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Image: ForestRitual-watermarked.jpg   800x619 141819 bytes 2010.11.04

Ritual of the Forest Lord

Personal pic done for fun while waiting for a few clients to getback to me about their commissioned pics. \r\n\r\nForestmute is one of the five gryphon lords in the religion of the land the main bulk of my stories take place in. He is a supernatural being, but he is not a god. Think of him more as a kami, or spirit like those found in the Shinto religion... or if you'd be more familiar with a pop culture reference, think of him as a gryphonic version of the forest spirit from the movie Princess Mononoke.\r\nHis true form is actually pure energy, but he manifests himself into the gryphon form shown in the picture to interact with mortals.\r\n\r\nHe serves all the nine gods of Thera, but is most closely tied to Iris, the goddess of nature.

Image: Friza-watermarked.jpg   800x618 147762 bytes 2009.09.12

Friza - EAX Adoption

Finishing up the art that I owe other people...\r\nnow I'll be taking things a little slower.\r\n\r\nAdoption for Friza via the Equine Art Xchange since the person who had her last month apparently bailed out on her. :/\r\n\r\nI love ]drawing pin-ups.

Image: frogtree.jpg   610x800 87582 bytes 2005.08.17

New character... though I haven't thought of a name for him, yet. \r\n\r\nHe's a dart frog... (to be more specific, his species name is "dyeing poison dart frog"), and as you can tell by the picture, he's a happy frog.\r\n\r\nCharacter is the intellectual property of Traci Vermeesch\r\nDO NOT REDISTRIBUTE WITHOT PERMISSION!!!

Image: gabriel-watercolor.jpg   1136x478 124283 bytes 2005.12.16

One of my projects for my advanced watercolor class this semester. I wanted to paint an angel, but I didn't want to make a fru-fru angel with fluffy white wings, so I chose Gabriel, the angel of Death. \r\n\r\nWatercolor paints outlined with Micron pens.

Image: gale-divine.jpg   619x800 119643 bytes 2003.09.13

"His Divine Presence" - A revamp of Gale, the chief god in my comic book.

Image: GargoyleDragon-Watermarked.jpg   619x800 120050 bytes 2010.10.30

Keeper of the Dead Forest

This little gargoyle dragon started out very... uninspired.\r\nI didn't feel like working on commissions, so I tried to procrastinate but had a severe art block. After some sketching, I came up with this little guy.\r\n\r\nI thought he was kind of cute, so I colored him. I'm glad that I did. \r\n\r\nHappy Halloween!\r\n\r\n

Image: gideon-and-horse.jpg   612x800 99575 bytes 2003.11.06

Gideon Rayne with a horse.

Image: gideon-and-schnell.jpg   614x753 99282 bytes 2003.09.13

Gideon Rayne (AKA Raindance) rides Schnell, his Mialek.\r\n

Image: gideon-sword.jpg   619x800 97417 bytes 2007.02.15


Gideon with his sword - final version. About 20 layers and 5 hours of coloring. I had fun coloring the small details in the bracelets and sheath. :)\r\n\r\nTree brushes used in the background from . Celtic knots in the clothing were also stock, but I couldn't find the artist to credit them to.

Image: Gilded-Watermarked.jpg   800x619 144461 bytes 2011.01.21


This feels like it's the first real piece of personal art I've done in a while. I've been wanting to incorporate a wider variety of subject matter into my personal art so I will have a broader range of things for my professional portfolio and art shows rather then having nothing but anthros. \r\n\r\nI don't draw humans (or in this case, elves) very often, but I do enjoy drawing them. The dragon was added for more scaling practice.\r\n\r\n

Image: goldenking.jpg   619x800 102916 bytes 2006.01.10

The Golden King.

Image: gonnagetyou.jpg   619x800 57361 bytes 2006.07.12

"Gonna Get You!"\r\n\r\nSuddah my Verin character - fun with foreshortening.

Image: greekisle.jpg   800x619 112448 bytes 2005.06.18

After doing all those commissions, I decided to relax and draw something for my own self gratification. :)

Image: gryffehead.jpg   351x376 28348 bytes 2003.10.26

Hmmm.... this little guy may make a good tattoo design.

