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Image: folfcrem.jpg   452x609 35319 bytes 2000.02.11

Lineart of Folfette enjoying an ice cream, the little flirt. ;) Folfette (c) Candy Lewin.\n

Image: folfette.jpg   422x649 70560 bytes 1999.07.19

Folfette, sometimes known as Vixi, was a response to the male-playing-female types on Yiffnet and such who would oversex their characters, and also a response to my own dear folf, who was getting miffed at having his character ripped off. So, to spite him and others, the sultry and ditzy Folfette was born. (c) Candy Lewin if anyone else would want her. ;)\n

Image: forcefed.gif   475x726 41724 bytes 2002.10.15

This image is my emotions talking. Vinci is choking on forcefed advertising.\r\n\r\n The so-called "values" put out by the media has always been a big issue with me. I made the mistake of caring about its faceless, money-driven opinion, and I do NOT want to see others in the same boat. \r\n\r\n To anyone out there who looks from the mirror to a copy of Vogue or Cosmo or whatever and feels inadequate, STOP IT.\r\n\r\n You are NOT inadequate. You are NOT sub-par. You are NOT the wrong weight, you are NOT the wrong face. You do not need advertisements to tell you they can make you beautiful, because you're already there. I have a VERY hard time believing this, but I hope you will try.\r\n \r\n Until I can practice what I preach, I beg this of you. Just go out and Be.

Image: ghira_sniff.jpg   336x479 71364 bytes 2002.10.11

Ghirardelli is a raccoon who was brought up in San Francisco's Chinatown district. He goes by Ghira for short, can speak both English and Cantonese, and absolutely loves his home. He is the teenaged poster child for zen; always soft spoken and VERY calm. The strange thing about Ghira, though, is a unique ability he doesn't actually realize he has; he can tell *precisely* what emotion you're feeling, even if you're not outwardly expressing it. This incredibly fine-tuned empathy has led many to be rather freaked out by him, thinking he can "read minds", and so he tends to keep to himself. That dot in his nose is s'posed to be a diamond stud piercing, not a big ol' nostril BTW <:>

Image: gimp.jpg   480x682 54542 bytes 1999.03.11

This eccentric cat, Gimp, first appeared in a short story I wrote in '95 which also introduced my alter ego Trixi Bigfoot. They're pretty much the only two characters from that story still "alive". Her real name is Gertrude, but I wouldn't try calling her that. ;)..Gimp (c) Candy Lewin 1995-Y2k\n

Image: goshie.jpg   257x389 19723 bytes 2000.02.13

A small picture of a furry cherub named Gossamer. In the Guardians story, cherubs are childlike, genderless winged beasts of indeterminate species that usually possess multiple tails, wings, or ears (Goshie here has four, and a forked tail). They are incredibly rare, due to being born from Gaian beasts called seraphs and nymphs (I'll explain about these later, I suppose), and both are also Very Rare. Cherubs can only thrive in places with auras of pure innocence, and take their powers from it..Don't let its cute little look fool you, Gossamer here can kick butt if it wants to. This particular cherub is (c) me, Gaian Cherubs (c) Ryan Dewalt. Fan character cherubs are supposedly allowed if you stay true to the storyline, so if any of you want to make one of your own, you can, as long as you maintain initial copyrights. =)\n

Image: graham.jpg   300x461 25614 bytes 2002.12.22

Graham Fidelis, a "tycoon", a cross between a raccoon and white tiger. Grahammers is one of my favorite characters, but this is the first time I've gotten a design down on paper that I want to work with for him. He's youngish, a warm and friendly type with a slight Texan accent and an overgrown nobility gland. He's a bit awkward to look at, mostly because his remaining arm is so muscular as compared to the rest of him, a result of overcompensating for the lack of the left. That, and I suck at proportions, as you can see. :>. Yet another pun with the name, because his coloration reminds me of s'mores. And he is indeed related to Vinci, but that's a story to be told later.

