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Image: Firecaller-Watermarked.jpg   619x800 110999 bytes 2010.09.30

The Flamecaller

I feel accomplished. This is the first REAL piece of personal art that I've completed in a long time. Most of the things I've been working on for fun have been sitting in my sketchbook unfinished.\r\n\r\nAnyways, random black lion girl. I've tried a few new techniques for her. Some I like... some not so much.

Image: DeanConcept-watermarked.jpg   800x619 98893 bytes 2010.08.10

Dean - Character Concept

Character concept art of Dean, who you've seen before in a previous picture with Nareheda, my crime lord character.\r\n\r\nWhile Nareheda is more based on the 1930s New York City Mafia, Dean is more Yakuza based. He uses guns, swords, martial arts. Needless to say that he's a highly trained killer as opposed to a street thug like most stereotypical gang members.\r\n\r\nHe serves as Nareheda's personal bodyguard.\r\nThey have a "complicated" relationship. They are physically intimate and Dean truly loves her, but she sees him as little more then a "Cabana boy".\r\n\r\nOn a random side note... he usually dresses nice, in a suit but he takes his shirt off for sword-fights.\r\n\r\nHe will be featured in a short comic that I'm planning on doing eventually.\r\nMore info on him when his character sheet comes out.

Image: Cover1_copy.jpg   652x850 211949 bytes 2010.08.06

The Obscure Animal Alphabet - Cover Art

The cover art for the obscure animal alphabet! \r\n\r\nYep. It's on sale now! Click the more info link for purchase information.

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Image: V-watermarked.jpg   619x800 162019 bytes 2010.08.01

Obscure Animal Alphabet - V

The final page of the alphabet book that will be made public before the release of the book. The book will be avalable for purchase within the next few weeks. \r\n\r\nLater tonight I will be opening up for "Artist Edition" preorders, which will include a signed copy of the book and an original pencil sketch or one of the pictures used in the book. Watch my DeviantArt or FurAffinity journals for details!

Image: ReeseJump-watermarked.jpg   619x800 115921 bytes 2010.07.30

Into the Fray

Test pic. Testing the waters, trying to get used to the new laptop.\r\n\r\nConsidering I had to battle against both a totally new computer setup and a badly bruised hand, I think it turned out okay.

Image: TheranMafia-watermarked.jpg   619x800 151053 bytes 2010.07.25

The Theran Mafia

A little teaser from a short comic I've been wanting to do. It stars Andromeda and the crime lord Nareheda. So yeah... those of you who wanted to see Andromeda will get your chance. I'm not going to make any promises on when you'll see anything from it since I'm busy with other projects and it's still at the writing stage.\r\n\r\nNareheda is a marble fox, not a border collie. She's pretty much the queen of the underworld on Ulrimare... think of her as a female version of the Godfather.\r\n\r\nThis picture also gives a sneak peek look at a new character. A yakuza inspired dragon that serves as Nareheda's personal bodyguard. He's still unnamed, and this is a first pass drawing of him so the character design will probably change.

Image: Ciraxis-Concept-watermarked.jpg   619x800 136929 bytes 2010.07.12

Ciraxis - Character Concept

I finally got this guy out on paper. He's one of several characters that I've had in my head since the beginning of the year, but haven't found time to put on paper.\r\n\r\nCiraxis is Spartan based. He wields Spartan weapons and wears Spartan-like armor. As much as I love the movie 300, his gear is going to be a little more like historical Spartan armor then the "barely there" armor that was featured in that movie.\r\n\r\nSpecial thanks to the creators of "Deadliest Warrior", for giving my references to go by for this character. \r\n\r\nArmor not shown in this picture because I wanted to show his markings. I also think his shield is a bit small to be Spartan-like... I'll have to fix that in his character sheet.

Image: K-watermarked.jpg   619x800 125705 bytes 2010.07.02

Obscure Animal Alphabet - K

I said that that I'd be publicly posting another page of the obscure animal alphabet book project publicly somewhere near the middle of the alphabet. Guess what... I'm nearing in on the middle!

