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Image: candycorn4nikoli.jpg   652x921 160326 bytes 2006.10.12

This year's piece for Halloween. I never get to have candycorn any more. I just haven't found it in the UK. So Nikoli gets to eat giant-sized ones on my behalf.\r\n\r\nHe is accompanied by a little bat sneaking some candy and two jack-o-lantern fellas.

Image: concepts2.jpg   863x631 203574 bytes 2006.09.24

Drawn for Latinvixen as a submission/sample to be a mixedcandy concept artist. The same wolf femme in a realistic and toony style.

Image: RIPSteveIrwin.jpg   576x560 85108 bytes 2006.09.04

What else can I say? :(

Image: UVmon.jpg   439x576 97174 bytes 2006.07.04

Just some practice with photoshop and playing around with the styles I draw UV ^-^

Image: createandnurture.jpg   1290x435 189065 bytes 2006.06.21

A concept I started on about 4 years back. It just sat on the back-burner waitng to be finished.\r\n\r\nAs much as we often forget the fact, life can be as delicate and as fragile as a bubble. It can end as soon as it began or float off into the distant future. It has its lows and highs and often we feel like we are just being carried by the breeze of time and have no say in which direction we go.\r\n\r\nAt times, we can only hope that the winds will be kind and nurture us and bring us to great heights and possibilities.\r\n

Image: Wingdmeez.jpg   317x417 177070 bytes 2006.06.01

Image: soryanebadge.jpg   361x476 129435 bytes 2006.03.23

Image: vlenbadge.jpg   378x504 146828 bytes 2006.03.23

Image: Lasrachbadge.jpg   360x473 109911 bytes 2006.03.23

Image: Music.jpg   613x945 195605 bytes 2006.03.11

Created for the "Symphony in Fur Minor" Portfolio. Where the participating artists got to choose pretty much any song by any artist. I was going to choose a more obscure band with hugely meaningful lyrics. Then, while listening to some mp3's on random 'Music' by Madonna came on. It just struck me as a song etnirely suiting to the folio. Well, what the hey, I love to dance and can't seem to function without the presence of music, so I felt I could identify with the song.\r\n\r\nThusly, this lovely fellow was born. Music is Universal so his MP3 is a special one ;)\r\n\r\nMay not be very mobile but that doesn't keep him from enjoying what the world of music has to offer.\r\n

Image: UVBadge.jpg   322x479 137309 bytes 2006.03.08

A badge for myself, of course!\r\n:)

Image: azutulubadge.jpg   321x476 132471 bytes 2006.03.08

Badge for my sexy boi :D

Image: FireEyesBadge.jpg   302x402 111524 bytes 2006.03.08

Badge for Fireeyes :)

Image: Kurtbadge.jpg   321x423 109384 bytes 2006.03.07

Badge for the wonderful Kurtbatz.\r\n\r\nI am still taking badge commissions. If you are interested you can get all the info at my community, here:\r\n\r\n

Image: Lover'sReverence.jpg   680x884 235461 bytes 2006.02.16

V-Day gift for my lovely partner :)

Image: UVVlenhugs.jpg   548x759 135562 bytes 2005.12.25

Yet another gift, for my dear and wonderful friend Vlen :)\r\n\r\nWhat am amazing person he is :)

Image: UV&Bloodie.jpg   918x684 261329 bytes 2005.12.22

Just a little thank you and Christmas gift for the Lovely Bloodhouns Omega :)

Image: Nikihere4halloween0.jpg   676x936 228516 bytes 2005.11.07

Happy Late Halloween! I meant to upload this on Halloween, but I was very busy and spaced it :P

Image: Nikolicharsheet01.jpg   1158x871 246964 bytes 2005.11.07

Nikoli's new character design :)

Image: HisBrokenShadow.jpg   607x900 372451 bytes 2005.10.03

My demon boi, Zimodriel as a wolf. Normally he's not a wolf, but I couldn't get the image out of my head. He was just begging to be drawn in this way.

Image: slugtears.jpg   566x569 99049 bytes 2005.09.22

Poor Sad Mr. Sluggy McFizzle. Snails get all the love, slugs get none :(\r\n\r\nFirst propper digital painting.

Image: lime.jpg   521x407 134692 bytes 2005.08.05

For Tiku on FAX :D

Image: Nalfemibmark.jpg   146x567 74105 bytes 2005.07.11

Bookmark of Nalfemi. Character İ M. Carpenter

Image: Nalfemibadge.jpg   397x293 109096 bytes 2005.07.11

Conbadge of Nalfemi. Character İ M. Carpenter

Image: dancinkitty.jpg   665x959 160103 bytes 2005.07.11

Based on a friend and made for them as a gift. I love my cuddly cat boiz :)\r\n\r\nHe's just getting lost in happily dancing away :) *joy* \r\n

Image: neru.jpg   569x760 177310 bytes 2005.07.11

Neru again! A cyber/space-pirate! \r\n\r\nI <3 Laserguns!

Image: lionkitty.jpg   615x451 121996 bytes 2005.07.11

Original made as a card for a friend. \r\n\r\nThis big ol' lion has gone into playful kitten mode with his ball of yarn :D

Image: hopespringseternal.jpg   772x743 190513 bytes 2005.07.11

UV bringing life back to where there is none.

Image: nightroo.jpg   744x1046 183337 bytes 2005.07.10

Originally made for the Wild Game Zine. (which as far as I know stopped dead in its tracks) Mother Night spreading the stars across the skyscape.

Image: scottrip.jpg   629x825 136070 bytes 2005.07.10

Silly Giraffe! Dancing and spinning in a trippy world.

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