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Image: poke-rufus5.jpg   1000x500 119174 bytes 2011.06.08

Team for Rufus5

An Arcanine, Scyther, Nidoking, Sandslash, Umbreon, and Tentacruel for Rufus5 on FA. I kinda guessed semi-wildly at the scale of all these things based on Bulbapedia's height listings and images.

Tags: pokemon arcanine scyther nidoking sandslash umbreon tentacruel   [Comment]
Image: poke-quilava.jpg   500x500 44111 bytes 2011.05.29

Quilava for GojiTheFox

A Quilava for GojiTheFox on FA. This guy is totally punk! It was really, really hard not to give him a nose ring.

Tags: pokemon quilava   [Comment]
Image: poke-sandslash.jpg   500x500 47495 bytes 2011.05.29

Sandslash for Immelmann

A Sandslash for Immelmann on FA. Wooo, gen 1! I actually haven't touched these games since Red, so this is one of very few of my requests that I actually knew what it was.

Tags: pokemon sandslash scarf   [Comment]
Image: poke-bolovictini.jpg   500x500 65148 bytes 2011.05.29

Victini for Bolo

Bolo_CuteFox from FA with his Victini! I assume it's his. I am glad to know there's a legendary Pokémon that's about a foot tall.

Tags: fox male pokemon victini   [Comment]
Image: poke-grovyle.jpg   500x500 53800 bytes 2011.05.29

Grovyle for Magitalon

Grovyle for Magitalon on FA. Go, Grovyle! I don't really know anything about this guy, but he's pretty neat-looking. Bulbapedia seems to suggest he's really into jumping. Whatever makes you happy, Grovyle.

Tags: pokemon grovyle   [Comment]
Image: poke-wyvern2.jpg   1000x1000 185703 bytes 2011.05.29

Pokemon for WyvernSage08 Part 2

Feraligatr, Arcanine, Luxray, and Nidoking for WyvernSage08 on FA. Apparently Nidoking is popular with furries! I never knew and I am honestly kind of baffled by this, because he is pretty much one of the gooniest things from gen 1.

Tags: pokemon feraligatr acanine luxray nidoking   [Comment]
Image: poke-wyvern1.jpg   1000x1000 147435 bytes 2011.05.29

Pokemon for WyvernSage08 Part 1

Lucario, shiny Lucario, Mightyena, and Manectric for WyvernSage08 on FA. One of my favorite quirks in Pokémon is that the wildlife grows natural features that resemble clothes, like Lucario's poofy shorts.

Tags: pokemon lucario shiny mightyena manectric   [Comment]
Image: poke-growlithe.jpg   500x500 53594 bytes 2011.05.25

$5 Pokémon Commissions!

My sister did it because someone else did it and now I'm doing it, too: in order to finance a copy of Pokémon White - my first foray into the franchise since Pokémon Red - I'm now taking some tiny Pokémon commissions! For $5 USD you can name your 'mon, any 'mon, any gen, normal or shiny or otherwise, and I will give you something like this in return.\r\n\r\nPayPal payments to taiunimpressive at gmail!

Tags: Pokémon Growlithe commission shill   [Comment]
Image: morghus1.jpg   907x383 64420 bytes 2011.05.03


Commission for Morghus. I might need to take a break from commissions and draw something that isn't a bat soon.

Tags: bat male lying   [Comment]
Image: henryhoodie1.jpg   832x844 96973 bytes 2011.03.28


A commission for Gaarvaag on FA. New pictures will probably be sparse for a while as I try to adjust to a new work schedule.

Tags: cheetah male henry hoodie barefoot   [Comment]
Image: recentgames2.jpg   500x2340 305311 bytes 2011.03.13

How I waste my time, part 2

Zone of the Enders: My aim is terrible! It's almost like I'm some kid that stumbled blindly into a cockpit instead of a real pilot.\r\n\r\nBorderlands: I can also be seen playing the Siren when I'm moonlighting as a skunk. But bats are predisposed to sniping, it seems.\r\n\r\nAncient Land of Ys: Yes, the DOS original. I was expecting this game to be absolutely awful from what I heard about its "run into enemies and hope they die before you do" combat, but it's actually pretty fun! You just have to attack from an angle to avoid getting mauled. \r\n\r\nEtrian Odyssey III: Oh geez. I have a character limit here, but see FA.\r\n\r\nEcoQuest 2: The little fruit bat in this game pretty much fills the "damsel in distress" role. You rescue her multiple times and you get a kiss from her at the end. Awww!

Tags: fruit bat gavin zone of the enders borderlands ys etrian odyssey ecoquest   [More Info] [Comment]
Image: girlinthetower-sk.jpg   449x685 86696 bytes 2011.03.01

Girl in the Tower

Drawing under the influence. Of alcohol, and also King's Quest.

Tags: wolf female window bird sketch   [Comment]
Image: biscuitsbday.jpg   896x564 85069 bytes 2011.02.12

Happy Birthday, Biscuits!

A quick, barely-on-time birthday pic for Biscuits. Peter's idea! So this is sort of a joint gift from both of us.

Tags: cat rat male siamese birthday cheese briefs   [Comment]
Image: strawberries.jpg   1148x857 93367 bytes 2011.02.03


First commission for Shade, featuring delicious fruit.

Tags: bat jackal male nude shade aleksander strawberry tongue   [Comment]
Image: zephgaruda.jpg   850x1169 295592 bytes 2011.01.28


A long, loooong overdue painting for the pretty cool and infinitely patient Zephyr Kawabata. If I ever actually make it back to the UK I intend to deliver the original in person and possibly exchange masochistic RPGs.

