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Image: puss-in-boots.jpg   800x619 81696 bytes 2006.03.07

Picture done for my college portfolio to show my range of subject matter. I wanted to experament with a drawing that is intended for childred, and what better picture for children then one based off of a faerie tale. I was watching Shrek 2 on TV the other day, and I liked Antonio Banderas' depiction of a swashbuckling puss in boots so I adapted the idea to my own style. :)

Image: treesprite.jpg   800x610 106535 bytes 2006.02.22

Pic of a female tree sprite done for my college portfolio.

Image: tod-sketch.jpg   619x800 85047 bytes 2006.02.15

Well, for my BFA Art Safety & Management class I have to put together a slide presentation of my work in March, which means I'm going to have to bust my butt to make a few more pictures to put in my show. :/\r\n\r\nAnyways, character sketch of Tod, my caracal/panther hybrid character. He's not really a new character, he's been floating around in my head for a while now, but this is the first time I've actually put him down on paper.

Image: eaglehead.jpg   381x500 28684 bytes 2006.02.07

This is my first ever completely digital piece. It was actually supposed to be a background for a different picture I was working on, but I decided I liked it as a stand-alone picture instead. I might still use it for that one pict I was working on. Who knows.\r\n\r\n

Image: myangel.jpg   800x610 146552 bytes 2006.02.04

Valentines day piccie of Ulario and Tetra.

Image: merman.jpg   619x800 86757 bytes 2006.01.23

I was looking through a Arthur Spiderwick book when I saw a picture of a mermaid with a lobster tail rather then the standard fish tail. I thought it was cool and unusual so I tried to do my own version of a lobster tailed merman. The blue coloring was based on that of a rare blue lobster that belonged to my boyfriend's cousin. If I add this species to my story, this particular breed of mermaid would probably hail from the semi tropical regions of Ascaroth.\r\n

Image: balancingact.jpg   619x800 80284 bytes 2006.01.21

Tref, my nautolan martial artist character balances on a high pole (known as a plum-flower pole). Balancing on poles such as these are a form of Kung-Fu Training.\r\n\r\nCharacter "Tref Syrris" 2005-06 Traci Vermeesch\r\nNautolan species Lucasfilm Ltd.

Image: gryphonlove.jpg   610x800 104139 bytes 2006.01.17

My entry for OldRabbit's Valentines Day Contest. Two of my gryphon characters snuggle, Alesto the kestrel-gryph and A'Taiaith the barn owl-gryph.

Image: feuer-flight.jpg   800x619 88938 bytes 2006.01.16

I decided it was time to give some of the deities in my story a well-needed make-over. I decided to change Feuer, god of fireinto a more easternish-looking dragon... and of course, keeping the line of fire that runs along his back.\r\n\r\n"He writhes amongst the clouds. An enigma.\r\nA line of flame rides along his spine, lapping\r\nat his skin, yet not consuming it.\r\nThe sweet smell of saffron follows him\r\nwherever he flies.\r\nThose that watch from below cannot take\r\ntheir eyes off of him, but cannot understand\r\nwhat he is doing."\r\n -- From Theran Religious Documents

Image: goldenking.jpg   619x800 102916 bytes 2006.01.10

The Golden King.

Image: treekitty.jpg   610x800 106101 bytes 2005.12.31

Random cat girl in a tree. :)\r\n

Image: astara-elf.jpg   610x800 117293 bytes 2005.12.20

Astara, one of my dragon characters lets an unnamed elf ride on her back. This was originally supposed to be a watercolor painting. Who knows, maybe I'll do the painting later on.\r\n

Image: blackgryph-ceramic.jpg   824x804 190535 bytes 2005.12.16

Done for my advanced ceramics class. This little guy is probably about 7 inches tall with a decent wingspan. This picture dosen't do the original justice at all. The original is dark black with a small brown stripe across the wings from where I dipped it in the glaze. He is made with red stoneware clay and glazed with a solid black cone 6 glaze.

Image: gabriel-watercolor.jpg   1136x478 124283 bytes 2005.12.16

One of my projects for my advanced watercolor class this semester. I wanted to paint an angel, but I didn't want to make a fru-fru angel with fluffy white wings, so I chose Gabriel, the angel of Death. \r\n\r\nWatercolor paints outlined with Micron pens.

Image: cassie-xmas.jpg   619x800 115019 bytes 2005.12.15

Cassie the reindeer. My entry for a contest on Furtopia.\r\n\r\nI figured that my Alex, my bighorn character, needed a girlfriend... which is another reason that I created her.

Image: xmas05.jpg   619x800 156016 bytes 2005.12.07

Merry Xmas 2005!\r\n\r\nCharacter "Ulario Zemothe" 1997-2005 Traci Vermeesch

Image: winterdragon.jpg   800x610 132858 bytes 2005.12.02

Winter Dragon - A gift I gave to someone for the Furtopia X-Mas Gift Exchange.

