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Image: RecentlyDrawn11.JPG   375x764 45302 bytes 2009.01.23

Open Canvas reborn

Just finished drawing this in Open Canvas 1.1 in a network session. My only coloration since my earlier uploads (should be about 4 in total). I am quite happy with the simplicity how it turned out. Also My first true attempt at inking. The edges seem to be a bit jaggy.

Tags: Wolf Fox Folf Clothes  
Image: DraculColorFin.JPG   564x800 87161 bytes 2005.09.26

A colorisation I did for one i met inside an irc channel. Its alitte old but I still like the left shoe <3 :P\r\nI still like it at all.

Image: Scimitars.jpg   728x876 125639 bytes 2005.03.18

A wolf fox (maybe me? o,o) with 2 scimitars, posing.\r\n\r\nFinally after a long time, I got something done again ... weeeh\r\n\r\nEnjoy

Image: Mage.jpg   605x946 128070 bytes 2005.01.15

Mage Warrior. Upper part is good, beneath his weapon his body is already transforming to evil.

Image: circleoflife_Kopie.jpg   773x768 222736 bytes 2005.01.15

Trying to escape the circle of life...follow your dreams...follow and you'll see...

Image: Married.jpg   1024x668 153465 bytes 2004.11.03

Well, what should I say. The title erm, I had in mind the picture of 3 anthros, 2 seen as married and the other one (right side) normal clothes, but I was scared to mess it up, so...yes here it is, w/o clothes o.o Nevermind -.-\r\n\r\nThis picture came into my mind with no reason, during a happy day...I have no idea, why I thought bout it, but now...erm I kinda feel like the middle one right now -.-

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