so busted out my crayola pencils. If you don't get the joke.. uh... ask someone :P

Image: tt-vicky_h.jpg   430x499 51253 bytes 2002.12.04

Picture for Vicky on Didn't mean to make her nude... but I felt that putting clothes on her woulda ruined the picture. :P So Vicky is copyright her player and stuff

Image: thisisgwen.jpg   267x537 44282 bytes 2002.11.21

Just an image that popped into my head the other night while on Furry Muck. Gwen... being Gwen. With a slight nod to Kevin Smith's movies in the form of her shirt. Thought it would be funny for a cowgirl to be wearing a "Mooby the Cow" shirt. So uh.. Mooby's property of View Askiew, yeah...

Image: tt-splat.jpg   431x520 64686 bytes 2002.11.12

A beautifulday, perfect time for a squirrel girl to gather some nuts! \r\nInspired by the Kamikaze squirrel's here in Marshall Co. They CHARGE AT THE CAR instead of running away.\r\nIts morbidly cute!

Image: tt-polbelle.jpg   528x503 58853 bytes 2002.11.09

A pic I did for Polar ( of his cowgirl, Belle. Did it for the fact that I needed something to draw, and I like his art.

Image: tt-candycow.jpg   500x722 42724 bytes 2002.10.16

My half of an art trade with the wonderful Trixi! Check her out here on VCL (Trixi is the name her stuff is under, natch.) She was one of my biggest inspirations in creating Gwen, and I've always loved her work, so I enjoyed being able to draw her character, Candy Cow, for her. ^_^

Image: tt-nwgwen.jpg   540x749 103543 bytes 2002.09.20

Trying a different style on Gwen's face. Based off the style from a pic GnAW did of her at MFM. (Hope he doesn't mind me trying to mimic his style.) I like the way some of the faces turned out

Image: tt-thekarl.jpg   537x718 79870 bytes 2002.09.09

A picture I did after MFM. The Karl. I think it speaks for itself. I did not create The Karl. The Karl is property of Karl, and I really don't wanna tick him off so I'm making sure I have this disclaimer. And R-Jim is property of Stickdevil, I used him cause I needed something squeezable. The buttons on The Karl were designed by Jim Groat. I just threw them on there cause I thought it makes the character that much more nifty. So uh.. if any of those 3 have a problem with it, you guys email me and I'll take the pic down as soon as possible. ^^; Also, the views of The Karl, do not reflect those of the artist. Thank you :P \r\n

Image: tt-pwill.jpg   423x465 57180 bytes 2002.08.26

Yet another B&W upload. Yay. I really need to color some of this stuff. Inspired by an actual conversation between me and PantherWill when we were talking about the Mephit FurMeet. I plan on attending, so if you see anyone in Goggles and a Road Rover t-shirt, feel free to say hi.

Image: tt-angwnf.jpg   608x665 125425 bytes 2002.07.15

Whooo.. look. new upload. Haven't done anything in a while due to work, so here ya go. Just something I threw together today over the course of.... 6 hours. Angel-Gwen.

Image: tthrr.jpg   530x574 59155 bytes 2002.05.16

reuploaded to fix some previous errors. stupid scanner.\r\nMy half of an art trade with Sebastian here on VCL. You can find his stuff at \r\n

Image: tt-tdchibis.jpg   483x627 130878 bytes 2002.03.27

A bunch of characters I've done for various things down Chibi style.

Image: tt-maik.jpg   441x507 40218 bytes 2002.02.06

Request from Maikeru of his character Sofia. Shouldn't have used blue ink to seperate the black.

Image: tt-melob.jpg   588x409 62017 bytes 2002.02.06

An art trade with Melissa O'Brien. This is so much easier when you can actually show the person the pic as you're actually drawing it. As was the case this time. Quote came from Melissa herself.

Image: tt-gwface.jpg   490x540 77431 bytes 2001.12.18

An attempt at a face study. Had fun drawing the cow-girl the first time, so I figured she'd be a good subject to try on. I think the two side shots facing the left (Upper right and bottom left corners) are probably the betters ones.

Image: tt-gwen.jpg   330x628 48177 bytes 2001.12.18

Went back and colored the image, also added a background. Just to try something different, here's a cow-girl. For the heck of it, let's call her "Gwen".

Image: ttcutebunny.jpg   440x860 49404 bytes 2001.04.01

Self explanatory title. Trying out using poses from clothes magazines for references.

Image: ttccchns.jpg   386x609 32256 bytes 2001.03.07

C-Chan again sitting on some invisible object. I really need to try getigna set face design for her....

Image: ttmndybd.jpg   499x383 25164 bytes 2001.03.07

Mandy lePew laying down on a bed. This one didn't come out as good as I wanted it too, but is still ok

Image: ttdmatch.jpg   518x691 77523 bytes 2001.03.07

Just something that popped in my head at school in a discussion about deathmatchs.

Image: tt3hero.jpg   400x300 78088 bytes 2001.02.21

When your young, you look up to certain people as heros for what they do. You may never meet the person, but you still feel a small connection for some reason. At that age, you never think that one day they'll be gone. Even when your older, the idea still doesn't come to your mind, until the day they leave. On Sunday, I lose my biggest childhood hero. This is just my way of saying goodbye.

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