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Image: action.jpg   785x657 46553 bytes 2010.03.08


A quick sketch done at a drawing meetup one of my friends organized at a Starbucks. My sister added the cape, which I think improved it significantly.

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Image: batface2.jpg   545x625 88951 bytes 2013.11.14

Bat face

Just a pointless doodle I slapped colours onto for some reason.

Tags: bat male gavin glasses   [Comment]
Image: billybudd.jpg   710x498 47923 bytes 2010.03.08

The Creation of Billy Budd

According to my literature textbook's description of Herman Melville's character, Billy Budd, "powerfully associated with images of innocence, resembles a child; a baby, even; a friendly dog; a big horse; Adam before the Fall." So this is basically what I'm picturing as I read through the thing.

Tags: sketch billy budd baby friendly dog big horse adam diaper god abomination   [Comment]
Image: bioshock-stupid.jpg   617x977 79926 bytes 2010.06.07

Up and Adam

I drew this on a plane. And, yes, I really do this aloud while I play games. It makes other people in the room groan and throw things at me.

Tags: stupid gamer comic bioshock one-liner   [Comment]
Image: gav-quickbadge.jpg   702x521 95919 bytes 2010.03.08

A quick badge

I threw this together the Saturday morning before I went to Furry Fiesta. And it took me this long to scan it.

Tags: bat male gavin badge pencil bananas   [Comment]
Image: gavetrian-sk.jpg   489x684 59141 bytes 2009.05.11

Gavin (Explorer)

Playing with different styles, this one inspired by Etrian Odyssey. I think the pencil shading was marginally less ugly on paper.

Tags: bat male gavin scarf mantle glasses wings running   [Comment]
Image: issacref.jpg   842x1020 91376 bytes 2010.11.04


This guy again! A reference commissioned by Electra for Issac.

Tags: bat male issac   [Comment]
Image: just-don't.jpg   508x667 43627 bytes 2009.10.03


Have you ever had a song stuck in your head -for an entire week-? CURSE YOU, HEREFOX.

Tags: bat male Gavin doodle Journey Don't Stop Believin'   [Comment]
Image: justonecandle.jpg   419x431 20194 bytes 2009.10.19

Happy birthday to me

I woke up this morning to find a freshly baked carrot cake. Carrot cake! It's the best dessert ever.

Tags: bat male gavin doodle birthday cake   [Comment]
Image: kenzie.jpg   521x833 70964 bytes 2009.05.28


Still working on the whole watercolor thing. I had it figured out almost, but then I stopped playing with them for a while. It's quite unlike riding a bike, apparently.

Tags: ferret female warrior sword watercolor   [Comment]
Image: luckyskunk.jpg   629x748 98687 bytes 2012.04.08

The skunk over here will bring you luck

Just a dumb doodle.

Image: nowwearing.jpg   604x559 63734 bytes 2012.01.09

Just showered

I found one of those "hey stop what you're doing and draw yourself wearing what you're wearing now" things and I went ahead and did it for some reason even though I don't have a Tumblr. I'm trying to learn to just doodle stuff without caring how it looks.\r\n\r\nI'm gonna blame Zyraxus because it's YOUR FAULT, DAMN IT

Tags: bat male gavin shirtless pajamas towel lame stupid computer nerd   [More Info] [Comment]
Image: potable.jpg   382x754 53956 bytes 2009.05.11


A random character design I have no plans to do anything with. I have a lot of these.

Tags: raccoon female robe alchemist potion fat   [Comment]
Image: randomwinter.jpg   484x561 53630 bytes 2009.08.17

Small winter

Just some random messing around with watercolors that I'm posting for some reason.

Tags: winter snow watercolor   [Comment]
Image: santadillo.jpg   431x527 36188 bytes 2011.01.02


Kinda late, kinda quick, kinda bad, but there you go. Just trying to get back into the swing of this whole art thing after visiting family for the holidays. Can you tell my anatomy book is on the other side of an ocean right now?\r\n\r\nSo, Merry Christmas! Or Happy New Year, whichever.

Tags: armadillo male santa hat scarf   [Comment]
Image: scavenged.jpg   617x605 40198 bytes 2010.09.25

Scavenged cake

A quick birthday doodle for a friend who's been having a rough week.

Tags: hyena birthday cake goofy pointy hat   [Comment]
Image: shoppinglist.jpg   395x817 80457 bytes 2009.10.12

Need to restock

I'm not very good at coming up with shopping lists.

Tags: doodle turtle rabbit snake pig rooster chimera unicorn weasel shopping list wtf   [Comment]
Image: shotagoat-sk.jpg   379x552 57373 bytes 2009.05.15

I found this in an old sketchbook. I argued with myself for a while over whether it merited a content warning in a thumbnail when I put it up on FA, but several friends assured me I'm just a prude.\r\n\r\nWhat? No, of course it isn't a girl.

Tags: goat male boy shota   [Comment]
Image: sickness.jpg   874x454 108155 bytes 2013.11.14

I have a sickness

My Shitty Game Disease is pretty bad. I've done a little bit of streaming so that Ahst and Ween may regard this game and/or me with mingled horror and disgust, but my computer isn't super-great for it.

Tags: bat folf stox male video_games daikatana   [Comment]
Image: sk-minigav.jpg   319x689 52562 bytes 2013.07.31


Gavin, smaller than usual. He probably has weasels all over his lunch box, too.

Tags: bat male gavin sketch cub   [Comment]
Image: sketchgame.jpg   792x956 132788 bytes 2010.03.08

Sketching game

We played a game at our drawing meetup where we would take turns suggesting themes (usually one word) that everyone would draw a picture around. I ended up drawing a page full of butts before I realized it.

Tags: sketch game tattoo desire assassin haha ASS-ASS-IN get it   [Comment]
Image: squeaky.jpg   535x328 39209 bytes 2011.01.21


Van found these in an old sketchbook and made me scan them.

Tags: bat weasel doodle   [Comment]
Image: summerfrilly88.gif   440x640 19847 bytes 2012.05.14

Frilly pixel ferret

Have you ever wondered what my art might look like on a PC-88? Well, wonder no more.\r\n\r\nThis actually took a surprising amount of time that probably could have been better spent.

Tags: black-footed ferret female summer pink dress smoking pixels   [Comment]
Image: tinyweasels.jpg   1000x804 73624 bytes 2009.06.03

Weasel doodles

And here's some various weaselly nonsense from the margins of my sketchbook. Guess which one was a collaborative effort!

Tags: weasel doodles nonsense yaay noes pile patronus   [Comment]

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