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Image: Aku.JPG   707x1149 126053 bytes 2003.10.08

Um, An art trade with the Rachel.Her character, Alice as a guy! ^^ Aku...she's done a Kath/Kyle...\r\n\r\nSee see hers?\r\n\r\n

Image: Aliceblink.gif   98x167 2063 bytes 2003.12.17

Um, a blinking alice doll....blinkblinkblink pokes it's eyes out!

Image: AliceDoll.PNG   98x167 3127 bytes 2003.11.24

Hey! This is For The Rachel!\r\n\r\nTis' Alice as a dollie! and isn't it good?!\r\n\r\ni'm real proud...^^\r\n\r\ni might start doing more 'o' these..i need a kath one up...

Image: AliceHippy.jpg   868x1168 260951 bytes 2003.12.09

Ok, i drawed for the Rachel, because weather it's her annoying hyper-ness, or just her plain funny sarcasm, She can always make meh laugh!\r\n\r\nso something out-of-the-ordinary for her.\r\n\r\nAlice, dressed all hippy-ish and wondering what on earth i've dressed her in. ^-^\r\n\r\nI'm going to Hell for that hair...=whimpers= i'll never try to colour it again, ok rachie? 0-o'

Image: Alish.jpg   721x1136 157051 bytes 2003.11.09

hrm....for The Rachel. \r\n\r\nIt's Alice, and she's a jedi...and she's COMPRESSED...\r\n\r\nI love the flame...or i did....

Image: Amianrose.PNG   253x482 9363 bytes 2003.07.26

A request...Amianrose the siamese aisha.Cool huh? \r\n\r\nAisha Neopets\r\nArt Me, Katherine Parkinson \r\nAmianrose owned by xenodreamer\r\n

Image: Angel.PNG   1023x751 52172 bytes 2003.09.18

aww i found an old poem from when i was about's i put it on this picture! and of course, Kath had to be in it..i'll get her an angel soon...

Image: BackAtLast.JPG   802x1119 129141 bytes 2003.10.08

MUHAHAHAHAA=hack cough=aaaaaaaa...I'm BAAaAAaaack! and with a smecksay new look too..BUT i have decided to Keep Kath looking quite young coz she's cute...yes, the Kathy-chan ish back...and she ain't leaving too...gotta love that dress! \r\n\r\nPh33r my weird-ass colouring!

Image: BeaverFever.jpg   500x329 42770 bytes 2004.03.21

Well, i got mad At Rach and a few people on Rb last night.\r\n\r\nThen i wanted to kill things.\r\n\r\nThen i was sad.\r\n\r\nThen i wanted to draw cute things for Rachel. ^-^\r\n\r\nMum let me watch telly til late into the night, so i watched old 'Ren and Stimpy' episodes we'd taped off the telly-box a few years back. There was this one Episode where Ren drinks some 'supposedly clean water' and gets Beaver Fever. Since Brother Bear, Rach has been obbsesed with the whole concept of beavers. So this seemed apropriate.\r\n\r\nCute Kath n Alice jus whistling a lil tune, and then BAM! Beaver Fever hits Alice.

Image: Birfday.PNG   1446x178 27110 bytes 2003.09.01 first comic for Toxids birfday...We always kid around that one day i'm gonne eat him...i hope he likes it!\r\nI'm keeping Mex's "Jack Sparrow" Look too...

Image: Blu.PNG   255x193 9398 bytes 2003.08.26

Ahh..Mex ish meh....

Image: bluedragon.PNG   267x237 5533 bytes 2003.07.27

Toxid asked me to do it..thus starting our friendship...and he asks for art Requests more than anyone now -_-' \r\n\r\nBlue Dragon Me, Katherine Parkinson \r\n

Image: boots.PNG   861x427 19783 bytes 2003.09.30

Ehe, drawn at The Rachel's house...funny, i forgot all the shading...lazy meeeee...this was just a drawin to show off Mex's boots...thats probably why their so HUGEEE.... \r\n

Image: BunnyMe.jpg   1045x1051 149974 bytes 2004.03.13

Something a drew last year, as a new character concept. I'd been thinking baout scrapping Kath (!!!) and using a bunny based on me.\r\n\r\nHeh, like that would ever happen.\r\n\r\nFear the carrot light sabre.

Image: Card.png   749x985 158771 bytes 2003.12.23

The same as the mex mas..but this is a crimbo card for some project of mine...

Image: Carnie.jpg   864x1263 175805 bytes 2003.11.19

ok, so i've drawn for a number of people...and this is my ringbearer Niece, Carnie...i hope she likes it,Jpeg-ness fegged it up...\r\n\r\nlovin' that top!

