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Image: starfruit.gif   320x437 30571 bytes 2002.10.14

An old OLD oneshot character resurrected and given a new name. She used to be named Des Moines, but is now Starfruit (an actual fruit, BTW!).. I DO use food names a lot, huh? x.x.. Anyways, Starfruit is a spotted cuscus (I frikkin' LOVE them!) One part 80s child, the other part fitness junkie. Think neon rainbowish workout clothes and stuff. :>.. this is the lineart version, I will be coloring it. I hope you like her.

Image: starfruit.jpg   383x509 165717 bytes 2002.10.21

Workin' on coloring that picture of Starfruit, here's wot I got so far. She really doesn't look much like an actual cuscus, but I still had fun with her design, and I think the white + blue spots look sorta funky. She's a bit of a cocky thing, with a subtle Jamaican accent and an inability to sit still. Being active is her favorite thing to do. If she's sitting down, it usually means she's sick or somethin'. ;>

Image: sunmoonstars.jpg   484x587 237879 bytes 2000.12.22

Vinci looking...well.. a bit more promiscuous than he usually does. Sorry Vinch, you look like a girl with your hair down. Wearing those lacy undies doesn't really help either. :9..Sorry this scanned so dark. This too, is also an oldie. Vinci is (c) Candy Lewin, Ryan Dewalt 1998-Y2k \n

Image: target.jpg   282x495 22534 bytes 1999.08.09

Target, a toon blue woxie (wolfox, which is different from a folf). She's...interesting, to say the least. Imagine a 3 ft tall dominatrix who can scare the pants off anyone thrice her size. Careful around her. ;) Targ is (c) me.\n

Image: tetbadge.jpg   422x324 25881 bytes 2003.07.01

Yarr, a badge for Tet. I suck at these.

Image: tipsyboy.gif   296x450 28717 bytes 2001.01.01

This was originally on lined paper, but I think it looks neater this way. It's not hard at all to clean up. Anyway, Vinci getting cute and drunk. It probably doesn't take much.. ;>.. Artisan (c) Ryan Dewalt, Vinci (c) Ryan Dewalt & Candy L.\n

Image: trixi.jpg   200x214 40964 bytes 2001.10.06

Mmmn, avatar. No, I'm not perpetually pissed off. I just wanted to be difficult. ;).. Hopefully this helps get rid of that stupid "fluffy happy easter bunny" stereotype. A horrid side effect of having a lapine character representing yourself, but those who have actually owned rabbits as pets will tell you how delightfully bitey they can be. I prefer to liken Trixi to an upright Efrafan.

Image: trtshirt.jpg   597x769 59184 bytes 1998.11.14

This design was inked and colored (after some minor adjustments to the hand placements) and put on tshirts that Tet and I wear to the furcons we go to. Makes us easily identifiable, which can either be a good thing or bad, depending. <=)\n

Image: va-snirk.jpg   271x326 55332 bytes 2002.09.30

Vinci and Arty with a small reminder for you.. SMILE! :>

Image: vbadge.jpg   344x278 12905 bytes 2000.06.24

One of my badges for AC. This one's of Vinci. Feel free to say hi if you see me stumbling around. <:> Vinci (c) R. Dewalt and Candy L, 1998-Y2k\n

Image: vinciart.gif   420x603 61664 bytes 2001.01.01

Blah blah blah! \n

Image: vincibadge.jpg   396x296 17572 bytes 2003.05.29

If you see some ugly little dork wearing this at Anthrocon, it's me. :).. One of the two title characters from that stupid little webcomic I do, Vinci & Arty, which is located at if you're bored enough. :)

Image: vincifruit.jpg   600x623 56016 bytes 2003.07.01

Dorkiest pic of Vinci ever! He's also a leetle too tall here, but this is probably the closest I've come to getting his colors on the mark. The flowery background was a piece of scrapbook paper added for the camp value. :>

Image: vincimope.jpg   460x632 57773 bytes 2001.02.15

An attempt to "relax" my drawings and make them look more fluid. I was going for a quick gesture and expression here. Mopey VinciCoon. Cute little grouch. :) Vinci created by Ryan Dewalt.