Image: MoarCowbell-Watermarked.jpg   619x800 137141 bytes 2010.06.15

Obscure Animal Alphabet - A

This is the first picture in my Obscure Animal Alphabet project. The idea behind the project was making an animal alphabet book like those that you give to children, but instead of using common animals like "B is for bear", "W is for wolf" and "Z is for Zebra" I'm using animals that most people don't know much about.\r\n\r\nI am challenging myself to not only draw animals that aren't very common, even in the furry world but also to incorperate different parts of the people and places that each animal lives into each picture. \r\n\r\nThis will be a side project, so it may take me a while to finish... but I hope to have the book available by next year's convention circuit. I will only be publicly releasing 2-3 more pages of this book as I work on it. The rest will be available from the book alone.\r\n

Image: MoonGryphon-watermarked.jpg   800x619 168733 bytes 2010.06.11

Gryphon of the Moon

The counterpart to the sun gryphon I did earlier this week. I picture the moon gryphon to be a bit more feminine.\r\n\r\nI had a bit of trouble with the colors on her, because she has to look nice when put next to the sun gryphon. If I wasn't restricted by that, her colors would be totally different. More "alien".\r\n\r\nThe two prints will be sold in a pair, but are also available individually. \r\n

Image: SunGryphon-watermarked.jpg   800x619 177755 bytes 2010.06.08

Gryphon of the Sun

Those of you at What the Fur may have saw me working on this guy. I drew him between commissions on Sunday. :)\r\n\r\nHe will eventually have a "moon gryphon" counterpart, which I'll sell as a duo along with this print.

Image: Observer-watermarked.jpg   800x619 122085 bytes 2010.05.25

Ight'tia'ak - Species Concept

Ight'tia'ak... also known as "Observers" are creatures created by the leftover energy of the big bang and are as old as the universe itself. They know all the secrets of the universe, and of creation.\r\n\r\nThey can travel through space by disintegrating their bodies into an ethereal energy that resembles a tiny nebula and zip through space, but they can also create wormholes for even quicker travel. \r\n\r\nThey can exist anyplace in the universe, but since the universe is such a large place, seeing one is beyond rare... but they have a tendancy to show up at times of great destruction or great triumph.\r\n\r\nThis will be an open species, meaning that anybody will be able to create one once I create the official species sheet for them.

Image: MooseGal-watermarked.jpg   619x800 156887 bytes 2010.05.22

WTF 2010 Exclusive

This picture is done exclusively for "What the Fur?" 2010... meaning that prints of this picture will ONLY be available at that convention. Also, the prints will be very limited. About 5 or so will be available and no more prints of this picture will be made afterwards.\r\n\r\nI wanted to do a picture to somewhat represent Canada, since WTF is held in Montreal. I chose a moose girl because I think moose are cute critters and aren't represented nearly enough in the fandom.\r\n\r\nI'm not normally a fan of Jeremy Bernal, but I've wanted to draw one ever since I've seen a picture of his moose gal.\r\n\r\nI was very tempted to give her wings so she could be like the winged moose that I see on the mudflaps of some trucks that Canadian truckers drive. \r\n

Image: Quakersona-watermarked.jpg   619x800 151536 bytes 2010.05.11

Ardira - Character Concept

This is probably the last bit of art that I do before mah vacation.\r\n\r\nThis one was done relatively quick - about an hour and a half from start to finish. But it was more meant to get the character down on paper rather then be a masterpiece.\r\n\r\nConcept art for a new alternate fursona. She's a quaker parrot (AKA monk parakeet) with some cyberpunk elements. I won't give much info abut her now. That will have to wait until I get a more "finalized" design of this character.\r\n

Image: TaiAnn-Pinup-watermarked.jpg   619x800 143040 bytes 2010.05.04

Faith Healer

More work to be sold at What the Fur in June.\r\n\r\nTai'ann, my jayfox character conjures up holy energy in her hand.

