Greetings and Salutations, friend! Welcome to my little corner of Yerf! I'm one of their oldest members, I've been around since 1997! (wow, that's a long time!)

I'm a cute anthro gryphoness, with harrier hawk foreparts. I am the Queen of the continent of Thera, though I'm an artist at heart. My husband, Tetra is a human. In real life, I am a 20 year-old college Student from Michigan. I am an art major, and right now, I make my living as a freelance artist.





Well, the biggest change to commissions is the fact that I no longer do them for free, so please, please don't e-mail me asking me to do them for free. If your still interested, my pricing list is on my website, Gryphonheart Studios. Besides art, I also do Sculptures, Plushies, Tattoos, and almost anything else you can think of!

If that seems too expensive, there are other options. I am a self-proclaimed Gryphon-Dork and Creed-Freak. I have been known to accept some nice Creed or Gryphon memorabelia as payment. And when I say nice, I mean it has to be a fair trade, no newspaper clippings or prints off of your computer. I also hold auctions almost continuously on Furbid, E-Pagan Auctions, and E-Bay. Those are much cheaper then ordering them off my site!

If you play Neopets, I will also accept some Neopoints (50k minimum) or a rare item as payment.

I will do art trades, but only if you are willing to do a fair trade, and I am not doing any major commissions at the time you ask me.





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