Image: vincinekki2_e.gif   437x449 50310 bytes 2000.06.03

Vinci, in a typical hunched over sorta stance. Nakey cause I'm trying to work on anatomy. Really. He's sure a cutie, isn't he? Too bad he's a pessimistic grump. ;)..Vinci is (c) Ryan Dewalt and myself. Guardians of Gaia (c) Ryan Dewalt, 1998-Y2k\n

Image: vincitls.jpg   463x727 44272 bytes 1999.09.30

My absolute favorite character from GofG, and the "fursona" you will see me running around as almost as often as Trixi (thanks to Tet being lenient about the use of his creation; I'm the only one that can get away with this and vice versa). Richard S. Nicolaides, the Guardian of Entropy, aka Vinci the ChaosCoon. An artistic and bisexual beast, Vinci seems very moody and tempermental at first, but he's in actuality just a softie at heart trying to pretend he's a grouch. After Timebase loses his memory, Vinci is the first of the other Guardians to take him in and re-train him. The four tails you see here aren't always visible. A side-effect of Vinci's chaotic abilities is that up to 7 tails appear and disappear at their own will, 75% he only has one, however. He's also quite a looker, as you can see, and has already developed a fanbase because of it. Shame he's so skittish with all the attention, though. ;)...Vinci is (c) Ryan Dewalt and Candy Lewin. \n

Image: wait4u.jpg   466x620 33120 bytes 2000.02.20

I just did this piece tonight, and I'm happy with how it turned out, but miffed at the scan. Here's me, Trixi, dressed in country attire and snugging ye ol' Tet plushie. Scraggly looking, aren't I? I've had this character since 1995, she's me in almost every way personality and some physicalities (well, I don't have a ragged ear, but I am pretty scruffy too. ;) ). She's only different from me due to being, well, a rabbit, and her past and present lifestyle. She's already married with kids, I'm rather not. ;)..This piece was made by gluing the background (handmade paper) to a thick mat board, drawing and coloring the actual pic on drafting vellum (expensive stuff, but fun to use! I think of it as the Bristol Board of tracing paper. ;>), cutting that out, and placing it on the background paper. Then a bit of grass, and done! Hope you like! Trixi (c) m'self.\n

Image: waltz.jpg   480x633 53806 bytes 2001.01.01

Ack, naked! Run! Yes, I know, I need practice on male anatomy. x.x.. Not like I can use myself as a model. >:).. Preview of a pic for either FurCon or Anthrocon. Many thanks and much credit goes out to Karen Krajenbrink for helping me with the original composition of this pic (though she probably wants it well known that it was my idea and not hers to make them n00d.) :>.. Arty (c) Ryan Dewalt, Vinci (c) Ryan Dewalt and Candy L., poses credit Karen Krajenbrink, nitpicky details (c) my very sore hand. :9 \n

Image: werewatchingyou.jpg   423x623 116985 bytes 2001.10.31

Ink version of a small pic I'm coloring and detailing right now. The eight Guardians of Gaia (a big cookie to those familiar with the characters and are able to guess which eye belongs to whom!).. they're watching you. Guardians (c) Ryan Dewalt.

Image: xiaou.jpg   350x501 47260 bytes 1999.03.02

Xiaou, a GofG character, princess from ancient China. Petite little ass-kicking panda gal. =D (c) Ryan Dewalt and Candy Lewin, colors by oCeLoT.\n

Image: zer-wip.jpg   305x505 63466 bytes 2002.10.28

\r\n A very very simply colored version of some lineart I sent to this one lemur lady the other day. Maybe you know her.\r\n\r\n This was a fun pic to do, because of the extreme exaggeration of the hourglass figure and the like. I'm working on a marker version, but this helped to test out how I want the colors to look, n'stuff. \r\n\r\n Anyways, thank you Zeriara for sparking my muse, as feeble as it may be. <:> \r\n\r\n

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