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Image: foxtorresbadge2.jpg   520x717 86876 bytes 2011.11.29

Badge for FoxTorres

A badge for FoxTorres, commissioned by RaccoonCarcass.

Tags: male fox bat goth badge   [Comment]
Image: foxxlebday1.jpg   861x601 84072 bytes 2009.07.31


Commissioned by Furlop for Foxxle's birthday. Happy birthday, Foxxle! May it be relatively headache-free.

Tags: fox arctic hare male foxxle furlop birthday presents inside joke   [Comment]
Image: frystab.jpg   552x1758 176029 bytes 2010.09.21

Gavin, Frystabber

I'm not the only person who does this, right?\r\n\r\nAnyone?

Tags: bat weasel male gavin vandringar fries comic   [Comment]
Image: fuchsmitbuch.jpg   646x452 38131 bytes 2009.05.11

Fuchs mit Buch

Something I drew for a good friend's birthday years ago. It's still pretty okay.

Tags: fox male azure book paws   [Comment]
Image: gav-romanshingu.jpg   740x1046 100196 bytes 2009.05.14

Gavin (Minstrel's Song)

Another SaGa inspired outfit for my character. I love the art for the series, though I can never remember who the artist is.

Tags: bat male mantle wings   [Comment]
Image: gavaction.jpg   730x809 127907 bytes 2012.11.26

Gavin (Quell)

Finally I can replace my old reference picture. Except, uh, this pose isn't really all that useful for reference, is it?

Tags: bat male gavin   [Comment]
Image: gavanri.jpg   394x770 58650 bytes 2009.05.11

Gavin (Wonder)

My character looking typically dull-witted in a vaguely Saga-inspired outfit. I don't so much draw figures as I draw clothes sometimes.

Tags: bat male gavin mantle scarf wings   [Comment]
Image: gavbadgewc.jpg   703x531 61541 bytes 2011.01.22

Off to Elliot's I guess

I'm supposed to be in the UK right now! Since I'm not, though, I guess I'll be heading to Elliot's Winter Carnival this weekend, where I'll be identifiable by this badge that may or may not be visible on my person.\r\n\r\nHello again, watercolors. It has been a while.

Tags: bat male gavin badge watercolor   [Comment]
Image: gavconsort.jpg   779x752 53037 bytes 2009.07.17


I tried adding a shadowy figure into the 'consort' panel on that RPG meme, but it looked distracting and out of place there (plus it felt like it was just trying too hard to drive the point home; I may as well have immersed the 'mutant' panel in glowing green ooze). And tonight I was bored so I blew up that sketch and fleshed it out a bit. May move to scraps later.

Tags: bat male gavin crossdressing consort   [Comment]
Image: gavindress-cl.jpg   718x984 62687 bytes 2009.05.28

Gavin, still girly

Maybe this would've lent itself better to cel shading? Oh well.\r\n\r\nI'm fairly comfortable with the way I do digital coloring now, but I'm not done experimenting, either.

Tags: bat male Gavin crossdressing dress stockings   [Comment]
Image: gavindress-ink.jpg   718x984 75199 bytes 2009.05.11

Girly Gavin

Hey look, crossdressing. There's something I haven't posted much of.

Tags: bat male gavin scarf dress stockings crossdressing running   [Comment]
Image: gavmesh1.jpg   830x961 103380 bytes 2011.09.26

Gavin in mesh

Bat clothes bat clothes bat clothes

Tags: bat male gavin mesh   [Comment]
Image: gavoracle.jpg   634x827 110667 bytes 2009.05.11

Gavin (Oracle)

Gavin in an outfit inspired by Tales of the Abyss. It is an outfit I honestly do not particularly want to ever draw again.

Tags: bat male gavin scarf tabard wings   [Comment]
Image: gavrpgmeme.jpg   900x960 182345 bytes 2009.07.09

RPG meme (Gavin)

Look guys, it's another meme. Blank version's in the 'more info' link.\r\n\r\nThis one was fun. As usual, my character's wings get in the way of everything. Being unable to wear a proper corset makes my barwench feel insufficiently barwenchy.

Tags: bat male gavin rpg meme fire alcohol zombie   [More Info] [Comment]
Image: gavscales.jpg   571x888 74538 bytes 2009.10.07

Gavin - Scales

Hey, it's been a while since I last designed a ridiculous outfit for my character! I am pretty sure I'm never going to draw this one ever again, ever, because holy crap those scales are a pain.\r\n\r\nRandom 3 AM backdrops, wheeee.

