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Image: HermingPd08a.jpg   846x1014 185716 bytes 2006.11.18

Oops! I drew this some time after the others, and forgot that the POODLE doctor was the one who was good with the situation!\r\nOnly eight strips, and already my continuity is hosed!\r\nThis one turned out so nice I had to include it.\r\nThat, plus it explains things.\r\nHermaphrodite squirrell, female raccoon, Cheesecake and some breaking of the fourth wall.

Image: HermingPd07a.jpg   828x828 180464 bytes 2006.11.18

And here it is.\r\nI thought it would be fun to reverse stereotypes. Raccoons are normally portrayed as mischievous rogues, while poodles are high strung.\r\nHere, the poodle is actually intrigued by this side trip into the twilite zone.\r\nHermaphrodite squirrell, partial nudity

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