Image: gryffox.jpg   799x613 111936 bytes 2004.01.13

I've seen several people do gryffoxes, so I decided to draw one too. :)

Image: gryph-stationary.jpg   400x401 37701 bytes 2006.04.02

Design for my own personal stationary for resumes, etc. This design goes on the top left corner of the page. \r\n\r\nUgly watermark is there to prevent others from using it.

Image: gryph-taur.jpg   800x619 80776 bytes 2003.06.28

I tried drawing another gryphon-taur... but I used Indian accents for this one (Middle Eastern, not Native American) \r\n

Image: gryphmage.jpg   618x800 124108 bytes 2003.08.21

Silver gryph mage.

Image: gryphon-and-elf.jpg   773x1000 183947 bytes 2003.06.11

A young gryphon warrior watches over his mistress.

Image: gryphon-in-ny.jpg   615x799 132620 bytes 2004.02.13

Ulario poses in Central Park (Strawberry Fields to be more exact). My first real cityscape in a picture. I'm a bit excited about my upcoming trip to NYC.

Image: gryphon-spirit.jpg   614x794 78214 bytes 2003.10.08

"Freedom of the Gryphon Spirit"\r\n\r\nI hadn't drawn my human character (and Ulario's mate), Tetra in a while... so I decided to. His nickname is the "Prince of Gryphons". Why? Well, it's a long story that takes up an entire issue of my comic to explain... so I'm not getting into it right now.

Image: gryphonartist.jpg   510x450 53159 bytes 2003.05.03

Cute little gryphon artist.

Image: GryphonFleur-watermarked.jpg   797x619 141300 bytes 2009.04.24

Wedding Imvitation - "Gryphon With Fleur De Lis"

The image for my wedding invitations. I'm gonna start working on my invitations tomorrow and I'm just finishing this now. Talk about procrastination. LOL.\r\n\r\nNot your standard wedding invitation image... but nothing about our wedding plans are standard or traditional.\r\n\r\nGryphon with a blue Fleur De Lis. The gryphon has been my personal symbol for years... and the Fleur De Lis is there because, well, my fiance is a Quebecer... and as he's always said "There's nothing that screams "Quebec" more then a blue fleur de lis". LOL.\r\n\r\nAnyways, the date is official. We're getting married on May 22... less then a month from now.

Image: gryphonlove.jpg   610x800 104139 bytes 2006.01.17

My entry for OldRabbit's Valentines Day Contest. Two of my gryphon characters snuggle, Alesto the kestrel-gryph and A'Taiaith the barn owl-gryph.

Image: gryphonsage.jpg   603x819 93689 bytes 2003.05.06

Gryphon sage. This is going to be part of an art show in Bay City.

Image: GryphWitch-watermarked.jpg   800x619 94778 bytes 2011.09.29

Mieyth - Anthro Xchange

For Mieyth-Wolftear VIA the anthro Xchange.

Image: had-enough.jpg   610x706 96817 bytes 2003.06.28

Ulario doing her morning exercises. \r\n

Image: halloween-Ulario.jpg   581x725 90099 bytes 2003.10.05

I'm dressing up as the Crow again this year :)\r\n\r\nUlario tries on my costume.

Image: halloween06.jpg   800x669 254084 bytes 2006.11.02

Every year on Halloween I try to do a picture of some of my characters in costume. This year I wasn't able to do a nice full colored picture. Between illustrating a children's book, being sick, and my grandma being in the hospital I simply didn't have the time. However, I was able to whip up this sketch this morning. It's not much... but at least it's something.

Image: Halloween08-watermarked.jpg   800x619 130017 bytes 2008.10.30

Trick or Treat 2008

Effin finally! Got this done! It's posted a little later then I normally like my annual Halloween pic to be... but this has been the month from helllllll!\r\nAdmittedly, I did have to rush a few parts... but I wanted to get it done before tomorrow.\r\n\r\nThe characters are as follows from left to right:\r\n\r\nRan-Qui as Fox McCloud:\r\nWell, the female version of Fox anyways. \r\n\r\nUlario as Lady Death:\r\nAll too late I remembered that earlier this year I had plans to dress her as Lara Croft for my halloween pic this year. D'oh!\r\n\r\nAredon as Professor Chaos:\r\nButter's supervillain alter ego from South Park. This specific version of Prof. Chaos was taken from the first episode form season 8 titled "Good Times With Weapons".

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