Image: BlueMagik-watermarked.jpg   619x800 138004 bytes 2010.05.01

Blue Magik

Inspired by the model sheet of my quakergryph character that I did yesterday.\r\n\r\nI've been saying for quite some time that most avians aren't very well represented in the furry fandom... and quaker parrots are my favorite birds, so i decided to try my hand at an anthro quaker.\r\n\r\nFor the most part, I'm not a fan of the various color mutations of the quaker parrot... I prefer the classic green. Blue quakers are pretty, though. So I decided to make her a blue quaker.\r\n\r\nAfter finishing her, I'm pretty sure that someone will not read the description and call her a budgie. Which is understandable since even I think she looks a little bit like a blue budgie. \r\n\r\nAnyways... she was done for "What The Fur?" in June. Prints of her... as well as the original... will be for sale at the con.

Image: QuaggaGal-watermarked.jpg   800x619 115200 bytes 2010.04.26

Quagga Gal

Trying to finish up a few pictures for an upcoming convention.\r\n\r\nShe may look like a zorse or a zonkey, but she's actually a Quagga. One of my favorite extinct animals. \r\nThe quagga was a subspecies of the common plains zebra that was once very abundant in certain areas of Africa. Hunting wiped out this species and the last quagga died in a zoo in 1883.\r\n\r\nThere's a group that is trying to bring back the quagga through DNA breeding. I doubt they will succeed, but I really hope they do!\r\n\r\nLike Anailaigh of FurAffinity said when I submitted the line art... Quaggas need more love!\r\n\r\nShe'll be for sale at What the Fur in June!

Image: RikkaLeap-watermarked.jpg   619x800 136377 bytes 2010.04.18

Leap of Faith

The title has no relevance other then the fact that I've been wanting to re-watch all the Indiana Jones movies.\r\n\r\nAnyways, when I was doing the commission of the grizzly bear tattoo a while back, the client who commissioned them asked me to do three sketches based on some pictures of Wolverine that he sent me so that he could choose a pose from the three.\r\n\r\nWhile two of the poses were not chosen, I liked them anyways. So I decided to take the unused poses and use them for some personal art.\r\n\r\nThis is the first of the two.\r\nMy raptor character, Rikka prepares to gash a hole into somebody. \r\n\r\nI've been in the mood for drawing dinos lately. \r\nTree brushes from ~nyaubaby\r\nOther textures from

Image: Banner_Small1.jpg   1500x849 265223 bytes 2010.03.28

Mah Convention Banner

I've been working on this for some time now. It's my banner that is going to be at my table for conventions and what not. \r\n\r\nIt's finally done and off to the print shop!\r\nIt's shown quite small here... but you get the idea of what it's gonna look like!\r\n\r\nCloud textures by

Image: Jupiter-watermarked.jpg   619x800 150246 bytes 2010.03.25


I've been wanting to work on the sci-fi part of my fictional universe, but since I've got a convention coming up, I need to do some more furry art as well. \r\n\r\nThis little lady was originally meant to be part of a series of dragon anthros based on planets. However, I may scrap this idea and do a series of my fursonas in corsets instead. I haven't decided, yet. I'd like to do both series, but since the convention is in two months and I need to order prints beforehand, time may not allow that.\r\n\r\nYes, I know there isn't really a purple nebula around Jupiter... but the space surrounding our solar system is too boring. \r\n\r\nThis was colored live on livestream. Click on more info for the recording!

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Image: TheSwarm-watermarked.jpg   805x619 117719 bytes 2010.03.02

Denizen of the Swarm

Concept art for my J'morenth species.\r\n\r\nI've been wanting to get some of my more obscure alien species down onto paper. In particular, the native species of Urtin-Dyn as that planet has some of the more unique looking species in my universe.\r\n\r\nFunky head crest inspired by the Xenomorph queen of the alien movies.

