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Image: aeryswalk1.jpg   840x1000 210183 bytes 2012.02.29

Aerys is walking

Commission for Aerys. I just kinda threw shit against the wall for the background.

Tags: bat male city new york nyc   [Comment]
Image: badgjar.jpg   670x883 107219 bytes 2012.12.30


Vandringar's badgerly dude.

Tags: badger male shirtless   [Comment]
Image: batbreath.jpg   698x1474 203297 bytes 2012.10.10

Fog Machine

Somehow being able to see my breath in cold weather hasn't stopped entertaining me since childhood.

Tags: bat male gavin comic cold weather easily_amused   [Comment]
Image: beltedsweater1.jpg   819x573 90023 bytes 2011.01.11

WEASELS: In Belted Sweaters

My sister linked me to this wonderfully atrocious piece of 70s fashion. Arrested, captivated, mesmerized, I had no choice but to do something with it. Belted sweaters had to be drawn.

Tags: weasel male 70s men in belted sweaters   [More Info] [Comment]
Image: beltedsweater2.jpg   819x573 97884 bytes 2011.01.11

LEMURS: In Belted Sweaters

80s fashion is pretty easy to make fun of, but I kind of think the 70s deserve it more sometimes.

Tags: lemur male 70s men in belted sweaters   [More Info] [Comment]
Image: beltedsweater3.jpg   819x573 88168 bytes 2011.01.11

MICE: In Belted Sweaters

I strongly encourage other artists out there to join me in this vitally important creative endeavor. The world clearly needs more pictures of Men In Belted Sweaters. Also that might be my new band name.

Tags: mouse male 70s men in belted sweaters   [More Info] [Comment]
Image: biscuits.jpg   661x698 117186 bytes 2009.05.16

Monster Manual (commission)

Thanks, Biscuits! Without your help I might never have learned the proper arrangement of numbers on a ten-sided die, and that's knowledge I can use.

Tags: rat male albino dice dnd glasses   [Comment]
Image: biscuitsbday.jpg   896x564 85069 bytes 2011.02.12

Happy Birthday, Biscuits!

A quick, barely-on-time birthday pic for Biscuits. Peter's idea! So this is sort of a joint gift from both of us.

Tags: cat rat male siamese birthday cheese briefs   [Comment]
Image: blueotter.jpg   1001x715 91135 bytes 2010.08.11


A cute commission for BlueWoozle on FA. Many thanks!

Tags: otter male blue hair bean bag feet paws   [Comment]
Image: bonivarmor1.jpg   542x821 67514 bytes 2010.06.21

Bonivan in chainmail

My first commission for Kraz. If you ever find yourself choosing between rendering chainmail and rendering scales, go with the chainmail.

Tags: bat male armor elven chainmail staff   [Comment]
Image: bottlepalm.jpg   775x905 63846 bytes 2010.07.11

The best gifts are digital

Happy birthday, Vandringar! I got you a bottle palm.

Tags: bat weasel male gavin vandringar happy birthday bottle palm tree   [Comment]
Image: brushesjig2.png   640x960 76067 bytes 2012.10.04


A belated birthday pic for TreePony on FA, financed by PeterKitty.\r\n\r\nI've had Brushes sitting on my phone for ages, mostly unused because I never figured out how to do anything with it. Eventually I realised drawing on it just doesn't work - it's made for a more painterly approach that I'd never really attempted seriously before. There's a fair amount of things that bug me about this pic, but for a first attempt at a completely new process I'm pretty satisfied with it.

Tags: horse male cowboy hat jig   [Comment]
Image: c-jtdbat.jpg   716x788 116413 bytes 2014.01.08


Done for JohnTheDragon on FA.\r\n\r\nDamn it I want strawberries now.

Tags: anthro bat male undies boxers strawberries   [More Info] [Comment]
Image: cainmad.jpg   592x918 89486 bytes 2009.05.15

Mad science is the best science

This one's for Cain! This is the commission that finally forced me to stop putting off learning how to use watercolors, something I sincerely appreciate.\r\n\r\nWhat's he got in that beaker? Why, it's SCIENCE of course.

Tags: wolf male mad scientist lab coat pink watercolor commission   [Comment]
Image: cainmiami.jpg   782x956 167179 bytes 2009.08.22


Here's another painting for Cain! I was barely able to restrain myself from giving him a speech bubble with a cheeky one-liner and putting a big YEEEEEEEAAAHHHH in the background.