Tags: snow leopard male feline garuda flying painting watercolor   [Comment]
Image: raoulbday.jpg   572x539 56214 bytes 2011.01.24

Happy Birthday!

A quick-yet-still-late birthday gift for Raoul! This is the guy who first recommended Demon's Souls to me, which makes him directly responsible for more of my profanity than any of my other friends.

Tags: bat fox stox male antlers gaming ps3 controller   [More Info] [Comment]
Image: gavbadgewc.jpg   703x531 61541 bytes 2011.01.22

Off to Elliot's I guess

I'm supposed to be in the UK right now! Since I'm not, though, I guess I'll be heading to Elliot's Winter Carnival this weekend, where I'll be identifiable by this badge that may or may not be visible on my person.\r\n\r\nHello again, watercolors. It has been a while.

Tags: bat male gavin badge watercolor   [Comment]
Image: beltedsweater3.jpg   819x573 88168 bytes 2011.01.11

MICE: In Belted Sweaters

I strongly encourage other artists out there to join me in this vitally important creative endeavor. The world clearly needs more pictures of Men In Belted Sweaters. Also that might be my new band name.

Tags: mouse male 70s men in belted sweaters   [More Info] [Comment]
Image: beltedsweater2.jpg   819x573 97884 bytes 2011.01.11

LEMURS: In Belted Sweaters

80s fashion is pretty easy to make fun of, but I kind of think the 70s deserve it more sometimes.

Tags: lemur male 70s men in belted sweaters   [More Info] [Comment]
Image: beltedsweater1.jpg   819x573 90023 bytes 2011.01.11

WEASELS: In Belted Sweaters

My sister linked me to this wonderfully atrocious piece of 70s fashion. Arrested, captivated, mesmerized, I had no choice but to do something with it. Belted sweaters had to be drawn.

Tags: weasel male 70s men in belted sweaters   [More Info] [Comment]
Image: sciopent.jpg   430x673 55340 bytes 2011.01.07

Scientist of Pentacles

A tarot card of some sort commissioned by PlagueRat on FA. In retrospect I probably should have researched tarot symbolism a bit more before I got started, but I was assigned this card and I got this mental picture out of it more or less immediately, so there it is.

Tags: rat male wings plaguerat tarot scientist pentacles   [Comment]
Image: cyruschiro2.jpg   1118x572 84191 bytes 2010.12.18

Cyrus Chiroptera

A character sheet for Cyrus Chiroptera. Hope he likes it!

Tags: bat male character sheet   [Comment]
Image: celeste.jpg   673x765 52744 bytes 2010.12.16


Commission for Angelchu on FurAffinity. Many thanks!

Tags: bat male   [Comment]
Image: recentgames1.jpg   575x1149 141530 bytes 2010.10.27

How I waste my time

Dragon Quest IX: When I found out I'd have eight faces to choose from in creating characters, my first thought was, "bullshit. Akira Toriyama can't draw eight different faces." I was right.\r\n\r\nCivilization V: Despite how many new World Wonders there are in this game, I predicted correctly that the new Cowboys Stadium would not be featured among them. SUCK ON THAT, NFL HYPE MACHINE\r\n\r\nRecettear: I just got Tielle and I really don't like her. I don't like her attacks or her specials or her inability to dash and I cannot convince her to survive. But I feel obligated to level her up because she's there.\r\n\r\nBarkley Shut Up And Jam Gaiden: This game is amazing and you should play it.

Tags: bat male gavin video games dragon quest civilization recettear barkley   [More Info] [Comment]
Image: tomatoattack3.jpg   1033x760 68447 bytes 2010.10.26

Tomato attack!

Morgan's Moogle character Saine under attack by a vicious Rogue Tomato, which is pretty much my favorite monster from any RPG ever.

Tags: final fantasy moogle rogue tomato saine   [More Info] [Comment]
Image: reaching.jpg   842x954 138328 bytes 2010.10.24

Catching Autumn

A commission for PeterSiamese. I never watched much Bob Ross, so I never learned how to paint Happy Trees, but at least these ones don't look like they're about to hang themselves in despair.

Tags: cat bat feline siamese peter morgan autumn leaves   [Comment]
Image: ratbeatscat.jpg   1167x1000 136436 bytes 2010.10.10

Victory pose

A commission for Peter, of him and Biscuits. Put on some pants, you guys, SHEESH

Tags: male siamese cat albino rat peter biscuits starcraft2   [Comment]
Image: frystab.jpg   552x1758 176029 bytes 2010.09.21

Gavin, Frystabber

I'm not the only person who does this, right?\r\n\r\nAnyone?

Tags: bat weasel male gavin vandringar fries comic   [Comment]
Image: blueotter.jpg   1001x715 91135 bytes 2010.08.11


A cute commission for BlueWoozle on FA. Many thanks!

Tags: otter male blue hair bean bag feet paws   [Comment]
Image: youfirst.jpg   1071x768 142959 bytes 2010.08.10

You first

A commission for Vulnavia.\r\n\r\nI grew up with My Neighbor Totoro; it was my favorite movie ever for most of my childhood. When the Catbus showed up I just rolled with it, as kids do, and ever since then my impressions of it have been entirely colored by nostalgia. So not until actually sitting down and drawing it myself here did I actually look at the Catbus and realize holy goddamn that thing is freaky as hell.

Tags: bat rat cat vole vulnavia gavin catbus my neighbor totoro   [Comment]

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