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Image: addiction.jpg   595x847 127481 bytes 2000.02.11

Sometimes, I'm a bit stubborn. This comic sold at FCY2k. Thank you!! =)...Tet (c) his (usually) tolerant self.\n

Image: ainoko.jpg   282x651 29366 bytes 2000.02.13

Ainoko-sama! The Lady Ainoko of the Hi no Nikko family, a spunky 1.5 tailed half kitsune from 1920's Gaian Japan. Apparently, before moving east, she was a very prolific citizen. Tet Solfire discovers this while doing a bit of research. Lady Ainoko is his great gramma. =)..She's (c) me. \n

Image: alastair.jpg   297x486 21174 bytes 2002.12.24

Alastair, Tet and Trixi's little terror. He's about four years old now, and every bit as precocious as he was during his terrible twos. Lineart done as a surprise for Tet.. color version to come soon. And yes, he's as demented as he looks.. look who his parents are. ;D

Image: arkiedaydream.jpg   500x488 58784 bytes 2002.09.01

Surf-Ark, known to pals as Arkie. A friendly, outgoing fellow.. perhaps a little *too* outgoing. He's not a total idiot, but he's a little slow on the draw.. If only he had paid attention in biology class before getting smashed at a party.. Yes indeed folks, it is the male seahorse who gets pregnant. Tsk, Arkie.. now lookit you.. all you can think about is sloppy joes with whipped cream.

Image: artisan.jpg   600x774 100968 bytes 2001.01.01

Meet Arty P. Sunspot. He's Tet's newest character, and Vinci's love interest. And after months of hassles, we finally came up with a design for him. Artisan is a yumar, which is a special breed of cheetah in the Gaian universe. His nickname is usually just "catfish". Personality-wise, well.. he's a jerk. A huge jerk. Mention politics and he'll go into a tangent. He's a gay rights activist, and a fiery one to boot. It's a wonder he hasn't gotten arrested more, the way he gets when his temper is on the loose! It's his lifelong dream to become a famous vocalist, but with his lifestyle and personality, will he ever succeed? Stay tuned. Yeh, we *really* work on fleshing out characters, don't we? ;P.. Artisan and yumar concept are (c) Ryan Dewalt\n

Image: artwalkunfinished.jpg   600x949 70601 bytes 2001.01.01

More of Artisan, in a particularly serene moment for once. I realize this picture is unfinished, but I thought it was sort of a neat touch. I'll replace this with the fully colored one once I get my scanner working. An interesting note is that Artisan is rather religious, despite his interesting life and the fact that he's dating a gaian Guardian. This, admittedly, was something we had in mind for the character long before the religion hoo-hah started on Yerf. <:) Artisan (c) Ryan Dewalt.\n

Image: arty_vinci1.jpg   392x399 135570 bytes 2001.10.10

A small test image I did to practice for a little strip I'm going to be doing, featuring these two lovebirds. Artisan is pestering Vinci with his tactless commentary, as usual. :)P

Image: babe-oon.jpg   332x601 23629 bytes 1999.09.13

A one shot character, April the Baboon. I love monkeys, and baboons in particular are ass-kickers, so I went for a Lara Croft type here. Hope you like her. =)\n

Image: candycow.jpg   524x746 56303 bytes 1999.03.26

This one's an oldie, but I'll leave it here awhile, just to introduce you to another of my avatars, Candy Cow. I created her in late 1998 after being fed up with so many vulpines-canines-felines-etc as personal characters in the fandom. I wanted to stand out. Unfortunately, I'm not sure it lasted long, as I saw a flood of cows afterwards. Humph. =/...Well, the original Red-Headed Bovine is (c) me, 1998-Y2k =)\n

Image: Capitola.jpg   400x510 37245 bytes 2003.01.09

I was throwing out random character designs for a new game on YNA and Capitola here was one of them.. She was a blast to draw so I've been inspired to work with her a little more. She's named after a tiny beach town near Santa Cruz, and is a bit of a spoiled surfer girl. She's used to having the spotlight on her all the time.. that is, until someone barges in on her "territory" and she is suddenly old news. Devastated, she realizes just how dependent she really is, and it forces her to learn about that wonderful thing called Real Life, but does she learn to make do on her own? That I haven't worked out yet. :> \r\n\r\n Yes, there are a couple problems.. I had so much heck with the leg.. can't figure out the knee area.. and as SirFox put it: "What's holding her top up?".. My answer was "Wishful Thinking". :>.. The wave on her face is s'posed to be a tattoo BTW.. I figured it's a permanent dye thing, tattoos on animals.. x.x

