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Image: buffy.jpg   436x369 22908 bytes 2002.01.17

this is a quick ink of my kitty - Buffy.

Image: captan.jpg   474x428 57227 bytes 2001.10.22

This is half me, CaptainKittyn shes a character i play in a lil star wars/star treck/andromeda/farscape thing me and scott made up, shes evil but with a soft heart later on. The back gournd went icky using paint.

Image: Connor.jpg   550x367 30927 bytes 2001.12.18

This is Connor. Based on the guy from Highlander. I was bored what more can i say.

Image: gothpider.jpg   732x509 56547 bytes 2002.01.24

uhm yeah.... attempt at a spider..was listening to Marylin Manson turned into this.....

Image: HannahBrrrr.jpg   340x388 44200 bytes 2001.10.14

Itried to draw Hannah in water, god knows why, one, i cant do reflection, as you can tell, i didnt put any in, and two as said before i cant draw bodies. but she came out ok, one or two problems on the ears, but not bad to say it was drawn by hand, by mouse even, well track ball..very hard to manouver. and in paint. i really have to get myself one of those pen things...or get my scanner set up. Hannah is Copyright by me.

Image: HannaRabbit.jpg   182x403 14406 bytes 2001.10.14

I wanted to do my bunny (based on my mate Hannah) in a real life background, but cutting and pasteing and trying to blend it in so it actually looked like she was interacting with the environment i couldnt quite figure it out. So on a bozzy weekend out i took a few pix of us and this one was funny, i took it as she was coming out the toilet. i messed around and voila!! we have Hannah Bunny coming out after well, answering the call of nature. Ive kept the bottle in her hand the real life one, cos i dont sposed you will get animated bottles in a bar. I'm personnally not very good at hands, bodys, and feet, im getting better though. Copyright Tyger.

Image: imissyou.jpg   217x418 15916 bytes 2002.01.03

I miss my scotty.\r\n\r\nAll i can say. \r\nThis is TygerKittyn leaning on a wall.

Image: itsaminiadventure.jpg   653x484 45016 bytes 2001.10.14

I primerily (sp?) draw Tattoo work for friends or for fun, im only just branching out into animals and things, this is one of my tats. You may think it has a strange name "its a mini adventure", well... its sposed to be an abstract fire angel, but to me it looks like the Symbol for the New Rover Mini's.. (cars if your not up on stuff) and so thats why its called that. Simple really. Copyright Tyger.

Image: KitsuneDreams.jpg   623x428 36419 bytes 2001.10.22

This is a pic i did at work. one of my many mistakes of colouring in before scanning. its a young Kitsune dreaming of becoming the best cheerleader in her school. I dont knwo where the cheerleader idea came from (think its the short skirts) but it did....

Image: liska.jpg   420x429 34661 bytes 2001.12.05

This is Liska. She's a vampire of the clan gangrel that frenzied a little too much, she came out more furrie than i meant her to.\r\n\r\nI relate to her, a lot. Read her story at: \r\n\r\n

Image: MetalAngelRough.jpg   617x245 11525 bytes 2001.10.22

this is VERY VERY rough. Its a tattoo i did for my team leader at work, it goes across her shoulder blades. the colours may be done differnetly in the end peice and the lines cleaned up alittle but this is a sneeky preveiw of Metal Angel

Image: mrow.jpg   175x234 8057 bytes 2001.10.22

Its just a Kitty, sposed to be me in kitty form, its rough, but i cant colour it without ruining it. Im gonna try and do a better pic soon.

Image: NaokoAngels.jpg   580x353 20135 bytes 2001.11.12

This is a pic i did for Lady Naoko cos she did one of me, i cant seem to draw me, the ozzy osbourne kitty...(so i get told) but im trying!!..really i am... I was listening to chop suey (the lyrics you see) when i got the idea for a this pic, i had draphted a differnt one at work in biro but it wasnt very good, this one seemed to hold a lot more emotion about how me personally is feeling right not sure about naoko...but im sure shes fealt this way..we all have. Naoko is copyright claire.

Image: NaokoGrave.jpg   516x998 61762 bytes 2001.12.09

THe words are not the epitaph, i dont want any mails saying that the epitaph is on the wrong side of the grave. they are just there, maybe music in the background.\r\n\r\nThis is done for a dear friend, she wants art trades, LADY NAOKO, mail herr, get a trade done shes a damn better artist than me. \r\n\r\nIt was sposed to be a happy scene, but this song came on and it turned into this, im sorry claire but i just cant seem to draw happy at the moment, i know you had a greater loss than i have, and techincally i havent lost because its just lonelyness while im apart. \r\n\r\ni hope you like it.\r\n\r\nthe snog is by a band called "lelio Rising" download their songs at one of the singers "silk" is a dear friend of mine. \r\n\r\n Music, Lyrics Copyright 2001 Gordon Kidd \r\n\r\nThe Lilacs\r\n\r\nAnd the lilacs are scenting \r\nAnd I am sent low \r\nWe went down to the river \r\nWhere you wanted to go \r\nHe said never forget this \r\nBut memories fade \r\nAnd the warmth and the safety \r\nAre just traps that we make \r\n\r\nHow damn lonely do I have to be \r\nWhy does losing all I had not move me? \r\n\r\nAnd the boats they are burning \r\nSo never again \r\nAnd the summer has bought you \r\nAll the money and the friends \r\nBut to those who are outside \r\nThe myriad ways \r\nTo stave off the torture \r\nThat Lilacs they send \r\n\r\nHow damn lonely do I have to be \r\nWhy does losing all I had not move me? \r\n\r\nAnd the Lilacs are scenting \r\nAnd I am sent low\r\n\r\nPicture Copyright Samantha Keighely 2001\r\nNaoko Copyright Claire Walters 2001\r\nMusic, Lyrics Copyright 2001 Gordon Kidd