Tags: wolf male cain suit sunglasses watercolor   [Comment]
Image: celeste.jpg   673x765 52744 bytes 2010.12.16


Commission for Angelchu on FurAffinity. Many thanks!

Tags: bat male   [Comment]
Image: com-skrugg2.jpg   628x718 81987 bytes 2013.07.31


Skrugg on FA paid me to draw a weasel. Skrugg is pretty cool.

Tags: weasel male skrugg harness   [Comment]
Image: com-skunkcouch.jpg   1000x876 194348 bytes 2013.07.31

I claim all the pillows

Done for Ahst on FA, who repaid me with a copy of Deadly Premonition.\r\n\r\nI should probably actually plot out my vanishing points instead of doing everything by eye, huh?

Tags: skunk male couch video_games   [Comment]
Image: cookingwithbats2.jpg   600x1545 312881 bytes 2013.12.05

Cooking with Bats

With Striker's help, I was eventually able to make something edible.

Tags: bat male gavin comic cooking spaghetti ineptitude   [More Info] [Comment]
Image: couch.jpg   1200x1200 227083 bytes 2009.05.16

1.6 occupants per couch cushion

My last gift to Striker for buying me this tablet last year! This one started out as a Painter experiment, then turned into a Photoshop brushes experiment somewhere along the way. On the whole it doesn't look much like anything else I've ever produced, ever, and probably not much like anything I'll produce in the future.

Tags: fox cat bat cornish_rex male female striker mica gavin couch mantle dress wings   [Comment]
Image: cyrusbadge.jpg   450x675 65099 bytes 2011.09.26

Badge for Cyrus

A badge for Cyrus. Those are, uh, wireless headphones. I didn't forget anything.

Tags: bat male cyrus badge headphones music   [Comment]
Image: cyruschiro2.jpg   1118x572 84191 bytes 2010.12.18

Cyrus Chiroptera

A character sheet for Cyrus Chiroptera. Hope he likes it!

Tags: bat male character sheet   [Comment]
Image: dame.jpg   609x823 88495 bytes 2013.07.31


I wanted to see if I could slam out a relatively simple picture in one sitting. I almost succeeded.

Tags: fox female knight sword armour skirt   [Comment]
Image: darindress.jpg   504x906 69490 bytes 2009.05.11

See, when this was just an ink outline I couldn't look at this skunk and think, "wow, he looks grape-flavored." IT'S THE MAGIC OF COLOR\r\n\r\nNope, still not a girl.

Tags: skunk male darin dress scarf gloves socks crossdressing   [Comment]
Image: darinpainted.jpg   526x735 75721 bytes 2009.08.13

Darin (I think)

Guys, besides forgetting how to paint I seem to have forgotten how to draw my Taps character. Here he is looking a lot more like a teenage girl than normal -- okay, maybe not that much more than normal, but still, those hips! Geez.\r\n\r\nHe's also in a state of dress I never thought I'd see him in: a t-shirt and jeans.

Tags: skunk male darin watercolor   [Comment]
Image: darinribbon2.jpg   452x703 62517 bytes 2009.05.11

Ribbon pants

My first attempt at cel shading. I think it suits my linework a bit better than my usual shading; maybe further experiments are in order.

Tags: skunk male darin ribbon vest orange half-gloves   [Comment]
Image: darinsmu.jpg   1000x724 83279 bytes 2009.05.14

Dress code

Just a quick experiment. Sorry, foxes of the world! Striker bought me a Wacom tablet for my birthday, so the rest of you will just have to compete for second awesomest.

Tags: skunk male darin school uniform   [Comment]
Image: darintee.jpg   398x589 41146 bytes 2009.05.11


A skunk I've been drawing a lot of lately. Still getting the hang of coloring and shading and abstract backdrops and such.

Tags: skunk male darin t-shirt underwear   [Comment]
Image: darintrap.jpg   379x670 45521 bytes 2009.05.11


Hey guys check out my 1 AM shading! This would easily be the girliest girly girl I'd ever drawn, if it was a girl.

Tags: skunk male darin skirt purse crossdressing   [Comment]
Image: dawndressed.jpg   810x984 171582 bytes 2010.07.08

Dawn's Dress

My first of two commissions for Striker, and probably my pinkest picture yet.

Tags: rabbit snow leopard cabbit hybrid dawn female redhead black dress   [Comment]

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