Image: guardillo.JPG   563x678 116102 bytes 2000.02.11

A b+w ink illustration of the Guardians of Gaia. The color version is on Yerf. I hope to sell this one at ACY2k. Who are the characters? Well, the rabbit is Timebase, Guardian of Time. Vinci is the raccoon, he's Entropy. The lovely bear maiden is the Guardian of Life, Ursynda. The hippo is Halona, Force. The duo-tailed wolf isn't a Guardian, but a Gaian Bounty Hunter named Annette Thema. The donkey is Delilah, of Elements, the sultry squirrel is Guardian of the Mind, Prissy. The huge panther is Grimm, Guardian of Death, and there's Duncan Connor, the roo, Space, smoking a cig in the corner there. =)...All characters excluding Annette are property of Ryan Dewalt.\n

Image: haley.jpg   300x439 33302 bytes 2002.10.11

Hale-Bopp Hedgehog, aka Haley. She's one of my oldest characters (from 1997), and probably one of the zaniest. Her distinguishing features are her excessive hyper-ness (she's ALWAYS hyper.. she even talks so fast it's hard to understand what she's saying!), and her extreme addiction to Jolt Cola. She even has her own catch phrase.. "Sheboygan!!".. Why Sheboygan? Well, try shouting it. It IS kinda fun. :)..anyways, this pint-sized pygmy hedgehog is mine.

Image: hrul.jpg   382x745 44961 bytes 2001.07.26

Hrul (pronounced Rool) is a sheep who thinks she's a werewolf. She's based on the old wolf-in-sheep's-clothing pun, and is far too serious for her own good. This is the incomplete version.. the final will have a background. This was done in markers with a little bit of colored pencil touchup.

Image: karmapen.jpg   454x631 52590 bytes 2001.03.26

Karma really cheered me up when she showed me that picture she drew-outta the blue! I was floored.. so I did this sorry excuse for a thank you in return. -_-;.. oy! Just a very simple paper collage. But I did get to experiment with not only drawing yellow frogs, but shading them with opposite colors and stuff. I tried! I have a pen that is a yellow croaking frog that is also a bubble wand, so I call it my karmapen.. hence the filename. :>.. Karma Leafbarer is the (fishytailed!) intellectual property of one very nice Katie Popp.

Image: lastloss.jpg   458x632 54413 bytes 1999.04.07

This picture was apparently too gory for Yerf, and I can kinda see why, so I'll just leave it here. I did this 'un last year, as an illustration for the Guardians of Gaia story, in which the hero, Timebase, then known as the warrior Kastagir, is tricked by demons into driving his blade into his beloved's heart. He goes mad, and uses his powers to erase his own memory, forgetting about her, and of being the Guardian of Time, and of everything, waking up and starting a new life as the bumbling bunny geek, Timebase. TB and the Guardians concept (c) Ryan Dewalt, Era Epoch is (c) Candy L.\n

Image: lemondrop.jpg   565x818 59944 bytes 1998.10.21

One of my old experiments with marker, little Lemondrop sold at Further Confusion '99. Thanks Tet! \n

Image: likesunshine.jpg   314x478 131635 bytes 2002.10.13

Working more on Castor's design.. Decided to give him little star-shaped bangs n'stuff. Here he is doing what he does best.. dress exactly how he's feeling, and today he's in a good mood, hence the sunny (and strange) apparel. Was trying to get the design on his tail to look more dyed and less pasted on.. still workin' on that. x.x.. But here's a coymink for you nonetheless.

Image: miss_u.jpg   509x709 76264 bytes 1999.07.26

My alter ego, Trixi, and my Ryan's alter ego, Tet Solfire the folf. Mushy pic done in a small fit of angst. Being 3000 miles away from your matey sucks. I'm sure many of you can relate. <=)\n

Image: moohoo.jpg   438x654 39185 bytes 1999.04.24

A slightly more recent picture of Candy Cow. Hope you like her. =) Candy Cow (c) Candy Lewin Y2k\n

Image: my_balance.jpg   790x1098 93808 bytes 2003.12.13

My two funny guys, Arty and Vinci, being their usual best-friends-with-benefits type selves to each other. :)\r\n\r\n Vinci actually doesn't have this hairstyle currently in the comic (long story), so I've been drawing him with the bald head, but I missed his braids, they're sorta what makes him HIM, ya know? So I figured, for one pic, I could make use of some hair-tistic license. :)

Image: mypalhumphrey.jpg   625x334 49621 bytes 2000.03.13

Here's a stipple of a cuddly friend of mine, Humphrey Buddy. One of many in my vast Ty collection. >:) \n

Image: nigel.jpg   399x550 52542 bytes 2000.04.25

Daaaaaw, he's adorable! It's Nigel, a clone of Vinci and his boyfriend Artisan...Well, at least on Yiffnet, that is. He's cuddling a Nikashi plushie, who influenced me to draw this sweet little coonchee here (part raccoon, part cheetah), and also the person who plays him on Yiffnet. Bad scan. Even worse is the suckee color change I had to do when I realized the violet in the background was too greyish. Oh well. This'll probably be at Anthrocon with me. Nigel is (c) me und NikkiNOO, Y2k. Don't copy him. That makes me a violent wabbit. \n

