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Image: iguana.jpg   774x619 116452 bytes 2007.09.05

I Is for Iguana

This was a project done for my Photoshop class where we were given a random letter of the alphabet as well as three objects beginning with that letter to be put into an illustration.\r\n\r\nThe letter that I had to illustrate was "I", obviously. And my three objects that needed to be included were Iguana, Imp, and Ice. I also squeezed a few more objects that begin with I just for good measure. I doubt anyone would be able to find them all... but anyone who does will get a cookie. \r\n\r\nI've decided to name the Iguana "Zeke"... because he looks like a Zeke to me. \r\n

Image: one.jpg   619x800 177757 bytes 2007.08.22

One With Nature

My mixed feline character, Sylvan. After I made her character sheet several people have contacting me requesting to see more of this character... So I'm giving the people what they want. \r\n\r\nMore experamenting with hard and soft shading.\r\n

Image: fedoraspwn.jpg   619x800 128095 bytes 2007.08.17

Fedoras Pwn Joo!!!

Yes they do! Gryphon here is rarely ever seen without her fedora. The title for this pic comes from one of my many trademark phrases on MxO. Myself and Viper, one of my best friends in the game, are always arguing over which is better... Fedoras or Bandanas. \r\n\r\nGryphon is my Matrix Online Character. I haven't drawn a nice picture of her in over a year so I figured it was about time to do an updated one. I do have a little bit of a back story for her, but I don't want to bore anyone here. \r\n\r\nFedoras just seem to fit her... since in the game her clothing is usually reminiscant of a 1930s mafia.

Image: lucien-cape.jpg   618x802 170380 bytes 2007.08.06


Pic 3 for my "Beefcake" series. Technically this was supposed to be the 4th picture in the series, but I didn't like the lineart for the third enough to color it so I decided to take a break from that one before I redid the line art to do another one.\r\n\r\nThis is Lucien, my unicorn paladin character, Champion of the Goddess, Ihlosi. I haven't drawn him in years... but have been wanting to for some time. Lucien isn't a peaceful, serene unicorn like in many legends... he's more of a powerful, noble creature because lets face it... the wrath of a god SHOULD be scary.\r\n\r\nI had fun making this picture, particularly the little folds of the cloak. That's something I felt that I really needed practice with.

Image: ulariopixelid.jpg   441x670 114218 bytes 2007.08.03

Ulario Jumps on the Bandwagon

I've seen many people on DeviantArt doing these, and I decided that I wanted one too. \r\n\r\nIt came out okay considering the fact that I HAD NO FLIPPIN' CLUE HOW TO MAKE PIXEL ART... and as a matter of fact, I still don't. \r\n\r\nThe full bodied pixel image of Ulario was done in MS paint, primarily but I did do a few touch ups with the shading in Photoshop to make it look prettier. The background pictures are ones that I had previously made.

Image: mavstaff.jpg   618x800 193328 bytes 2007.07.28


I really don't have much to say about the actual picture, because it's basically meant to be practice drawing a new character but I am happy that I finally made an anthro character that uses a three sectioned staff as it is probably my favorite weapon. It is amazing to watch someone using one properly... though most of the time when there is one in a movie it is not used properly. The only movie that I can think of that correctly uses one is Jet Li's Fearless (excellent movie, BTW).

Image: rawr.jpg   617x800 155885 bytes 2007.07.25

Kjata goes RAWR!!!

I've been coloring this picture off and on for the past few days, and quite frankly... I'm pretty happy with the coloring (I don't normally say that ). I think the head and torso in particular turned out well... and I tried a new coloring technique with the details on the jewelry, which I kinda like too!\r\n\r\nDon't be fooled by this picture. The 7 feet and nearly 800 pounds of dragon may look scary here... but Kjata is really a gentle giant at heart. In fact, he's most likely just trying to scare somebody... if he really wanted to kill someone he'd most likely charge at them with his axe (which is almost as big as he is).\r\n

Image: standmyground.jpg   619x800 146458 bytes 2007.07.14

I Stand My Ground!

