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Image: hatchet-healer.jpg   619x800 163194 bytes 2006.08.22

Shaman Series - Pic 3 of 4\r\n\r\nHatchet Arcane the wolf... son of Aceneth, the first character in this series.

Image: hatchet-shaman.jpg   619x800 80234 bytes 2003.08.17

A revamp of Hatchet's priest clothes (or shaman clothes, whatever you want to call it). I tried to make it a little truer to my native american heritage.

Image: healer.jpg   620x800 203239 bytes 2007.09.13

The Blessed One

Taking some time out to do some art for myself before I go crazy. \r\n\r\nRevisiting my JayFox character, Tai'Ann.

Image: hellfire-conjure.jpg   619x789 103216 bytes 2003.09.20

Hellfire conjures up a fireball.

Image: hellfire-swoop.jpg   610x800 126009 bytes 2005.10.26

The last few days I wanted to draw something, and I had no idea what. My BF said that I should draw Hellfire, my phoenix character since I haven't drawn him in a while. So here he is. I experamented with a few new techniques in this picture.

Image: Hellhound-watermarked.jpg   619x800 124976 bytes 2009.09.24

Hell Hound

Random demon girl.\r\nThis has nothing to do with my fictional universe... just done for fun.

Image: HelloThere-watermarked.jpg   800x619 114115 bytes 2010.02.01

Hello to You!

Image: highpriestess.jpg   619x800 164079 bytes 2006.08.17

Another one of my older characters. I have a lot of fun drawing tribal/religious type characters so I may do a series of these type of characters in the future.\r\n\r\n

Image: hippogriffyn.jpg   619x800 108521 bytes 2003.08.22

Descending Hippogriff.

Image: Hippogryph-Watermarked.jpg   1488x834 271179 bytes 2011.09.02

Autumn Shaman

\r\n\r\nI really don't have anything extensive to say about this picture. I felt the need to draw a hippogryph because I don't remember the last time I've drawn one. The autumn background was also done because I don't do them very often. >_<\r\n\r\nThis picture used three sheets of paper. I didn't document the time that I worked on it, but I estimate it to have taken about 5-6 hours from start to finish. Soundtrack for working on this was Depeche Mode and the Phantom of the Opera soundtrack.

Image: hummingbird-lynx-gryphon.jpg   1000x682 122711 bytes 2003.05.23

Hummingbird/Lynx gryphon... who says gryphs have to be half eagle, half lion?

Image: IceDragon.jpg   612x825 98608 bytes 2003.05.11

An ice Dragon.

Image: IceGryph-watermarked.jpg   800x619 133614 bytes 2010.01.28

Bewitching Blizzard

A quickie that I did today because I felt like drawing something gryphon-ey.\r\n\r\nThis gal is a combination of Grey Fox and Eurasian Sparrowhawk. Two species that have similar coloring and markings. She was originally going to have Arctic Sunrise Fox colorings, but I thought that a white character that controls ice is way too cliche so I opted for something more natural.\r\n\r\nThe idea of her being an ice mage stemmed from the last picture I did. In the description on dA I talked about Theran mages who practice a secondary school of magic. In this case, the primary elements air and water combine to form ice. I wanted to try out another seconday element spellcaster.\r\n

Image: iguana.jpg   774x619 116452 bytes 2007.09.05

I Is for Iguana

This was a project done for my Photoshop class where we were given a random letter of the alphabet as well as three objects beginning with that letter to be put into an illustration.\r\n\r\nThe letter that I had to illustrate was "I", obviously. And my three objects that needed to be included were Iguana, Imp, and Ice. I also squeezed a few more objects that begin with I just for good measure. I doubt anyone would be able to find them all... but anyone who does will get a cookie. \r\n\r\nI've decided to name the Iguana "Zeke"... because he looks like a Zeke to me. \r\n

Image: ihlosi-soul-goddess.jpg   610x798 75700 bytes 2003.12.01

Ihlosi, the goddess of souls, watches over a young soul. She's the last female deity in my comic book. Now it's time for me to draw the males.\r\n\r\nBTW, Her name is pronounced E-Low-See. Her name has a Swahili origin.

Image: Image2.jpg   613x800 133305 bytes 2003.09.17

Xuan-Jin Wu, the indonesian dragon.

