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Image: winterdragon.jpg   800x610 132858 bytes 2005.12.02

Winter Dragon - A gift I gave to someone for the Furtopia X-Mas Gift Exchange.

Image: wodrag.jpg   800x646 110090 bytes 2003.07.23

My end of an art exchange with Wodragquinegryph.

Image: woodduck-puma-gryphon.jpg   1001x773 133216 bytes 2003.05.23

Another gryphon variation. Who says gryphs have to be half eagle, half lion?

Image: XagoConcept-watermarked.jpg   800x620 136873 bytes 2008.06.09

The Council Elder - Concept Art

Concept art for a secondary character. He's really only mentioned in my story once or twice so I'm not going to spend much time with him other then this quick concept art. He probably won't even get a character sheet.\r\n\r\nXagothrys is the elder on the Nyturis council. \r\nHe is a Terra dragon, but he has several mutations that most terra dragons do not have.

Image: Xicohtencoatl-Watermarked.jpg   800x619 151562 bytes 2011.04.15

Xicohtencoatl - Character Concept

Concept art for my new Quetzalcoatl based naga character, Xicohtencoatl. Her backstory needs to be refined, but this is more or less the final design for her appearance. She is meant to be a character that is not derived from my fictional universe OR any other existing works, but rather an actual world mythology. I studied Mesoamerican culture for two years in my college days, so Aztec mythology was a natural choice for me.

Image: xmas05.jpg   619x800 156016 bytes 2005.12.07

Merry Xmas 2005!\r\n\r\nCharacter "Ulario Zemothe" 1997-2005 Traci Vermeesch

Image: xuan-jin-sits.jpg   616x799 143189 bytes 2003.10.05

Xuan-Jin wu sits by a koi pond.

Image: xuan-jin-trains.jpg   998x768 197995 bytes 2003.09.19

Xuan-Jin Wu practices his skills with a katana in a grassy field. \r\n\r\nPractice with Samurai armor. I was going to give him a kabuto (helmet) as well, but it looked really funny on him.

Image: xuanjin-katana.jpg   800x619 116133 bytes 2005.07.19

It's been over 2 years since I've drawn this character, and I decided to tweak his face a bit, his horns and chestplates are different, as well as some of his facial features. I tried to make him look a bit more Asian looking.\r\n\r\nXuan-Jin Wu the Indonesian Dragon 2003-05 Traci Vermeesch\r\n(He's an Indonesian dragon with a Chinese name and wears Japanese clothing... He's been all over Asia I guess. **shrugs**)

Image: xuanjin-swordsman.jpg   619x801 154562 bytes 2007.03.05

Xuan-Jin Master Swordsman

I've decided to revisit some of my older characters because I feel that several of them desperately need a new, updated look.\r\n\r\nXuan-Jin is my anthro dragon character whom I've based off of balinesian sculptures. It's been several years since I've drawn him, and he used to be one of my favorites to draw so I decided that he should be the first to update.

Image: YearOfTheDragon-Watermarked.jpg   619x800 112990 bytes 2012.01.27

Happy Year of the Dragon!

\r\nTiny dragoness or really, really big fortune cookie?\r\n\r\nI know this is a few days late, but ah well. Happy year of the dragon! May this year be a good one for you.\r\n\r\nI also realize that fortune cookies aren't authentic Chinese, but it really fits the picture I think. Though now I feel the need to go to Panda Express for some orange chicken, chow mein and crab cheese. Mmmm.

Image: YearOfTheRabbit-Watermarked.jpg   619x800 124419 bytes 2011.02.03

Happy Year of the Rabbit!

I've been working on this on and off between smaller pieces of art to kick in the Chinese New Year. \r\n\r\nThis being the year of the rabbit has given me an excuse to draw a rabbit. I really do love bunnehs but I rarely get a chance to draw them.

Image: zemothes-cuddle.jpg   612x800 105059 bytes 2003.12.03

A re-doing of an earlier picture.

Image: zemothes-formal.jpg   717x800 123229 bytes 2003.06.11

Ulario and Tetra cuddle.

Image: zemothes-rest.jpg   542x700 76118 bytes 2003.08.30

Ulario and Tetra rest on the mountainside.

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