I've been trying to get out of my art block slump lately. \r\n\r\nI've still been in the mood to draw dragons lately, but I've decided to change things up by drawing a gryphon since they are probably my favorite subject matter. I don't care how many birds I've drawn before... feathers are a pain in the butt. \r\n\r\nTudyk, my Phoenix/Tiger gryphon character. Sometimes traditional lion gryphs just aren't colorful enough for me. \r\n\r\n

Image: reddragon.jpg   800x619 125644 bytes 2007.07.03

Red Terra Dragon

I've been holding a coloring contest over on DeviantArt... and I've decided to color my contest line art as an example. :)

Image: celestialphoenix.jpg   800x619 70299 bytes 2007.06.28

Phoenix Nebula

I wanted to try something different with my space scapes, so I experamented with merging my illustration art and space art together. It was originally meant to be a Chinese Celestial Dragon, but it looks better as a phoenix I think.\r\n\r\nAnd on another note... X-Men... there I said it, so nobody else has to. :p I didn't even think of that until after the picture was finished.\r\n

Image: desertsun.jpg   800x619 140629 bytes 2007.06.26

Desert Sun

I've been coloring this picture almost nonstop for a good chunk of the day so now I'm tired. \r\n\r\nAnyways, since I've been drawing my Theran species I've decided to draw Theran terra dragon, which are more or less based on the euro-mythology dragons. This really isn't a typical terra dragon because she has a few rare mutations (the circlet of horns around the eyes as well as the folds of skin that resemble scales located just below the head). :p\r\n\r\nAnd yes, this dragon is female. Why? She just looked like one to me.

Image: theelder.jpg   800x617 136113 bytes 2007.06.12

Theran Spirit Dragon Elder

Anyways, since I've been doing concept art for my alien species, I thought that it would be a good idea to draw some pictures of my Theran species as well. This critter in particular is a Drakken'Re (AKA Theran Spirit Dragon). The fully developed plates on the neck and arms mark this one as an older dragon, which is where the title comes from. Full description of this species can be found under more info.

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Image: eyeofstorm.jpg   800x619 122915 bytes 2007.06.06

Eye of the Storm

I wanted to do something besides the concept art I've been doing lately. There are a lot of killdeer around my house this time of year. Those birds have such neat markings that I couldn't help but try and make a killdeer gryphon. He was originally going to have ocelot-like markings on his hindquarters but it looked too crowded so I stuck with the killdeer markings throughout his feline half.\r\n\r\nOn another note... making grasslands is fun. \r\n

Image: beastmaster.jpg   617x800 128893 bytes 2007.05.31

The Beastmaster

More quick concept art of my secondary characters. Nothing too special\r\n\r\nLiah is a amember of the Blackmane order, a select society of beastmasters that weild shock sticks. In the past few years, she has offered her service to the military. She is always accompanied by her pet Takasaj, Inari.

Image: princeofgryphons.jpg   619x800 124660 bytes 2007.05.19

Prince of Gryphons

I figured it was time to draw my character, Tetra, since I haven't drawn him in a while. The gryphon behind him is Alesto, my Kestrel gryphon character.\r\n

Image: inari-design.jpg   800x619 126660 bytes 2007.05.08

Takasaj - Species Design

This one took me longer to finish then I planned it to. I have been "out of commission" the last few days because I've had a horrible stomach ache ever since I drank a Latte from McDonalds the other day. \r\n\r\nThis is the final design for a new alien animal species. This one in particular's name is "Inari", and he's the pet of one of my human-ish characters.\r\n

Image: forestgryphon.jpg   801x619 157646 bytes 2007.05.02

Forest Guardian

I love barn owls (even though my BF thinks they look like aliens)... so of course barn owl gryphons would just rock my socks. \r\n\r\nI haven't drawn this character in a few years and thought she needed a new look.\r\n

Image: ravensandleather.jpg   619x800 140483 bytes 2007.05.01

Ravens and Leather

This one took me forever to color.