Image: Spikecrest-Sersol-watermarked.jpg   800x619 141962 bytes 2010.02.14

Spikecrest Sersol - Species Concept

Some of you saw me working on this one on LiveStream earlier.\r\n\r\nI've had the idea for this species swimming around in my head since September, but it wasn't until someone suggested that they wanted to see me work on a scaled dragon and another suggesting that they wanted to see me working on wings on livestream that I found an excuse to get these guys down on paper.

Image: Tsyala-ShianXou-watermarked.jpg   619x800 123858 bytes 2010.02.10

T'syala & Shian-Xou

Just in time for Valentine's day! \r\n\r\nT'syala again! You guys saw her in a few pictures already, but this time she's with her mate, Shian-Xou.\r\n\r\nShian was born completely blind, but his magik allows him to "see" in a way. (Think DareDevil) He always wears the blindfold so that others won't stare at his eyes.\r\n\r\nThis picture was mainly to get Shian-Xou down on paper... but I admit that I should have spent more time on it then I did. Regardless... I do like it. It's okay for what it is. \r\n\r\nI'm hoping to get a character sheet of Xian up by the end of next week.

Image: HelloThere-watermarked.jpg   800x619 114115 bytes 2010.02.01

Hello to You!

Image: IceGryph-watermarked.jpg   800x619 133614 bytes 2010.01.28

Bewitching Blizzard

A quickie that I did today because I felt like drawing something gryphon-ey.\r\n\r\nThis gal is a combination of Grey Fox and Eurasian Sparrowhawk. Two species that have similar coloring and markings. She was originally going to have Arctic Sunrise Fox colorings, but I thought that a white character that controls ice is way too cliche so I opted for something more natural.\r\n\r\nThe idea of her being an ice mage stemmed from the last picture I did. In the description on dA I talked about Theran mages who practice a secondary school of magic. In this case, the primary elements air and water combine to form ice. I wanted to try out another seconday element spellcaster.\r\n

Image: BattleMageGryphon-watermarked.jpg   619x800 155919 bytes 2010.01.26

Unnamed Gryphon - Concept Art

For my “Name that Gryphon” contest.\r\n\r\nThis pretty lady needs a name. All the details of the contest here:\r\n\r\nIf you are planning on entering the contest, I’ll give you a little info about the character that may help you with the naming process.

Image: Ran-Qui-Evening-watermarked.jpg   619x800 109554 bytes 2010.01.14

Silk and Sabers

For Furboz's "Miss Furry 2010 contest.\r\nI usually don't go for contests... but it's been a long time since I've done one and it sounded fun.\r\n\r\nRan-Qui... my resident Jedi Vixen character in evening wear. Maybe she's infiltrating a black tie affair on Coruscant. \r\n\r\nBleh. I'm not a fan of full body pictures unless they're character sheets... because I can't fit as many details as I can on half body pictures.

Image: AC-Cover-Watermarked.jpg   619x807 137280 bytes 2010.01.04

Astral Chimera 2009 - Cover

The cover for my 2009 art book! \r\nNOW AVAILABLE! It can be purchased here:\r\n\r\nThat's Chimera as in a creature that's a mix of other creatures (like a gryphon)... not a Chimera like the lion/dragon/goat beast that the name is often associated with. \r\n\r\nAndromeda is the cover girl for this year's art book because she's my latest fursona... and when I first introduced her, people responded favorably towards her.

Image: Marilyn-Pg5-watermarked.jpg   619x800 164166 bytes 2010.01.04

Marilyn - Pg 5

Page 5 of a 7 page TF comic commission.

Image: Earthshaper-watermarked.jpg   619x800 131940 bytes 2010.01.02

The Earthshaper

Back from a short art hiatus.\r\n\r\nI decided to do a little personal art while waiting for a few clients to get back to me about sketches.\r\n\r\nA random theran earth mage (geomancer).

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