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Image: c-jtdbat.jpg   716x788 116413 bytes 2014.01.08


Done for JohnTheDragon on FA.\r\n\r\nDamn it I want strawberries now.

Tags: anthro bat male undies boxers strawberries   [More Info] [Comment]
Image: cookingwithbats2.jpg   600x1545 312881 bytes 2013.12.05

Cooking with Bats

With Striker's help, I was eventually able to make something edible.

Tags: bat male gavin comic cooking spaghetti ineptitude   [More Info] [Comment]
Image: umjammerexperience.jpg   941x930 89738 bytes 2013.07.31

The Um Jammer Experience

Purple haze is all around\r\nDon't know if this tree is coming down \r\nMy saw's gone dull, feels like I'm condemned\r\nI'll never use Joe Chin's chains again\r\n\r\nSpix on FA told me to.

Tags: sheep female lammy um_jammer_lammy fanart   [Comment]
Image: com-skunkcouch.jpg   1000x876 194348 bytes 2013.07.31

I claim all the pillows

Done for Ahst on FA, who repaid me with a copy of Deadly Premonition.\r\n\r\nI should probably actually plot out my vanishing points instead of doing everything by eye, huh?

Tags: skunk male couch video_games   [Comment]
Image: com-skrugg2.jpg   628x718 81987 bytes 2013.07.31


Skrugg on FA paid me to draw a weasel. Skrugg is pretty cool.

Tags: weasel male skrugg harness   [Comment]
Image: dame.jpg   609x823 88495 bytes 2013.07.31


I wanted to see if I could slam out a relatively simple picture in one sitting. I almost succeeded.

Tags: fox female knight sword armour skirt   [Comment]
Image: badgjar.jpg   670x883 107219 bytes 2012.12.30


Vandringar's badgerly dude.

Tags: badger male shirtless   [Comment]
Image: gavaction.jpg   730x809 127907 bytes 2012.11.26

Gavin (Quell)

Finally I can replace my old reference picture. Except, uh, this pose isn't really all that useful for reference, is it?

Tags: bat male gavin   [Comment]
Image: batbreath.jpg   698x1474 203297 bytes 2012.10.10

Fog Machine

Somehow being able to see my breath in cold weather hasn't stopped entertaining me since childhood.

Tags: bat male gavin comic cold weather easily_amused   [Comment]
Image: brushesjig2.png   640x960 76067 bytes 2012.10.04


A belated birthday pic for TreePony on FA, financed by PeterKitty.\r\n\r\nI've had Brushes sitting on my phone for ages, mostly unused because I never figured out how to do anything with it. Eventually I realised drawing on it just doesn't work - it's made for a more painterly approach that I'd never really attempted seriously before. There's a fair amount of things that bug me about this pic, but for a first attempt at a completely new process I'm pretty satisfied with it.

Tags: horse male cowboy hat jig   [Comment]
Image: recentgames5.jpg   448x1500 230354 bytes 2012.07.09

Games I have been playing, part 5

Athena: Ahahaha, this game is so hilariously unfair. It wants to be a typical arcade quarter-sucker, but it's way too discouraging for that. God help me, though, I think I actually legitimately enjoy this game sometimes.\r\n\r\nEl Shaddai: This actually is one of my all-time favourites, though. It's absolutely gorgeous, the combat is fun, and the story is rich with that unique brand of lunacy that can only come from a Japanese video game about Abrahamic religion.\r\n\r\nDark Souls: Hi! My name is Gavin and I'm a wanderer. I enjoy backtracking, bullshit disguised as difficulty, and making ridiculously brutal games even harder by spending all my equipment upgrades really stupidly.\r\n\r\nBattle Fantasia: Cedric is totally stealing my look! Except I don't borrow my shorts from Lara Croft.

Tags: bat gavin comic games athena el shaddai dark souls battle fantasia   [Comment]
Image: gavtropical.jpg   535x857 130188 bytes 2012.07.03

Tropical Gavin

It's not warm and sunny in England at all. But here's this anyway.

Tags: bat male Gavin crossdressing tropical sunny skirt thong   [Comment]
Image: ilostance2.jpg   853x933 128386 bytes 2012.06.08

More Ilo

Someone told me to draw weasels. So I did.\r\n\r\nBoy, I cannot decide how I want to colour things.

Tags: weasel male ilo dagger magic bag of tricks   [Comment]
Image: summerfrilly.jpg   654x950 152597 bytes 2012.05.09

Frilly pink ferret

Summer likes dressing up sometimes.

Tags: black-footed ferret female summer pink dress not quite rococo   [Comment]
Image: aeryswalk1.jpg   840x1000 210183 bytes 2012.02.29

Aerys is walking

Commission for Aerys. I just kinda threw shit against the wall for the background.

