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Image: guardillo.JPG   563x678 116102 bytes 2000.02.11

A b+w ink illustration of the Guardians of Gaia. The color version is on Yerf. I hope to sell this one at ACY2k. Who are the characters? Well, the rabbit is Timebase, Guardian of Time. Vinci is the raccoon, he's Entropy. The lovely bear maiden is the Guardian of Life, Ursynda. The hippo is Halona, Force. The duo-tailed wolf isn't a Guardian, but a Gaian Bounty Hunter named Annette Thema. The donkey is Delilah, of Elements, the sultry squirrel is Guardian of the Mind, Prissy. The huge panther is Grimm, Guardian of Death, and there's Duncan Connor, the roo, Space, smoking a cig in the corner there. =)...All characters excluding Annette are property of Ryan Dewalt.\n

Image: folfcrem.jpg   452x609 35319 bytes 2000.02.11

Lineart of Folfette enjoying an ice cream, the little flirt. ;) Folfette (c) Candy Lewin.\n

Image: diamprev.jpg   394x701 53964 bytes 2000.02.11

An ink version of another piece that sold at FCY2k after it was fully colored. Dimers is an impish little leopard/bunny cross, but you probably can't tell from this version. ;). Dimers (c) myself\n

Image: addiction.jpg   595x847 127481 bytes 2000.02.11

Sometimes, I'm a bit stubborn. This comic sold at FCY2k. Thank you!! =)...Tet (c) his (usually) tolerant self.\n

Image: deet.jpg   505x664 57222 bytes 2000.02.11

Finally, I've been told how to upload files manually here. Hey folks, just going to be uploading a few files and fixing the rest of my dir. Nice to meet y'all, and for those I've owed pics to (Hi Anna!) I can finish them up and put them here without worry. Great! Well, to start, here's one of the characters I use to represent myself. Candeeter, an indeterminate species of morphic anteater, aka Deet. She's an exuberant little klutz, representing the tomboyish nature in me. Why an anteater? I'm very keen on wanting to stand out, and a lot of my previous ideas had been mimicked and copied, which really got on my nerves, so I chose a species that either wouldn't cause a sudden flood of said critter, and would be absolutely obvious if someone *did* try to rip her in particular off. >:) Deet is (c) Candy Lewin Y2k.\n

Image: vincitls.jpg   463x727 44272 bytes 1999.09.30

My absolute favorite character from GofG, and the "fursona" you will see me running around as almost as often as Trixi (thanks to Tet being lenient about the use of his creation; I'm the only one that can get away with this and vice versa). Richard S. Nicolaides, the Guardian of Entropy, aka Vinci the ChaosCoon. An artistic and bisexual beast, Vinci seems very moody and tempermental at first, but he's in actuality just a softie at heart trying to pretend he's a grouch. After Timebase loses his memory, Vinci is the first of the other Guardians to take him in and re-train him. The four tails you see here aren't always visible. A side-effect of Vinci's chaotic abilities is that up to 7 tails appear and disappear at their own will, 75% he only has one, however. He's also quite a looker, as you can see, and has already developed a fanbase because of it. Shame he's so skittish with all the attention, though. ;)...Vinci is (c) Ryan Dewalt and Candy Lewin. \n

Image: babe-oon.jpg   332x601 23629 bytes 1999.09.13

A one shot character, April the Baboon. I love monkeys, and baboons in particular are ass-kickers, so I went for a Lara Croft type here. Hope you like her. =)\n

Image: target.jpg   282x495 22534 bytes 1999.08.09

Target, a toon blue woxie (wolfox, which is different from a folf). She's...interesting, to say the least. Imagine a 3 ft tall dominatrix who can scare the pants off anyone thrice her size. Careful around her. ;) Targ is (c) me.\n

Image: miss_u.jpg   509x709 76264 bytes 1999.07.26

My alter ego, Trixi, and my Ryan's alter ego, Tet Solfire the folf. Mushy pic done in a small fit of angst. Being 3000 miles away from your matey sucks. I'm sure many of you can relate. <=)\n