Image: feuer-running.jpg   800x617 100353 bytes 2007.04.26

Fire God

Feuer needed an updated look. :)

Image: xuanjin-swordsman.jpg   619x801 154562 bytes 2007.03.05

Xuan-Jin Master Swordsman

I've decided to revisit some of my older characters because I feel that several of them desperately need a new, updated look.\r\n\r\nXuan-Jin is my anthro dragon character whom I've based off of balinesian sculptures. It's been several years since I've drawn him, and he used to be one of my favorites to draw so I decided that he should be the first to update.

Image: dragonrider.jpg   619x800 93546 bytes 2007.02.18

Dragonrider - Final

A female dragon rider with her dragon.\r\n\r\nSemi-inspired by the movie Eragon... even though I didn't like the move and thought that they ended it like they simply ran out of money (but I would like to read the book since I've heard it's really good). Since this dragon isn't a leathery-skinned Theran dragon (from my writings) it was kinda my chance to go nuts with the coloring. It was fun.\r\n\r\nImage 2007 Traci Vermeesch\r\nPlease do not copy, repost, alter, etc without the artist's consent!

Image: gideon-sword.jpg   619x800 97417 bytes 2007.02.15


Gideon with his sword - final version. About 20 layers and 5 hours of coloring. I had fun coloring the small details in the bracelets and sheath. :)\r\n\r\nTree brushes used in the background from . Celtic knots in the clothing were also stock, but I couldn't find the artist to credit them to.

Image: tudykhead-final.jpg   608x754 83917 bytes 2007.01.30

Head concept for Tudyk the phoenix/tiger gryphon. I will probably end up doing a full body concept drawing of him as well.\r\n\r\nHe's named after Alan Tudyk, the actor who played Hoben "Wash" Washburne in firefly/serenity. (Yeah, I'm kinda cheesy like that )

Tags: tudyk gryphon griffin griffon griphen  
Image: ulario-xmas06.jpg   619x800 160782 bytes 2006.12.20

Happy Holidays 2006

Happy Holidays to you no matter which one you celebrate.\r\n\r\n(Dragon brushes used for the dress from

Tags: ulario zemothe gryphon griffin griffon  
Image: nathaniel.jpg   800x619 187421 bytes 2006.12.05


Another war angel.\r\n\r\nNathanial, the angel of fire in Christian writings. I thought that giving the lord of fire phoenix wings and tail would be appropriate. Yep, this angel has a tail... though it was a pain in the butt to color.\r\n

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Image: sariel.jpg   800x619 180388 bytes 2006.11.18

I've always enjoyed drawing some of the angels mentioned in Christian writings. I've never liked the image of fru-fru angels with white wings and glittery robes so I like to make mine earthy looking. Also, I prefer to draw the lesser known angels. I've also liked the legend that angels are male and female by name alone... so I like to make mine look a little bit androgenous.\r\n\r\nThis picture was originally drawn as a possible project for my advanced painting class so there may be a real media version of this in the works later.\r\n\r\nSariel - Angel of guidance, one of the seven archangels. He is responsible for dealing with the angels that turn against God.\r\n

Image: taiann-dusk.jpg   619x800 147702 bytes 2006.11.17

Drawing for one of my RL friends after he requested that I draw a fox. I chose to draw my jayfox character, Tai'Ann for this because people seem to like her (plus my friend's fursona is blue too).

Image: lookingdown.jpg   619x800 109722 bytes 2006.11.07

Extreme perspective is a relatively new concept to me... and to be quite frank... it's a pain in the butt. But at the same time it's something I feel like I need to learn.\r\n\r\nKjata, my silver dragon character looks down on the world.\r\n\r\n

Image: halloween06.jpg   800x669 254084 bytes 2006.11.02

Every year on Halloween I try to do a picture of some of my characters in costume. This year I wasn't able to do a nice full colored picture. Between illustrating a children's book, being sick, and my grandma being in the hospital I simply didn't have the time. However, I was able to whip up this sketch this morning. It's not much... but at least it's something.

Image: spoiled.jpg   800x619 144479 bytes 2006.10.24

Doing a little furry art in the middle of my sci-fi kick. :p

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