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Image: bottlepalm.jpg   775x905 63846 bytes 2010.07.11

The best gifts are digital

Happy birthday, Vandringar! I got you a bottle palm.

Tags: bat weasel male gavin vandringar happy birthday bottle palm tree   [Comment]
Image: dawndressed.jpg   810x984 171582 bytes 2010.07.08

Dawn's Dress

My first of two commissions for Striker, and probably my pinkest picture yet.

Tags: rabbit snow leopard cabbit hybrid dawn female redhead black dress   [Comment]
Image: krazrabbarmor.jpg   633x900 70768 bytes 2010.07.03

Rabbit scales

Another commission for Kraz, with armor based somewhat on a set from I think Final Fantasy XI. Many thanks! This one was fun, even with the scales.

Tags: rabbit male armor scale mail kraz   [Comment]
Image: bonivarmor1.jpg   542x821 67514 bytes 2010.06.21

Bonivan in chainmail

My first commission for Kraz. If you ever find yourself choosing between rendering chainmail and rendering scales, go with the chainmail.

Tags: bat male armor elven chainmail staff   [Comment]
Image: mottenseth.jpg   748x948 84950 bytes 2010.03.20

Art trade with Mottenfest

An art trade with Mottenfest that I took entirely too long to do.

Tags: feline snow leopard male   [Comment]
Image: mike2501-cl1.jpg   622x951 137031 bytes 2010.03.18

Mike 2501

A commission for Mike 2501 on FA. Many thanks!

Tags: weasel dragon male hybrid   [Comment]
Image: mugammac.jpg   734x864 133676 bytes 2010.03.16

Magister Garrok and his faithful familiar, Perception Check

My first commission for MuGamma, who so far has taken the fullest advantage of the fact that I don't actually charge for backgrounds.

Tags: canine male german shepherd robe books hawk magic familiar   [Comment]
Image: snowbats.jpg   604x1359 86144 bytes 2010.02.12

Snow bat

And then this morning I made a bat. I've spent most of my life in Texas, and this is the most snow I've ever seen outside of a ski resort.

Tags: snow bat sculpture   [Comment]
Image: snowweasels.jpg   604x1359 101673 bytes 2010.02.12

Snow weasel

And then of course I made a weasel. I'd never sculpted before yesterday, certainly not out of snow.

Tags: snow weasel sculpture   [Comment]
Image: snowfoxes.jpg   604x1359 82742 bytes 2010.02.12

Snow fox

Holy crap it snowed. In North Texas! I had to take advantage of it. So I walked around, admiring all the pretty whiteness that transformed the neighborhood, and then I made a fox.

Tags: snow fox sculpture   [Comment]
Image: gavscales.jpg   571x888 74538 bytes 2009.10.07

Gavin - Scales

Hey, it's been a while since I last designed a ridiculous outfit for my character! I am pretty sure I'm never going to draw this one ever again, ever, because holy crap those scales are a pain.\r\n\r\nRandom 3 AM backdrops, wheeee.

Tags: bat male gavin wings leather scales mail collar   [Comment]
Image: cainmiami.jpg   782x956 167179 bytes 2009.08.22


Here's another painting for Cain! I was barely able to restrain myself from giving him a speech bubble with a cheeky one-liner and putting a big YEEEEEEEAAAHHHH in the background.

Tags: wolf male cain suit sunglasses watercolor   [Comment]
Image: darinpainted.jpg   526x735 75721 bytes 2009.08.13

Darin (I think)

Guys, besides forgetting how to paint I seem to have forgotten how to draw my Taps character. Here he is looking a lot more like a teenage girl than normal -- okay, maybe not that much more than normal, but still, those hips! Geez.\r\n\r\nHe's also in a state of dress I never thought I'd see him in: a t-shirt and jeans.

Tags: skunk male darin watercolor   [Comment]
Image: foxxlebday1.jpg   861x601 84072 bytes 2009.07.31


Commissioned by Furlop for Foxxle's birthday. Happy birthday, Foxxle! May it be relatively headache-free.

Tags: fox arctic hare male foxxle furlop birthday presents inside joke   [Comment]
Image: objectionb.jpg   1011x894 60932 bytes 2009.07.21


There were a few different versions of this picture for PeterKitty, but these are the only two I'm posting here.

