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Image: star-dragon.jpg   617x798 100185 bytes 2003.12.16

Tribal Star Dragon by a river.

Image: stardragon.jpg   463x708 85408 bytes 2003.05.03

An experament with photoshop.

Image: Stargazing.jpg   800x620 115677 bytes 2008.06.02


The final colored picture in my "Ran-Qui the Amaran Jedi" portfolio. ZOMG! I'm really digging that background. Particularly the clouds/stars reflecting off the water. Most of those things were purely experamental but I'm relatively happy with it.\r\n\r\nAlso, I've really grown attatched to this character. To the point where I consider her to be sort of an "alternate fursona". So yes, there will be more arts of her in the future.

Image: steeldragon.jpg   610x800 103869 bytes 2005.04.11

Shot of Aredon Bredrit, one of my main characters.\r\n\r\nNo, he dosen't actually have a steel dragon. It's the name of his starfighter.

Image: storm-approaching.jpg   800x619 62015 bytes 2006.05.10

"A Storm is Approaching"\r\n\r\nTrying to finish a few more piccies before Anthrocon.\r\nPhotoshop over a pencil sketch.

Image: StormLord-Watermarked.jpg   800x619 135281 bytes 2011.03.23

The Storm Lord

This picture originally started as a quick sketch that I was doing while watching Nostolgia Critic reviews. Those that really know me knows that I can't just sit and watch TV/Movies/Videos/Whatever without drawing because I need to keep my mind busy. \r\n\r\nIt's more or less my take on a traditional chinese dragon done in a similar style to several dragon pictures I did around the 2006-07 time period.\r\n\r\nI decided to color him to give me something to do while waiting for a few clients to get back on me about their commissions. Once again, I tried a more limited color palatte with this picture. I am mostly happy with the results.\r\n\r\n

Image: streeeetch.jpg   800x619 168848 bytes 2006.10.11

I love my art history class. It's dark and held in a large lecture room so I can draw without getting in trouble. \r\n\r\nI've been trying to get away from pin-ups, I've just been getting burned out by them so I'm trying to vary up the poses of my characters. Action shots are more fun then a character sitting around doing nothing anyways.\r\n\r\nAnyhoo, Soji the eastern dragon yawns and stretches. I've always pictured dragons (particularly Oriental ones) to be very catlike. I tried a parchment background rather then the standard naturalistic ones I usually do. This was done for two reasons. 1. I wanted to see what it looked like and 2. I wasn't coming up with any backgrounds I liked and didn't feel like screwing around with it anymore.

Image: suddah-and-wives.jpg   619x800 106699 bytes 2004.05.08

Whew, I've never drawn so many characters in one drawing before.\r\n\r\nSuddah, the main villain in my comic book surrounded by his six wives. Martinet, his favorite, is the one over his shoulder. Usually, lycans don't formally choose mates. The chieftan is the exception, and almost always takes several spouses.

Image: suddah-angry.jpg   773x1000 121743 bytes 2003.06.22

Suddah Angry.

Image: suddah-seated.jpg   616x800 119212 bytes 2003.09.30

Suddah Enthroned.\r\n

Image: SunConure-Watermarked.jpg   619x800 128959 bytes 2011.09.22

Perroquet Series - Sun Conure

This is a bird trade that I did with Mazz, who told me she wanted a sun conure. I decided to incoperate it into my perroquet series, because it really fit the theme and I was hard up for ideas for the series. :p\r\n\r\nShe has a Mesoamerican flair, though she isn't based off of any specific cultures because suns seem to have a broad range in Central and South America, so I couldn't just pinpoint them to one speific culture. Anyone who knows me knows that I've studied Mesoamerican culture for several years in college and I'm in love with it!\r\n\r\nI love suns, but boy are they hard to color. I can never get overly saturated colors to look good.

Image: SunGryphon-watermarked.jpg   800x619 177755 bytes 2010.06.08

Gryphon of the Sun

Those of you at What the Fur may have saw me working on this guy. I drew him between commissions on Sunday. :)\r\n\r\nHe will eventually have a "moon gryphon" counterpart, which I'll sell as a duo along with this print.

Image: sungryphon.jpg   586x489 58529 bytes 2003.07.21

A quick doodle of a sun gryphon.\r\n\r\nExperamenting with colors, fur, and background. For a doodle, I like how it turned out.

Image: taiann-dusk.jpg   619x800 147702 bytes 2006.11.17

Drawing for one of my RL friends after he requested that I draw a fox. I chose to draw my jayfox character, Tai'Ann for this because people seem to like her (plus my friend's fursona is blue too).

