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Image: custard.jpg   340x455 73299 bytes 2002.08.30

Custard Plexippus. Half raccoon, half monarch butterfly, Custard constantly feels like he falls short of everything. He comes from a long line of remarkable heroes and warriors, and yet he's as average as they come. Plus, he lacks wings, and isn't sure if he ever will grow any. His back hurts quite often, and he wears bandages to help alleviate the discomfort.. maybe that means his wings will sprout soon? Until then, he's just longing to fly.

Image: colorcoot.jpg   450x472 57567 bytes 2002.06.06

This is a "colorized" version of a b&w picture I did of Vinci in a 1930s style. The picture itself is on darkish gray paper, and when I was giving it some marker tones, I just plucked whatever color, since it all came out gray on the paper anyway. However, when it scanned, it was a slight bit lighter, and came out like this (had to greyscale it to get the original look I'd intended!). I dunno if I was just going by habit or what, but coincidentially those turned out to be a pale scheme of his normal coloration anyway. :>

Image: fauset.jpg   450x517 60454 bytes 2002.02.07

A new character, a delinquent Egyptian prince named Pharaoh Fauset. He'd rather go out and get drunk than rule a kingdom. Of course he gets away with it, but only because his weary, cynical pet monkey Buhnan-Ah ends up saving his ringtailed butt. He's not a horus--er, horse, BTW. :>

Image: werewatchingyou.jpg   423x623 116985 bytes 2001.10.31

Ink version of a small pic I'm coloring and detailing right now. The eight Guardians of Gaia (a big cookie to those familiar with the characters and are able to guess which eye belongs to whom!).. they're watching you. Guardians (c) Ryan Dewalt.

Image: catsketball.jpg   321x292 34794 bytes 2001.10.25

The product of babysitting and trying to encourage two hyper kids to draw Strange Things, and me, half asleep, looking at a basketball and thinking, "you know, that line looks like a hind leg... and hey, that's where the tail could be, and..." Well, I'm an idiot, but this was fun to draw. I tried to give him a cheshire cat look to him.. and you can almost see that haunch if you look at the design of the basketball...or it's prolly just me and my stupid imagination.

Image: arty_vinci1.jpg   392x399 135570 bytes 2001.10.10

A small test image I did to practice for a little strip I'm going to be doing, featuring these two lovebirds. Artisan is pestering Vinci with his tactless commentary, as usual. :)P

Image: trixi.jpg   200x214 40964 bytes 2001.10.06

Mmmn, avatar. No, I'm not perpetually pissed off. I just wanted to be difficult. ;).. Hopefully this helps get rid of that stupid "fluffy happy easter bunny" stereotype. A horrid side effect of having a lapine character representing yourself, but those who have actually owned rabbits as pets will tell you how delightfully bitey they can be. I prefer to liken Trixi to an upright Efrafan.

Image: hrul.jpg   382x745 44961 bytes 2001.07.26

Hrul (pronounced Rool) is a sheep who thinks she's a werewolf. She's based on the old wolf-in-sheep's-clothing pun, and is far too serious for her own good. This is the incomplete version.. the final will have a background. This was done in markers with a little bit of colored pencil touchup.

Image: spottest.jpg   438x685 64792 bytes 2001.06.07

A fun pic from a few months ago. On the left is Artisan, aka Arty, the adorable but exceedingly arrogant yumar. The raccoon on the right is Vinci, a moody grouch who's a sweetheart (and a bit shy, really) underneath. Vinci's background was edited a bit because it was too dark, but the original version is in my directory on YNA. This zany couple is the shared intellectual property of Ryan Dewalt and Candy L., the latter being me. ;)

Image: karmapen.jpg   454x631 52590 bytes 2001.03.26

Karma really cheered me up when she showed me that picture she drew-outta the blue! I was floored.. so I did this sorry excuse for a thank you in return. -_-;.. oy! Just a very simple paper collage. But I did get to experiment with not only drawing yellow frogs, but shading them with opposite colors and stuff. I tried! I have a pen that is a yellow croaking frog that is also a bubble wand, so I call it my karmapen.. hence the filename. :>.. Karma Leafbarer is the (fishytailed!) intellectual property of one very nice Katie Popp.

Image: searchp.jpg   548x590 75826 bytes 2001.03.04

Not all children and parents get along, but I'd give anything to go back and make amends.