Tags: peterkitty siamese cat male briefs ds ace attorney paws feet toes   [Comment]
Image: objectionc.jpg   1011x894 65965 bytes 2009.07.21


Another commission/request/whatever for Peterkitty on FA, who paid for this one with a copy of Rhythm Heaven. Toge-ther now WAAAAGH

Tags: peterkitty siamese cat male ds ace attorney paws feet toes   [Comment]
Image: schizoidbat.jpg   500x500 53947 bytes 2009.07.18

21st Century Schizoid Bat


Tags: bat male gavin D:   [Comment]
Image: gavconsort.jpg   779x752 53037 bytes 2009.07.17


I tried adding a shadowy figure into the 'consort' panel on that RPG meme, but it looked distracting and out of place there (plus it felt like it was just trying too hard to drive the point home; I may as well have immersed the 'mutant' panel in glowing green ooze). And tonight I was bored so I blew up that sketch and fleshed it out a bit. May move to scraps later.

Tags: bat male gavin crossdressing consort   [Comment]
Image: gavrpgmeme.jpg   900x960 182345 bytes 2009.07.09

RPG meme (Gavin)

Look guys, it's another meme. Blank version's in the 'more info' link.\r\n\r\nThis one was fun. As usual, my character's wings get in the way of everything. Being unable to wear a proper corset makes my barwench feel insufficiently barwenchy.

Tags: bat male gavin rpg meme fire alcohol zombie   [More Info] [Comment]
Image: prancingram-ink.jpg   649x1065 68609 bytes 2009.06.25

Someone needs a shear

Good lord, look at this prancing fruitcake. I should try drawing someone masculine some time.

Tags: sheep ram male nude clean woolly   [Comment]
Image: peterkitty-av.jpg   482x534 46008 bytes 2009.06.10

Avatar for Peterkitty

An avatar done in watercolor for Peterkitty, who paid for it with a Gamestop gift card. I may also be convinced to accept payment for commissions in online pizza orders.

Tags: cat male feline siamese briefs underwear avatar watercolor   [Comment]
Image: krazrabbit.jpg   586x965 103611 bytes 2009.06.06

A rabbit for Kraz

My third commission for Kraz, who is quickly establishing himself as my best customer. Thanks again!

Tags: rabbit male tunic commission   [Comment]
Image: gavindress-cl.jpg   718x984 62687 bytes 2009.05.28

Gavin, still girly

Maybe this would've lent itself better to cel shading? Oh well.\r\n\r\nI'm fairly comfortable with the way I do digital coloring now, but I'm not done experimenting, either.

Tags: bat male Gavin crossdressing dress stockings   [Comment]
Image: gavwing-ink.jpg   632x791 96153 bytes 2009.05.17

Gavin waves

I didn't notice until I started inking this that all the crisscrossy nonsense down there was messed up. Apparently I couldn't be bothered to fix it.

Tags: bat male gavin wing glasses mantle   [Comment]
Image: motherandchild.jpg   1292x1125 162411 bytes 2009.05.16

Mother and Child

Two generations of a family of witches. More character designs I have no plans to do anything with. Some day, eventually, maybe I'll try to roll all these stray personas I've got floating around into a comic or something.

Tags: cat female witch mother daughter staff cape hat family redhead   [Comment]
Image: biscuits.jpg   661x698 117186 bytes 2009.05.16

Monster Manual (commission)

Thanks, Biscuits! Without your help I might never have learned the proper arrangement of numbers on a ten-sided die, and that's knowledge I can use.

Tags: rat male albino dice dnd glasses   [Comment]
Image: couch.jpg   1200x1200 227083 bytes 2009.05.16

1.6 occupants per couch cushion

My last gift to Striker for buying me this tablet last year! This one started out as a Painter experiment, then turned into a Photoshop brushes experiment somewhere along the way. On the whole it doesn't look much like anything else I've ever produced, ever, and probably not much like anything I'll produce in the future.

Tags: fox cat bat cornish_rex male female striker mica gavin couch mantle dress wings   [Comment]
Image: cainmad.jpg   592x918 89486 bytes 2009.05.15

Mad science is the best science

This one's for Cain! This is the commission that finally forced me to stop putting off learning how to use watercolors, something I sincerely appreciate.\r\n\r\nWhat's he got in that beaker? Why, it's SCIENCE of course.

Tags: wolf male mad scientist lab coat pink watercolor commission   [Comment]
Image: metalweasels.jpg   834x596 101572 bytes 2009.05.14

Metal weasels

Recently I finally started on something I've been putting off for years: learning how to use real media. My inexperience shows here, but I'm already starting to like these watercolors, and hopefully with enough practice I'll become proficient enough with them to start offering watercolor commissions. We shall see!

Tags: weasel male metal goth topless scar   [Comment]
Image: darinsmu.jpg   1000x724 83279 bytes 2009.05.14

Dress code

Just a quick experiment. Sorry, foxes of the world! Striker bought me a Wacom tablet for my birthday, so the rest of you will just have to compete for second awesomest.

Tags: skunk male darin school uniform   [Comment]

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