Image: inari-design.jpg   800x619 126660 bytes 2007.05.08

Takasaj - Species Design

This one took me longer to finish then I planned it to. I have been "out of commission" the last few days because I've had a horrible stomach ache ever since I drank a Latte from McDonalds the other day. \r\n\r\nThis is the final design for a new alien animal species. This one in particular's name is "Inari", and he's the pet of one of my human-ish characters.\r\n

Image: inflight.jpg   800x619 102244 bytes 2005.08.07

A quickie of my fursona, since I needed an updated picture of her in flight. Done in about an hour.\r\n\r\nImage 2005 Traci Vermeesch\r\nCharacter "Ulario Zemothe" is the intellectual property of Traci Vermeesch 1997-2005.

Image: IntrepidPromo_copy.jpg   1156x775 226129 bytes 2011.11.05

Intrepid - Promotion

Promotional picture to go along with the beautiful soundtrack that FoxAmoore did for my upcoming comic. \r\n\r\n\r\nThe comic itself isn't coming out until next Summer, but I've been doing a lot of progress to the universe, characters, and story which can be found on my Tumblr account.\r\nIf you like seeing sketches, WIPs, and thought processed, have at it.\r\n\r\nThough my comic mostly has human (looking) characters, it really is a furry-friendly universe as most sentient species have evolved from Earth species. I tried to illustrate some of the more anthro species here. (Inari is an animal, not a furry... but still. The other two could be considered "furries").\r\n\r\n\r\nLOL... to be honest, I kinda threw this picture together at last minute. But I still like it.

Image: Iris-Seated.jpg   610x799 112184 bytes 2003.11.21

Iris - The Goddess of plants. Another one of the dieties in my comic book.

Image: Jupiter-watermarked.jpg   619x800 150246 bytes 2010.03.25


I've been wanting to work on the sci-fi part of my fictional universe, but since I've got a convention coming up, I need to do some more furry art as well. \r\n\r\nThis little lady was originally meant to be part of a series of dragon anthros based on planets. However, I may scrap this idea and do a series of my fursonas in corsets instead. I haven't decided, yet. I'd like to do both series, but since the convention is in two months and I need to order prints beforehand, time may not allow that.\r\n\r\nYes, I know there isn't really a purple nebula around Jupiter... but the space surrounding our solar system is too boring. \r\n\r\nThis was colored live on livestream. Click on more info for the recording!

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Image: K-watermarked.jpg   619x800 125705 bytes 2010.07.02

Obscure Animal Alphabet - K

I said that that I'd be publicly posting another page of the obscure animal alphabet book project publicly somewhere near the middle of the alphabet. Guess what... I'm nearing in on the middle!

Image: Kairerien.jpg   619x800 66217 bytes 2004.04.03

Kairerien the pygmy falcon, one of my old TLK roleplaying characters.

Image: kami-gryphon.jpg   1029x796 154160 bytes 2003.05.15

An ancient and wise gryphon spirit watches over a riverside temple.\r\n\r\nI figured I'd try something different... so I decided to do a gryphon in a Japanese type setting. Why not? There are so many dragon-formed Kami (spirits)... why can't there be a gryphon Kami?

Image: Kenduseus-watermarked.jpg   800x619 143710 bytes 2009.08.02

Kenduseus - Concept Art

Relatively quick art.\r\nMore concept art for the next gen part of my story. I've yet to come up with an actual name for this series of stories.\r\n\r\nKenduseus is more of a side character in the story, but I still needed to get him out on paper.

Image: keratos.jpg   603x792 142715 bytes 2003.04.13

Commission for Shetty.

Image: kiri-forest.jpg   800x619 127258 bytes 2004.08.16

Kiri Ravenhart, Mio's mate. I like how the colors in this one turned out.

Image: kirin.jpg   800x619 131851 bytes 2006.04.08

My version of a Ki'Rin (Asian Unicorn). Technically it would probably be considered a unicorn/ki'rin hybrid because I incorperated the features of both. It was originally a sketch that I didn't intend to color, but I like how it turned out so I'm glad I did.\r\n

Image: kiss-sky.jpg   619x800 156142 bytes 2006.10.14

The title is a tribute to Jimi Hendrix, obviously. One of the greatest rock gods of all time IMHO. \r\n\r\nTaking a break from college to do a pretty picture. Having an exams, two four page papers, and a portfolio due all in the same week is murder. I decided to draw my avatar on Second Life for a change. I'm not 100% happy with how it turned out, but I like it anyways

Image: Kjata-Flight.jpg   800x619 97472 bytes 2004.08.16

Kjata takes a morning flight. He breathes Hydrocloric acid instead of fire. :)

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