Image: Catmaid.JPG   793x1022 112535 bytes 2003.10.08

Another Art Trade for The Rachel....Alice as Ariel the little Mer-maid....and she did Kath as a pikachu!!! i'm loving the pose on this one.. \r\n\r\nand hers-\r\n

Image: Cats.png   750x524 103671 bytes 2003.11.12

"I remember seeing this quote somewhere on a cat site..and i loved it..."Mex speaks truth she does, mmmm" oh yeah, i drew this in french 0o'"\r\n\r\nWell, it's re-coloured and i love it so much better now.... \r\n\r\n*Note*The quote is from a letter Emily Bronte wrote to a friend...\r\n

Image: Cats.PNG   750x524 34160 bytes 2003.09.29

I remember seeing this quote somewhere on a cat site..and i loved it..."Mex speaks truth she does, mmmm" oh yeah, i drew this in french 0o'

Image: chalosanii.gif   337x460 49093 bytes 2003.05.17

Puress' amazing art! praise her!!!

Image: chat.jpg   920x567 192874 bytes 2004.02.03

Meh, I'm very pleased with the colouring in this one. \r\n\r\nI made a new friend. This ish her! ^-^\r\n\r\nWith Mex, She's a wolf, and i lov her hair!\r\n\r\nMex is wearing orange. Bright Orange. Got a problem with that. you does? Good...\r\n\r\nBy teh way, thy's just Chatting...i hate the way Mex looks angry...that wasn't intentional!

Image: Chicky.jpg   883x723 200653 bytes 2003.12.25

Your current upload allowance is: 15 good scans...yous jokin right? IT'S CHRISTMAS!!!\r\n\r\nhm, ok, this was drawn just after i opened the Rachel's present...i member her giving it me and i was all curious becuase of it's shape...\r\n\r\nThen today i finaly opened it...and it was this great,big,fat,yellow chicken Money box...\r\n\r\nIT'S SO ME! and Mr Chicky is like a new baby...i luff it..i have it next to me...and it's looking at me with those eyes...\r\n\r\nOh yea..the, Kath half drawn in my old style and half drawn in my new style...and she got purple streakehs cause i got some hair colour spray of grandmama so's i sprayed in some purpley streakehs...and Thats's Aliceh...Rachie's char of course...She look pretty...Kath look retarded...but it Xmas so who gives a damn?

Image: Clothes.jpg   649x1181 247716 bytes 2003.12.24

Um...Mex's ORIGIONAL clothes colour scheme\r\n\r\nShe got markings no too...

Image: Delumikah.PNG   387x465 12899 bytes 2003.11.22

AWWW! my god this is's my new zafara, Delumikah...\r\n\r\nShe's only three, and she hurted her arm...\r\n\r\nI'll colour it later

Image: Delumikahcolour.PNG   387x465 57299 bytes 2003.11.22

AWWW! my god this is's my new zafara, Delumikah... \r\n\r\nShe's only three, and she hurted her arm... \r\n\r\nWhy the pink glow? cause she's just one cute fluff-ball...\r\n\r\nHer dugaree's look...weird....

Image: DisJoinedAnthro.jpg   500x1169 64109 bytes 2003.10.27

It's Dis 'n' joined...drew anthro and coloured all weirdly...\r\n\r\nMex makes them extra special half-clothsies!\r\n\r\nJoined has PINK hair! ^^

Image: DisJointed.PNG   400x540 17529 bytes 2003.11.04

YAY! Klar's dream came true!\r\n\r\nThanks to The Rachel...THANKS RACHIE!\r\n\r\nHe's now black....

Image: Dragon!.jpg   665x920 173745 bytes 2004.01.18

Whee! i made a new friend on Rb...His Name is Dragon.\r\n\r\nSHEILD YOUR EYES! For this is a horrible sight. With a name like Dragon you'd think i'd know what his favorite animal was...and i just HAD to draw for him, didn't i? =sigh= and this is the turn out. Not bad for my first Dragon. \r\n\r\nHe has a lollipop in his mouth by the past, and his shirt says "DrAyGIn".\r\n\r\n^-^ fun fun! i added the lil purpley bit in his hair tho...

Image: Drunk.PNG   473x402 31266 bytes 2003.11.16

funny, random too...\r\n\r\ndrawn on paint, coloured in psp....

Image: Dumbfurrythings.jpg   534x365 39794 bytes 2003.10.27

True thing! i fell alsleep on the stairs when i was ill..and Phoebe, my cat, came and slept on my back.And when i woke and tryed to stay up she dug her claws in my back...\r\n\r\nDUMB PLASTIC ELECTRICAL THINGS! Scanners eat colour....

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