Image: tref-rain.jpg   610x800 133548 bytes 2005.10.31

I was experamenting with several different water effects in this picture, and what better person to be drawn in the rain then my nautolan character.\r\n\r\nCharacter "Tref Syrris" is the intellectual property of Traci Vermeesch 2005\r\nImage 2005 Traci Vermeesch\r\nDO not redistribute without permission!

Image: hellfire-swoop.jpg   610x800 126009 bytes 2005.10.26

The last few days I wanted to draw something, and I had no idea what. My BF said that I should draw Hellfire, my phoenix character since I haven't drawn him in a while. So here he is. I experamented with a few new techniques in this picture.

Image: chez-design.jpg   619x800 112846 bytes 2005.10.26

The idea of drawing an anthro lemur had been mulling around in the back of my head for some time now. I wanted to try drawing the big poofy tail. I named him "Chez" because he looks like a Chez to me. Dunno if I'm going to use him for anything else.

Image: azrel.jpg   619x800 98993 bytes 2005.10.13

Quick character design thingie for Azrel, one of the characters in my upcoming webcomic.\r\n\r\nCharacter & Image 2005 Traci Vermeesch

Image: trickortreat05.jpg   800x610 118369 bytes 2005.10.10

Trick or treat 2005! Four of my characters dressed up in their halloween costumes. They are in order from left to right:\r\n\r\nUlario Zemothe (as Shaak Ti)\r\nTetra Zemothe (As Squall Leonhart)\r\nAredon Bredrit (as Marv from Sin City)\r\nTref Syrris (as Bob Marley)\r\n\r\nCharacters 1997-2005 Traci Vermeesch\r\nImage 2005 Traci Vermeesch

Image: libby-paperdoll.jpg   800x619 60051 bytes 2005.09.25

An entry for a contest. My character, Libby as one of those old fashioned paper dolls. She has been "cutified" quite a bit for this, particularly the wings.\r\n\r\nCharacter "Libra Ikkatsu" 1997-2005 Traci Vermeesch

Image: ayesha-sincity.jpg   800x610 108442 bytes 2005.09.07

Yeah. I've been watching (and reading) too much Sin City. I was intrigued by the "all black and white with small bits of color" style, so I wondered what one of my drawings/characters would look like in that particular style.\r\n\r\nThis is more in the style of the movie, since it dosen't have the hard lines that the comic does.\r\n\r\nCharacter "Ayesha Robinson" & Image 2005 Traci Vermeesch

Image: lucien-paladin.jpg   619x800 224124 bytes 2005.08.29

Honestly, this picture was supposed to be of a random anthro... and I didn't plan on finishing it. However, I though he looked so cool that I decided to make him a new character for my story. His name is Lucien, and he is a unicorn paladin.

Image: frogtree.jpg   610x800 87582 bytes 2005.08.17

New character... though I haven't thought of a name for him, yet. \r\n\r\nHe's a dart frog... (to be more specific, his species name is "dyeing poison dart frog"), and as you can tell by the picture, he's a happy frog.\r\n\r\nCharacter is the intellectual property of Traci Vermeesch\r\nDO NOT REDISTRIBUTE WITHOT PERMISSION!!!

Image: inflight.jpg   800x619 102244 bytes 2005.08.07

A quickie of my fursona, since I needed an updated picture of her in flight. Done in about an hour.\r\n\r\nImage 2005 Traci Vermeesch\r\nCharacter "Ulario Zemothe" is the intellectual property of Traci Vermeesch 1997-2005.

Image: cliffdancer.jpg   619x800 97676 bytes 2005.08.02

Magnum Shiosai, my golden Asian dragon character comes in for a graceful landing on a mountain top. I always pictured Asian dragons to almost moving like they are dancing when they fly.\r\n\r\nCharacter "Magnum Shiosai" 1998-2005 Traci Vermeesch

Image: taiann.jpg   619x800 117986 bytes 2005.07.23

After seeing a dead blue jay in my front yard, I was tempted to try out his patterns/colorization on an anthro. She was originally supposed to have black around her face as well, but I decided to remove it.\r\n\r\nTest of colors, nothing more. I'm not sure whether or not I'm going to use this character again.\r\n\r\nTai'ann the winged blue fox 2005 Traci Vermeesch

Image: xuanjin-katana.jpg   800x619 116133 bytes 2005.07.19

It's been over 2 years since I've drawn this character, and I decided to tweak his face a bit, his horns and chestplates are different, as well as some of his facial features. I tried to make him look a bit more Asian looking.\r\n\r\nXuan-Jin Wu the Indonesian Dragon 2003-05 Traci Vermeesch\r\n(He's an Indonesian dragon with a Chinese name and wears Japanese clothing... He's been all over Asia I guess. **shrugs**)

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