Image: vincimope.jpg   460x632 57773 bytes 2001.02.15

An attempt to "relax" my drawings and make them look more fluid. I was going for a quick gesture and expression here. Mopey VinciCoon. Cute little grouch. :) Vinci created by Ryan Dewalt.

Image: powerpuffg.jpg   718x893 169053 bytes 2001.02.02

Reupload, much to Tet's dismay. >:D

Image: waltz.jpg   480x633 53806 bytes 2001.01.01

Ack, naked! Run! Yes, I know, I need practice on male anatomy. x.x.. Not like I can use myself as a model. >:).. Preview of a pic for either FurCon or Anthrocon. Many thanks and much credit goes out to Karen Krajenbrink for helping me with the original composition of this pic (though she probably wants it well known that it was my idea and not hers to make them n00d.) :>.. Arty (c) Ryan Dewalt, Vinci (c) Ryan Dewalt and Candy L., poses credit Karen Krajenbrink, nitpicky details (c) my very sore hand. :9 \n

Image: vinciart.gif   420x603 61664 bytes 2001.01.01

Blah blah blah! \n

Image: tipsyboy.gif   296x450 28717 bytes 2001.01.01

This was originally on lined paper, but I think it looks neater this way. It's not hard at all to clean up. Anyway, Vinci getting cute and drunk. It probably doesn't take much.. ;>.. Artisan (c) Ryan Dewalt, Vinci (c) Ryan Dewalt & Candy L.\n

Image: artwalkunfinished.jpg   600x949 70601 bytes 2001.01.01

More of Artisan, in a particularly serene moment for once. I realize this picture is unfinished, but I thought it was sort of a neat touch. I'll replace this with the fully colored one once I get my scanner working. An interesting note is that Artisan is rather religious, despite his interesting life and the fact that he's dating a gaian Guardian. This, admittedly, was something we had in mind for the character long before the religion hoo-hah started on Yerf. <:) Artisan (c) Ryan Dewalt.\n

Image: artisan.jpg   600x774 100968 bytes 2001.01.01

Meet Arty P. Sunspot. He's Tet's newest character, and Vinci's love interest. And after months of hassles, we finally came up with a design for him. Artisan is a yumar, which is a special breed of cheetah in the Gaian universe. His nickname is usually just "catfish". Personality-wise, well.. he's a jerk. A huge jerk. Mention politics and he'll go into a tangent. He's a gay rights activist, and a fiery one to boot. It's a wonder he hasn't gotten arrested more, the way he gets when his temper is on the loose! It's his lifelong dream to become a famous vocalist, but with his lifestyle and personality, will he ever succeed? Stay tuned. Yeh, we *really* work on fleshing out characters, don't we? ;P.. Artisan and yumar concept are (c) Ryan Dewalt\n

Image: sunmoonstars.jpg   484x587 237879 bytes 2000.12.22

Vinci looking...well.. a bit more promiscuous than he usually does. Sorry Vinch, you look like a girl with your hair down. Wearing those lacy undies doesn't really help either. :9..Sorry this scanned so dark. This too, is also an oldie. Vinci is (c) Candy Lewin, Ryan Dewalt 1998-Y2k \n

Image: carryon.jpg   461x469 38803 bytes 2000.12.22

This piece is a few months old. I don't have a working scanner so I can't give an example of what I'm now capable of doing (which still isn't much ;9). This is Carry-On. Carry-On is a cute little 11 year old gray flyer joey. Carry-On has a cute little zipper on her pouch for some odd reason, and Annie-esque curly hair. Carry-On is also a demented, greedy little capitalist whose sole obsession is money, and lots of it. She enjoys scamming people, stealing their prized possessions and offering to sell them back... at outrageous prices. And people fall for it. Damn. Bill Gates would be proud. C.O. is (c) Candy L. Y2k\n

Image: vbadge.jpg   344x278 12905 bytes 2000.06.24

One of my badges for AC. This one's of Vinci. Feel free to say hi if you see me stumbling around. <:> Vinci (c) R. Dewalt and Candy L, 1998-Y2k\n

Image: danceswithpeacocks.jpg   435x682 32620 bytes 2000.06.03

The lineart sketch of a piece I am taking to Anthrocon with me, which has since been completed. It's my fursona, the "one-annahalf-eared" fuzzylop, Trixi, dancing like no one's watching. You can see where I've sketched in where I wanted the peacock feathers to go in the final version. B.C. Solfire, aka Trixi (c) me, 1995-Y2k. Sorry if I'm way behind on email. I'm very not-all-there until after AC. x_x\n