Image: carryon.jpg   461x469 38803 bytes 2000.12.22

This piece is a few months old. I don't have a working scanner so I can't give an example of what I'm now capable of doing (which still isn't much ;9). This is Carry-On. Carry-On is a cute little 11 year old gray flyer joey. Carry-On has a cute little zipper on her pouch for some odd reason, and Annie-esque curly hair. Carry-On is also a demented, greedy little capitalist whose sole obsession is money, and lots of it. She enjoys scamming people, stealing their prized possessions and offering to sell them back... at outrageous prices. And people fall for it. Damn. Bill Gates would be proud. C.O. is (c) Candy L. Y2k\n

Image: castor.jpg   386x645 31962 bytes 2002.10.07

This small pic was done to get the feel for this character's color scheme/design. His name is Castor, a coymink (coyote/mink mix). In the story I'm working on, Castor is considered rather homely on the outside, but he has an absolutely beautiful way of looking at things, and is so amazingly poetic. He says just what he means, and dresses how he feels, often literally having his heart on his sleeve. For example, even if it's a summer day, he might wander around in earmuffs and a jacket because some part of him, emotion-wise, feels cold. He just recently had the stoplight design dyed into his tail as another way of expressing himself. And yes, he does indeed have a companion named Pollux, but they aren't brothers. :>

Image: catsketball.jpg   321x292 34794 bytes 2001.10.25

The product of babysitting and trying to encourage two hyper kids to draw Strange Things, and me, half asleep, looking at a basketball and thinking, "you know, that line looks like a hind leg... and hey, that's where the tail could be, and..." Well, I'm an idiot, but this was fun to draw. I tried to give him a cheshire cat look to him.. and you can almost see that haunch if you look at the design of the basketball...or it's prolly just me and my stupid imagination.

Image: chibiwave.gif   400x435 33912 bytes 2003.05.29

Here's the both of them together now, and a failed attempt at perspective, but it was fun nonetheless. Arty & Vinci are romantically involved, but tend to give the impression that they are best friends first, lovers second.

Image: colorcoot.jpg   450x472 57567 bytes 2002.06.06

This is a "colorized" version of a b&w picture I did of Vinci in a 1930s style. The picture itself is on darkish gray paper, and when I was giving it some marker tones, I just plucked whatever color, since it all came out gray on the paper anyway. However, when it scanned, it was a slight bit lighter, and came out like this (had to greyscale it to get the original look I'd intended!). I dunno if I was just going by habit or what, but coincidentially those turned out to be a pale scheme of his normal coloration anyway. :>

Image: crashedhyenaqeelyou.jpg   282x447 37766 bytes 2003.01.11

Hello Crash. Please don't kill me.\r\n\r\nDone for the FurartXchange LJ community thang, though I fear Crash will hate me for cutesifying his normally antagonistic character. <:>

Image: custard.jpg   340x455 73299 bytes 2002.08.30

Custard Plexippus. Half raccoon, half monarch butterfly, Custard constantly feels like he falls short of everything. He comes from a long line of remarkable heroes and warriors, and yet he's as average as they come. Plus, he lacks wings, and isn't sure if he ever will grow any. His back hurts quite often, and he wears bandages to help alleviate the discomfort.. maybe that means his wings will sprout soon? Until then, he's just longing to fly.

Image: custardcook.jpg   405x305 53559 bytes 2002.10.11

It's Custard again, showing off his mad baking skills. I wanted to do a picture that had that summery picnic theme feel to it (without the ants everywhere of course). Custard is quite aware of the fact that he can cook (He calls himself Iron Chef Monarchoon), but he's so obsessed with the fact that he has no wings and can't fly that his other talents such as this don't matter to him, when they really should. He's also seethingly jealous of anyone who has wings, and is liable to take whatever food he's just made and dump it on them. Bratty little bugmammal. :>

Image: custardrazz.jpg   364x514 34062 bytes 2002.12.28

Custard in wintry gear. What I don't get is why he would put a tailwarmer on an already ultra-floofy tail, and completely forget about antennae-warmers? ...ok, so it's my fault. :>

Image: custardskylanth.jpg   511x424 24081 bytes 2002.12.24

A WIP for Skylanth, one of the nicest people ever. She drew not one but two pictures of Custard for me, and of course I freak with joy when someone honors undeservin' ol' me with a picture. I had initially been working on a pic where Custard was watching Skylanth fly with a typically characteristic jealous expression, but I thought that for the holidays, he'd drop a little of his vindictive nature and just chill. This is naturally a representation of a Californian winter, something I took for granted when I lived in San Jose. These east coast loonies are a trip.. they keep dumping cold white stuff on me! Anyways, Skylanth and Custard. :>