Image: elebreth.jpg   381x649 30621 bytes 1999.07.21

The saucy bartender from a GofG flashback scene, and one of my IRC characters on Folfnet, the 7ft tall madam, Elebreth. This was a concept sketch of her. Just call her Ellie. =) (c) Ryan Dewalt. \n

Image: folfette.jpg   422x649 70560 bytes 1999.07.19

Folfette, sometimes known as Vixi, was a response to the male-playing-female types on Yiffnet and such who would oversex their characters, and also a response to my own dear folf, who was getting miffed at having his character ripped off. So, to spite him and others, the sultry and ditzy Folfette was born. (c) Candy Lewin if anyone else would want her. ;)\n

Image: quikmiss.jpg   376x648 26405 bytes 1999.05.10

Trixi, in color! Gasp! Hugging a Tet plushie! Also in color! =)P\n

Image: dbunprev.jpg   493x601 52857 bytes 1999.04.28

Another oldie. Nef and Myr, two troublemaking pseudo-imps from the upcoming Guardians of Gaia comic my matey's producing. The kanjii, is it(?) on the right says "Bunny Demon"..Nef and Myr are co-copyright Ryan Dewalt and Candy Lewin, Y2k.\n

Image: moohoo.jpg   438x654 39185 bytes 1999.04.24

A slightly more recent picture of Candy Cow. Hope you like her. =) Candy Cow (c) Candy Lewin Y2k\n

Image: lastloss.jpg   458x632 54413 bytes 1999.04.07

This picture was apparently too gory for Yerf, and I can kinda see why, so I'll just leave it here. I did this 'un last year, as an illustration for the Guardians of Gaia story, in which the hero, Timebase, then known as the warrior Kastagir, is tricked by demons into driving his blade into his beloved's heart. He goes mad, and uses his powers to erase his own memory, forgetting about her, and of being the Guardian of Time, and of everything, waking up and starting a new life as the bumbling bunny geek, Timebase. TB and the Guardians concept (c) Ryan Dewalt, Era Epoch is (c) Candy L.\n

Image: candycow.jpg   524x746 56303 bytes 1999.03.26

This one's an oldie, but I'll leave it here awhile, just to introduce you to another of my avatars, Candy Cow. I created her in late 1998 after being fed up with so many vulpines-canines-felines-etc as personal characters in the fandom. I wanted to stand out. Unfortunately, I'm not sure it lasted long, as I saw a flood of cows afterwards. Humph. =/...Well, the original Red-Headed Bovine is (c) me, 1998-Y2k =)\n

Image: gimp.jpg   480x682 54542 bytes 1999.03.11

This eccentric cat, Gimp, first appeared in a short story I wrote in '95 which also introduced my alter ego Trixi Bigfoot. They're pretty much the only two characters from that story still "alive". Her real name is Gertrude, but I wouldn't try calling her that. ;)..Gimp (c) Candy Lewin 1995-Y2k\n

Image: pose.jpg   449x601 19120 bytes 1999.03.02

Old and simple sketch of me, Trixi. This is of course before I decided I only had 3/4ths of my left ear. =)\n

Image: xiaou.jpg   350x501 47260 bytes 1999.03.02

Xiaou, a GofG character, princess from ancient China. Petite little ass-kicking panda gal. =D (c) Ryan Dewalt and Candy Lewin, colors by oCeLoT.\n

Image: trtshirt.jpg   597x769 59184 bytes 1998.11.14

This design was inked and colored (after some minor adjustments to the hand placements) and put on tshirts that Tet and I wear to the furcons we go to. Makes us easily identifiable, which can either be a good thing or bad, depending. <=)\n

Image: lemondrop.jpg   565x818 59944 bytes 1998.10.21

One of my old experiments with marker, little Lemondrop sold at Further Confusion '99. Thanks Tet! \n

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