Tags: bat male gavin wings leather scales mail collar   [Comment]
Image: gavtropical.jpg   535x857 130188 bytes 2012.07.03

Tropical Gavin

It's not warm and sunny in England at all. But here's this anyway.

Tags: bat male Gavin crossdressing tropical sunny skirt thong   [Comment]
Image: gavwing-ink.jpg   632x791 96153 bytes 2009.05.17

Gavin waves

I didn't notice until I started inking this that all the crisscrossy nonsense down there was messed up. Apparently I couldn't be bothered to fix it.

Tags: bat male gavin wing glasses mantle   [Comment]
Image: girlinthetower-sk.jpg   449x685 86696 bytes 2011.03.01

Girl in the Tower

Drawing under the influence. Of alcohol, and also King's Quest.

Tags: wolf female window bird sketch   [Comment]
Image: henryhoodie1.jpg   832x844 96973 bytes 2011.03.28


A commission for Gaarvaag on FA. New pictures will probably be sparse for a while as I try to adjust to a new work schedule.

Tags: cheetah male henry hoodie barefoot   [Comment]
Image: ihlosi.jpg   496x848 59054 bytes 2009.05.12

Ihlosi (commission)

A cheetah for ktastrophy, who is himself a pretty awesome cheetah. \r\n\r\nI think this armor is from the Chainmail Bikini school of personal protection. Form over function is my mantra.

Tags: cheetah male ihlosi armor scifi spots   [Comment]
Image: ilo.jpg   486x866 76722 bytes 2011.09.13


Ilo'ere'sadrinkin'sor'o'weas'l.\r\n\r\nVandringar's request.

Tags: weasel male ilo feathered hat alcohol   [Comment]
Image: ilostance2.jpg   853x933 128386 bytes 2012.06.08

More Ilo

Someone told me to draw weasels. So I did.\r\n\r\nBoy, I cannot decide how I want to colour things.

Tags: weasel male ilo dagger magic bag of tricks   [Comment]
Image: jaguar-ink.jpg   633x941 154446 bytes 2009.05.11

Aztec-ish Jaguar

This was done as a challenge to see how quickly I could draw and ink an unfamiliar subject if I actually sat down and did it all in one sitting instead of poking at it over the course of several days. That's 2.5 hours to sketch, another 2 or so to ink, if you were curious. Granted, this is more complex than most of my work.

Tags: jaguar male rosettes aztec loincloth feathers macuahuitl   [Comment]
Image: jaim2.jpg   530x1146 99476 bytes 2011.10.29


A commission for Jaim. Still learning my way around Sai, as can be seen.

Tags: cat feline male androgynous crossdressing jaim blouse skirt   [Comment]
Image: kalak.jpg   621x911 57695 bytes 2009.05.11

Kalak (commission)

My first full color commission. Thanks, Kalak!

Tags: bat male kalak commission   [Comment]
Image: krazbat.jpg   586x984 85326 bytes 2009.05.13

A bat for Kraz (commission)

Thanks, Kraz! I had fun with this one.

Tags: bat male robe cape   [Comment]
Image: krazrabbarmor.jpg   633x900 70768 bytes 2010.07.03

Rabbit scales

Another commission for Kraz, with armor based somewhat on a set from I think Final Fantasy XI. Many thanks! This one was fun, even with the scales.

Tags: rabbit male armor scale mail kraz   [Comment]
Image: krazrabbit.jpg   586x965 103611 bytes 2009.06.06

A rabbit for Kraz

My third commission for Kraz, who is quickly establishing himself as my best customer. Thanks again!

Tags: rabbit male tunic commission   [Comment]
Image: mangomango.jpg   1000x505 110307 bytes 2012.01.03


Tasho likes mango. Hey, me too.

Tags: bat cat rabbit gavin tasho spottycat fruit mango   [More Info] [Comment]
Image: metalweasels.jpg   834x596 101572 bytes 2009.05.14

Metal weasels

Recently I finally started on something I've been putting off for years: learning how to use real media. My inexperience shows here, but I'm already starting to like these watercolors, and hopefully with enough practice I'll become proficient enough with them to start offering watercolor commissions. We shall see!

Tags: weasel male metal goth topless scar   [Comment]

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