Image: danceswithpeacocks.jpg   435x682 32620 bytes 2000.06.03

The lineart sketch of a piece I am taking to Anthrocon with me, which has since been completed. It's my fursona, the "one-annahalf-eared" fuzzylop, Trixi, dancing like no one's watching. You can see where I've sketched in where I wanted the peacock feathers to go in the final version. B.C. Solfire, aka Trixi (c) me, 1995-Y2k. Sorry if I'm way behind on email. I'm very not-all-there until after AC. x_x\n

Image: dancing_giraffe.jpg   879x863 65896 bytes 2002.12.06

So Fluffy Cow was way too nice to me and offered a pic trade. She wanted a male character with long hair who was dancing, she said, any species. \r\n\r\n "Any species" is a very daring thing to say to me. :>\r\n\r\n So, the result is a discoball horned giraffe... Well, he *does* have long hair...:9\r\n\r\n Still plugging away through trades n'stoof, but right now my health is on the verynotgood side, so that's been my number one priority. <:)

Image: dbunprev.jpg   493x601 52857 bytes 1999.04.28

Another oldie. Nef and Myr, two troublemaking pseudo-imps from the upcoming Guardians of Gaia comic my matey's producing. The kanjii, is it(?) on the right says "Bunny Demon"..Nef and Myr are co-copyright Ryan Dewalt and Candy Lewin, Y2k.\n

Image: deet.jpg   505x664 57222 bytes 2000.02.11

Finally, I've been told how to upload files manually here. Hey folks, just going to be uploading a few files and fixing the rest of my dir. Nice to meet y'all, and for those I've owed pics to (Hi Anna!) I can finish them up and put them here without worry. Great! Well, to start, here's one of the characters I use to represent myself. Candeeter, an indeterminate species of morphic anteater, aka Deet. She's an exuberant little klutz, representing the tomboyish nature in me. Why an anteater? I'm very keen on wanting to stand out, and a lot of my previous ideas had been mimicked and copied, which really got on my nerves, so I chose a species that either wouldn't cause a sudden flood of said critter, and would be absolutely obvious if someone *did* try to rip her in particular off. >:) Deet is (c) Candy Lewin Y2k.\n

Image: diamprev.jpg   394x701 53964 bytes 2000.02.11

An ink version of another piece that sold at FCY2k after it was fully colored. Dimers is an impish little leopard/bunny cross, but you probably can't tell from this version. ;). Dimers (c) myself\n

Image: eastervinciprev.jpg   521x698 62913 bytes 2000.03.27

Hey y'all...If I may advertise..Just wanted to let y'all know that the full color original of this picture is up for auction at . The details are all there, and the proceeds are going to be put into a savings account for a Very Special Certain Event That Is Very Expensive <=). Poor clueless Vinci gets so much unwanted attention, but he brings it on himself, eh? Vinci (c) me, n' Ryan Dewalt, Trixi (c) me.\n

Image: eau-neaux.jpg   302x477 79366 bytes 2002.12.20

Eau-Neaux, Tet's new walrus character. I thought the idea was a trip and tried to draw her.. and... ended up tripping all over myself. FEH. She looks like that chick from Futurama to me, what with the hair and the sweatsuit, but then again, that's what my own hair looks like. x.x.. I think her last name should be.. erm.. Walflower. :D.. Color vers to come.

Image: elebreth.jpg   381x649 30621 bytes 1999.07.21

The saucy bartender from a GofG flashback scene, and one of my IRC characters on Folfnet, the 7ft tall madam, Elebreth. This was a concept sketch of her. Just call her Ellie. =) (c) Ryan Dewalt. \n

Image: fauset.jpg   450x517 60454 bytes 2002.02.07

A new character, a delinquent Egyptian prince named Pharaoh Fauset. He'd rather go out and get drunk than rule a kingdom. Of course he gets away with it, but only because his weary, cynical pet monkey Buhnan-Ah ends up saving his ringtailed butt. He's not a horus--er, horse, BTW. :>

Image: fireworks2.jpg   599x509 30780 bytes 2003.09.17

My newest character. Usually it takes awhile for me to see the character and get the design down on paper. Rarely do they ever just sorta appear fully-formed, but when they do, I know they're special. Trixi did, Haley did, Custard did, and now Fireworks, aka Hanabi. \r\n\r\n He is an okamitatsu, a cross between a wolf and an asian dragon. I don't know his colors yet, but he has a pearl he is always carrying around that he is VERY overprotective of. I have been having WAY too much fun with him. Yay! Dragonpuppee :D

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