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Image: Wings1.JPG   1082x714 88274 bytes 2003.11.03

Ok, explaination time i guess? this is what happened on the night of halloween....\r\n\r\nMex mutated.She got wings,shaper teeth, sharper claws and a uncanny evil side....\r\n\r\nWhen her eyes go white completely, she in her evil mode. She only does this at night, when she's hunting for mortals to feed on tho...\r\n\r\nTheres only one person who can help her....and she hasn't seen them for over 15 years 0o'''...

Image: You.Die.Now.jpg   400x652 65559 bytes 2004.02.18

Ok, back to what i did last night.\r\n\r\nI drew for THREE FEGGING HOURS! nine-till-twelve at night.\r\n\r\nAnd this is the only crap i could come up with.\r\n\r\nI owe about 6 people pictures, and theres is no way i'm going to be able to do them.\r\n\r\n\r\nAnyways, Nakie Kath, with a LOOOOVLEY new hairstyle..., a blue eye instead of a purple one (i changed it) and um, a new colouring style i just wanted to try out...Oh, and the bleeding crosses on her arms, scarring her fer life, so i guess they count as a new tatoo fer her...

Image: Zan.jpg   501x562 43377 bytes 2003.12.27

Um, a black and white doodle for an old friend who i've just started talkin to...\r\n\r\nZandra is a die hard hp fan, but i drew her as a wolf...she's white,blue yes and black hair, so,'ll see when i colour it...\r\n\r\nArm is too big and i don't know who's she's talking to...0____o'

Image: Zanny.jpg   537x645 115469 bytes 2003.12.30

For Zandra!\r\n\r\nIt's the one i drew before...the wolf...\r\n\r\nOk, so here's her and Kath reading Some very Graphical, which is freaking Kath out abit...but Zanny doesn't really mind...\r\n\r\nThose rings? an inside joke i'm afraid...\r\n"He has the ring my precious!

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