Image: naokotyger.jpg   720x383 17280 bytes 2001.12.09

i kindah like and dont like this pic, so im gonna draw another one, to go with the lyrics of the lelio rising song im listening to. \r\n\r\nnaoko on the left, weird bumps on her head is hre bangs, i am on the right, theres my huge fluffy tail.\r\n\r\n

Image: ScottFox.jpg   516x998 41287 bytes 2001.12.05

this is my bestest friend scott (theres a pic lower of him) done by hand in paint.\r\n\r\nOOOOH LOOK THE COAT IS LONG ENOUGH NOW!!\r\n\r\n

Image: scottsami.jpg   299x423 16120 bytes 2001.12.09

I dont like this one. Its me and my freind scott when he hugged me as i cried. I couldnt do huggin bodies so i did some kind of cover. Things wrong? His heads too big, mine too small, i told you i cant draw myself.\r\n\r\nHATE IT!!!\r\n\r\nbut let you make your own decision.

Image: sisterbymyside.jpg   608x324 27036 bytes 2001.12.09

She walks by the light of the moon \r\nAnd I, I am inbetween \r\nBy her sigh the ocean comes and it goes \r\nBut I cant believe \r\nIm not in love and I never will be \r\nShe's just \r\nA sister by my side \r\nWe walk the moors and we shoot all the stars at dawn \r\nI never thought Id find \r\nWhen the days \r\nWhen the days come running \r\n\r\nCHORUS: \r\nSo deep the night \r\nHer mind like thunder \r\nRolling under \r\nCaught in the fight \r\nThe reason leaves her \r\nNo one can reach her \r\n\r\nStorms catch the tide \r\nHer thoughts the undertow \r\nThe moon is burning so... \r\nStigmata inside... \r\n\r\nShe walks bound to the terror below \r\nAnd I, I am inbetween \r\nOn her arms the scars that harm \r\nBut I, I can't believe \r\nShes not in love and she never will be..I'm just \r\nThe friend shell never find \r\nWe walk the shore and her eyes to the stars as they fall \r\nIve never known her kind \r\nWhen the days \r\nWhen the days come running \r\n\r\nChorus: \r\n\r\nM8: \r\nStrange how time can play tricks with your point of view \r\nI was blind, was 17 \r\nStill behind, Im fast asleep \r\nBlame the tangle in my mind, as it replays What will never be ... \r\nNever be mine. \r\n\r\nWhen the days \r\nWhen the days come running... \r\n\r\n(chorus to end) \r\n\r\nThis is a pic for LADY NAOKO. This is Naoko watching a sunet, its the kindah replacement for the one below. I stole (he he) this style off naoko, im sure she wonr mind, the lyrics of the song remind me of her.\r\n Lyrics (C) G Kidd 2000

Image: Suicide.jpg   454x353 25344 bytes 2001.11.12

I'm sorry if this offends...its how i feel.\r\n\r\nYes look TygerKittyn (dats me) i know you cant see my face..cos i dont want you to see the pain.

Image: the_platypus.jpg   521x407 21571 bytes 2002.01.24

this is...the platypus...esp for lady naoko......grrruff!!

Image: The_Ritz.jpg   477x530 45266 bytes 2001.12.18

I wasnt gonna up load this one. Its not really furrie. It is Shire and Alex from a X men RP I was in. ALex is Shire's BF and knight. Shire a misunderstud foxie mutent who can fly.\r\n\r\nStrange I know.\r\n\r\nThis was a scene me and Alex's player played, where she had come into some money by ileagle matters and paid for a room in the ritz for them, they were chatting on the balcony getting to know each other properly.

Image: tygerdistrust.jpg   371x292 16908 bytes 2001.12.11

FINALLY! i did a piccy of ME! LADY NAOKO (who is still wanting art trades *shameless plug*) has been drawing me for me, but this is how i want my colour scheme sorta thing, scruffy stray no one wants. very distrusting. \r\n\r\n\r\n***TRUST NO ONE***

Image: unfinished.jpg   370x529 25354 bytes 2001.10.22

This is a laughing lioness. dont ask. I might colour this in im unsure.

Image: wolfBlackOrchid.jpg   409x440 21913 bytes 2001.12.18

This is Candice. My friend. I asked her what animal, she answered wolf, now this is my first attempt at a wolf, shes looking over her sholder her back to you...its crap i know.

Image: Yiffle.jpg   234x388 12214 bytes 2001.10.22

This is my interpritation of a friend of mine called scott. He is a foxy. although he complained the coat was too short (i said it looked like a dress) he likes it so it goes here, again i tried to colour it but it looked crapper then it is.

Image: yiffyippainted.jpg   715x442 42773 bytes 2002.03.09

i treid to clean it up with paint its still a lil shoddy, ok the story behind the pic - i was talking to scottyfox and i meantioned i was a happy bunny kitty, he asked what one was, i said a kitty in a bunny outfit, this is how he said he would react to seeing me in this outfit... damn i love him!!

Image: ziggy.jpg   281x237 8249 bytes 2001.10.22

This is Ziggy. A young draggon geneticly engineered in the Negaverse labs. He belongs to Quartz. One of my characters in my Sailor Moon rp that Lady Naoko runs.

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