Image: vincinekki2_e.gif   437x449 50310 bytes 2000.06.03

Vinci, in a typical hunched over sorta stance. Nakey cause I'm trying to work on anatomy. Really. He's sure a cutie, isn't he? Too bad he's a pessimistic grump. ;)..Vinci is (c) Ryan Dewalt and myself. Guardians of Gaia (c) Ryan Dewalt, 1998-Y2k\n

Image: nigel.jpg   399x550 52542 bytes 2000.04.25

Daaaaaw, he's adorable! It's Nigel, a clone of Vinci and his boyfriend Artisan...Well, at least on Yiffnet, that is. He's cuddling a Nikashi plushie, who influenced me to draw this sweet little coonchee here (part raccoon, part cheetah), and also the person who plays him on Yiffnet. Bad scan. Even worse is the suckee color change I had to do when I realized the violet in the background was too greyish. Oh well. This'll probably be at Anthrocon with me. Nigel is (c) me und NikkiNOO, Y2k. Don't copy him. That makes me a violent wabbit. \n

Image: eastervinciprev.jpg   521x698 62913 bytes 2000.03.27

Hey y'all...If I may advertise..Just wanted to let y'all know that the full color original of this picture is up for auction at . The details are all there, and the proceeds are going to be put into a savings account for a Very Special Certain Event That Is Very Expensive <=). Poor clueless Vinci gets so much unwanted attention, but he brings it on himself, eh? Vinci (c) me, n' Ryan Dewalt, Trixi (c) me.\n

Image: mypalhumphrey.jpg   625x334 49621 bytes 2000.03.13

Here's a stipple of a cuddly friend of mine, Humphrey Buddy. One of many in my vast Ty collection. >:) \n

Image: samschelrants.jpg   414x604 27488 bytes 2000.03.05

I apologize if you're not able to read her text, it's a bit wordy anyway. Samschel likes to talk. =)...She'll be at AC in the art show, so you should be able to see it there if you like. Samschel Kosher is my pot-bellied pig character, except, as you can see, she doesn't have much of one. Yes, I'm aware of the irony in the name/species...I figure being Jewish myself lets me get away with it. >=D..Samschel (c) Candy Lewin Y2k.\n

Image: wait4u.jpg   466x620 33120 bytes 2000.02.20

I just did this piece tonight, and I'm happy with how it turned out, but miffed at the scan. Here's me, Trixi, dressed in country attire and snugging ye ol' Tet plushie. Scraggly looking, aren't I? I've had this character since 1995, she's me in almost every way personality and some physicalities (well, I don't have a ragged ear, but I am pretty scruffy too. ;) ). She's only different from me due to being, well, a rabbit, and her past and present lifestyle. She's already married with kids, I'm rather not. ;)..This piece was made by gluing the background (handmade paper) to a thick mat board, drawing and coloring the actual pic on drafting vellum (expensive stuff, but fun to use! I think of it as the Bristol Board of tracing paper. ;>), cutting that out, and placing it on the background paper. Then a bit of grass, and done! Hope you like! Trixi (c) m'self.\n

Image: ainoko.jpg   282x651 29366 bytes 2000.02.13

Ainoko-sama! The Lady Ainoko of the Hi no Nikko family, a spunky 1.5 tailed half kitsune from 1920's Gaian Japan. Apparently, before moving east, she was a very prolific citizen. Tet Solfire discovers this while doing a bit of research. Lady Ainoko is his great gramma. =)..She's (c) me. \n

Image: goshie.jpg   257x389 19723 bytes 2000.02.13

A small picture of a furry cherub named Gossamer. In the Guardians story, cherubs are childlike, genderless winged beasts of indeterminate species that usually possess multiple tails, wings, or ears (Goshie here has four, and a forked tail). They are incredibly rare, due to being born from Gaian beasts called seraphs and nymphs (I'll explain about these later, I suppose), and both are also Very Rare. Cherubs can only thrive in places with auras of pure innocence, and take their powers from it..Don't let its cute little look fool you, Gossamer here can kick butt if it wants to. This particular cherub is (c) me, Gaian Cherubs (c) Ryan Dewalt. Fan character cherubs are supposedly allowed if you stay true to the storyline, so if any of you want to make one of your own, you can, as long as you maintain initial copyrights. =)\n

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