Image: taiann-healer.jpg   800x619 177812 bytes 2006.08.24

Shaman Series - Pic 4 of 4\r\n\r\nTai'Ann Kinrest the Jayfox. Because of some of the responses I've recieved about this series, I may do a "Theran Deities" series sometime in the future. It'll be similar to this series... but will feature the nine gods and goddesses of my story.\r\n

Image: TaiAnn-Pinup-watermarked.jpg   619x800 143040 bytes 2010.05.04

Faith Healer

More work to be sold at What the Fur in June.\r\n\r\nTai'ann, my jayfox character conjures up holy energy in her hand.

Image: taiann.jpg   619x800 117986 bytes 2005.07.23

After seeing a dead blue jay in my front yard, I was tempted to try out his patterns/colorization on an anthro. She was originally supposed to have black around her face as well, but I decided to remove it.\r\n\r\nTest of colors, nothing more. I'm not sure whether or not I'm going to use this character again.\r\n\r\nTai'ann the winged blue fox 2005 Traci Vermeesch

Image: taurfamily.jpg   611x800 81930 bytes 2004.04.03

Deer-Tuar family.

Image: teryx.jpg   619x800 386123 bytes 2006.07.01

Female archaeopteryx scout... since I had a strange urge to draw something prehistoric. :p\r\nUsually I draw my aves with wing-arms but I felt that the wings coming off the back just looked better in this pic.\r\n

Image: tetra-and-phoenix.jpg   618x650 64790 bytes 2003.05.30

Tetra, Ulario's mate holding a phoenix.

Image: the-summon.jpg   619x800 90726 bytes 2004.05.24

The summoning of my fursona, Ulario Zemothe.\r\n\r\nYeah, this is probably an OOC pict, because she's really bad with magick.\r\n

Image: thedreamer.jpg   800x619 129982 bytes 2004.06.01

A young gryphon looks up to the stars. It's been a while since I've drawn a quadrapedal gryphon.

Image: theelder.jpg   800x617 136113 bytes 2007.06.12

Theran Spirit Dragon Elder

Anyways, since I've been doing concept art for my alien species, I thought that it would be a good idea to draw some pictures of my Theran species as well. This critter in particular is a Drakken'Re (AKA Theran Spirit Dragon). The fully developed plates on the neck and arms mark this one as an older dragon, which is where the title comes from. Full description of this species can be found under more info.

  [More Info]
Image: TheranMafia-watermarked.jpg   619x800 151053 bytes 2010.07.25

The Theran Mafia

A little teaser from a short comic I've been wanting to do. It stars Andromeda and the crime lord Nareheda. So yeah... those of you who wanted to see Andromeda will get your chance. I'm not going to make any promises on when you'll see anything from it since I'm busy with other projects and it's still at the writing stage.\r\n\r\nNareheda is a marble fox, not a border collie. She's pretty much the queen of the underworld on Ulrimare... think of her as a female version of the Godfather.\r\n\r\nThis picture also gives a sneak peek look at a new character. A yakuza inspired dragon that serves as Nareheda's personal bodyguard. He's still unnamed, and this is a first pass drawing of him so the character design will probably change.

Image: TheSwarm-watermarked.jpg   805x619 117719 bytes 2010.03.02

Denizen of the Swarm

Concept art for my J'morenth species.\r\n\r\nI've been wanting to get some of my more obscure alien species down onto paper. In particular, the native species of Urtin-Dyn as that planet has some of the more unique looking species in my universe.\r\n\r\nFunky head crest inspired by the Xenomorph queen of the alien movies.

Image: Thoth-Almighty.jpg   773x1000 115579 bytes 2003.05.30

I did this while I was bored during a new Biology lecture.

Image: thoughtfulgryph.jpg   586x554 61839 bytes 2003.02.18

I knew Zora would beat that one stupid blonde chick. I wish that I could get a million dollars just for lying to a bunch of people... **looks around devillishly** ...hmmmmm....

Image: thunder-dragon.jpg   1000x773 149636 bytes 2003.05.20

Thunder Dragon perched on a mountaintop.

Image: ticklefest.jpg   774x624 127881 bytes 2003.03.03

"It's tickle-time, baby! HAHAHAHA!!!!" Tetra gives Ulario a big surprise!

Image: tier-chardesign.jpg   605x800 103328 bytes 2003.10.26

Character sketch of my new mantis character, Tier Nvonny.\r\n\r\nNote to self: Multiple armed things are cool!

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