Tags: bat male city new york nyc   [Comment]
Image: recentgames4.jpg   448x1638 241855 bytes 2012.01.10

How I waste my time, part 4

Dragon View: These guys might actually be the most obnoxious enemy I've ever seen in any video game. They are equal parts the Red Arremer from Ghosts 'n' Goblins and the dog from Duck Hunt.\r\n\r\nNelson Tethers: Yeah, I'm not claiming unique insight here.\r\n\r\nSuper Castlevania IV: I will one-credit this game. But first I have to stop getting punk'd by this one stupid merman.\r\n\r\nThe Binding of Isaac: Some games are unfortunate tragedies, otherwise great works completely ruined by a single stupid design decision. The Binding of Isaac is a mostly-fun Roguelike/shooter that's impossible to enjoy because the entire experience reeks of the most retarded Newgrounds vomit.\r\n\r\nDungeon Defenders: I can't say that much about the game itself, but the interface has some hilariously awkward failings.

Tags: comic bat video games tethers layton castlevania binding isaac   [Comment]
Image: mangomango.jpg   1000x505 110307 bytes 2012.01.03


Tasho likes mango. Hey, me too.

Tags: bat cat rabbit gavin tasho spottycat fruit mango   [More Info] [Comment]
Image: xinthus1.jpg   864x1000 129953 bytes 2011.12.08


One of my last commissions before I close my queue in favour of more gainful employment. Full time work is certainly more profitable than drawing fuzzy dudes for money, but not really as gratifying.

Tags: bat white male druid staff magic   [Comment]
Image: foxtorresbadge2.jpg   520x717 86876 bytes 2011.11.29

Badge for FoxTorres

A badge for FoxTorres, commissioned by RaccoonCarcass.

Tags: male fox bat goth badge   [Comment]
Image: recentgames3.jpg   538x1639 203583 bytes 2011.11.13

How I waste my time, part 3

Pokémon: No points for guessing which Pokémon I take with me absolutely everywhere - it's Swoobat. His name is Bartleby, and his strange mono-ear perplexes me, but he is awesome all the same.\r\n\r\nLa Mulana: Every few months I'll pick this game up until I get horribly stuck again. But I've come surprisingly far without doing any cheating or looking anything up, so I can't start now.\r\n\r\nDrakkhen: As an adult I see all sorts of surprising things here that I never noticed as a kid: an open world you can explore freely, a story of civil war among clans of dragons, name spellings that suggest a unique language, combat strangely reminiscent of Final Fantasy XIII, and oh yeah, GIANT DRAGON TITS.\r\n\r\nThe Black Cauldron: "Use it wisely" means "shout it on every screen until something happens".

Tags: fruit bat male gavin video games pokemon la mulana drakkhen black cauldron   [Comment]
Image: roburicon.jpg   515x663 65388 bytes 2011.11.12

A headshot for Robur, cropped to avatar size.

Tags: male sugar glider hipster headshot icon avatar   [Comment]
Image: robur2.jpg   540x874 72913 bytes 2011.11.09


A commission for Robur, rocking some very manly headphones.

Tags: sugar glider robur hipster headphones converse   [Comment]
Image: sirota1.jpg   748x920 97090 bytes 2011.10.31


A commission for Athelind of his Ironclaw character.

Tags: leaf nosed bat male sirota wizard air   [Comment]
Image: jaim2.jpg   530x1146 99476 bytes 2011.10.29


A commission for Jaim. Still learning my way around Sai, as can be seen.

Tags: cat feline male androgynous crossdressing jaim blouse skirt   [Comment]
Image: cyrusbadge.jpg   450x675 65099 bytes 2011.09.26

Badge for Cyrus

A badge for Cyrus. Those are, uh, wireless headphones. I didn't forget anything.

Tags: bat male cyrus badge headphones music   [Comment]
Image: gavmesh1.jpg   830x961 103380 bytes 2011.09.26

Gavin in mesh

Bat clothes bat clothes bat clothes

Tags: bat male gavin mesh   [Comment]
Image: ilo.jpg   486x866 76722 bytes 2011.09.13


Ilo'ere'sadrinkin'sor'o'weas'l.\r\n\r\nVandringar's request.

Tags: weasel male ilo feathered hat alcohol   [Comment]
Image: poke-minccino.jpg   500x500 44175 bytes 2011.06.25

Minccino for Wolven447

Minccino for Wolven447 on deviantART. According to Bulbapedia, this creature's ears get bigger and bigger as it gets stronger until they can dwarf an entire building. Okay not really but geez look at those things. I think I actually drew them a little -too small-. There's another Pokémon who's supposed to have amazing hearing and it's got nothing on these things.

Tags: pokemon minccino   [Comment]
Image: poke-suicune.jpg   500x500 47193 bytes 2011.06.25

Suicune for Wolven447

Suicune for Wolven447 on deviantART. Skimming the backstory for this thing on Bulbapedia kinda makes me wonder when and how this franchise's stories got so epic and involved. Personally, my quest remains simply to be the very best, like no one ever was.

Tags: pokemon suicune   [Comment]
Image: poke-meowth.jpg   500x500 44189 bytes 2011.06.08

Meowth for PeterKitty

A Meowth for PeterKitty on FA. Not the talking one from Team Rocket. But man, Team Rocket was awesome.

Tags: pokemon meowth   [Comment]

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