Image: pancakes.jpg   276x429 137149 bytes 2002.10.10

I realized that though there were a lot of folks with multiple-tailed characters, I couldn't recall any multi-tailed skunks.. So the idea kept nagging me until I made my own two-tailed skunk character. Her name is Pancakes, and she was fun to draw. It's very hard to tell in this picture, but her eyes are s'posed to be sorta opposite-ish.. the eye whites are a very light brown and the irises white. Because I'm dumb that way. I also seem to have a Thing lately... a Thing for strange designs on tails, the color yellow, and naming characters after food..

Image: peanutbutter_angeli.jpg   357x481 36737 bytes 2002.11.16

\r\n Angeli here, (known by his nickname of Peanutbutter Angeli) is a bartender raccoon. He's a bit hard to get ahold of, because his job keeps him so busy, but you can be assured that he will remember whatever you tell him, even if it's as he's rushing by. Peanutbutter recalls countless birthdays, anniversaries, and the favorite standbys of his regular patrons, but thanks to a learning disability (mild autism, methinks) and unsupportive parents, believes he is an idiot, something which is far from the truth. He's currently trying to struggle through college, but it's hard on him. Still, Peanut stays sassy and smooth, and though his hectic life drives him nuts, you can bet he'll still be sandwiched behind the counter at work in a Jif! Darn Skippy. *nod* ;D

Image: peanutbutterbaby.jpg   276x287 20688 bytes 2002.12.23

Run! It's a baby Peanutbutter Angeli!

Image: pie.jpg   480x728 55912 bytes 2003.07.01

This is Pie, I'm not sure of his last name yet, but he's around 16 and the cousin of Peanutbutter Angeli. He has the unfortunate burden of being a halfmask, that is, a raccoon who lacks one side of his facial markings. In the world Tet and I are working on, this is considered A Bad Thing in raccoon lore, and halfmasks are considered cursed outcasts, often even tossed out and unloved by their own families. How crappy is THAT?? Some get adopted by other species who ignore the taboo, most aren't so lucky. Fortunately, Pie's cousin Peanutbutter is one of the more tolerant procyons around, and takes him in after his aunt and uncle abuse the poor kid one too many times. The blue circle is a tattoo administered at birth to clearly mark that the bearer is "cursed".

Image: pieceofscrap.jpg   528x711 163613 bytes 2002.11.11

"dream." - Custard sculpts a winged snowman while once again wishing he had more to show for his half-butterfly heritage. In retrospect, I should have given the snowman antennae.\r\n\r\n In further retrospect, I should have called this picture "Frozen Custard" :>\r\n\r\n Made up of bits'n'pieces of things I found at the Scrapbook Store yesterday. Them places is crack, I swear.

Image: pose.jpg   449x601 19120 bytes 1999.03.02

Old and simple sketch of me, Trixi. This is of course before I decided I only had 3/4ths of my left ear. =)\n

Image: powerpuffg.jpg   718x893 169053 bytes 2001.02.02

Reupload, much to Tet's dismay. >:D

Image: quikmiss.jpg   376x648 26405 bytes 1999.05.10

Trixi, in color! Gasp! Hugging a Tet plushie! Also in color! =)P\n

Image: samschelrants.jpg   414x604 27488 bytes 2000.03.05

I apologize if you're not able to read her text, it's a bit wordy anyway. Samschel likes to talk. =)...She'll be at AC in the art show, so you should be able to see it there if you like. Samschel Kosher is my pot-bellied pig character, except, as you can see, she doesn't have much of one. Yes, I'm aware of the irony in the name/species...I figure being Jewish myself lets me get away with it. >=D..Samschel (c) Candy Lewin Y2k.\n

Image: searchp.jpg   548x590 75826 bytes 2001.03.04

Not all children and parents get along, but I'd give anything to go back and make amends.

Image: spottest.jpg   438x685 64792 bytes 2001.06.07

A fun pic from a few months ago. On the left is Artisan, aka Arty, the adorable but exceedingly arrogant yumar. The raccoon on the right is Vinci, a moody grouch who's a sweetheart (and a bit shy, really) underneath. Vinci's background was edited a bit because it was too dark, but the original version is in my directory on YNA. This zany couple is the shared intellectual property of Ryan Dewalt and Candy L., the latter being me. ;)

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