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Image: gav-romanshingu.jpg   740x1046 100196 bytes 2009.05.14

Gavin (Minstrel's Song)

Another SaGa inspired outfit for my character. I love the art for the series, though I can never remember who the artist is.

Tags: bat male mantle wings   [Comment]
Image: krazbat.jpg   586x984 85326 bytes 2009.05.13

A bat for Kraz (commission)

Thanks, Kraz! I had fun with this one.

Tags: bat male robe cape   [Comment]
Image: ihlosi.jpg   496x848 59054 bytes 2009.05.12

Ihlosi (commission)

A cheetah for ktastrophy, who is himself a pretty awesome cheetah. \r\n\r\nI think this armor is from the Chainmail Bikini school of personal protection. Form over function is my mantra.

Tags: cheetah male ihlosi armor scifi spots   [Comment]
Image: jaguar-ink.jpg   633x941 154446 bytes 2009.05.11

Aztec-ish Jaguar

This was done as a challenge to see how quickly I could draw and ink an unfamiliar subject if I actually sat down and did it all in one sitting instead of poking at it over the course of several days. That's 2.5 hours to sketch, another 2 or so to ink, if you were curious. Granted, this is more complex than most of my work.

Tags: jaguar male rosettes aztec loincloth feathers macuahuitl   [Comment]
Image: gavindress-ink.jpg   718x984 75199 bytes 2009.05.11

Girly Gavin

Hey look, crossdressing. There's something I haven't posted much of.

Tags: bat male gavin scarf dress stockings crossdressing running   [Comment]
Image: micamaybe.jpg   594x1155 54342 bytes 2009.05.11

A gift for Mica

A little gift for Mica over on DeviantArt, where I'm not quite yet. See, I draw girls sometimes.

Tags: cat female cornish_rex dress running   [Comment]
Image: darindress.jpg   504x906 69490 bytes 2009.05.11

See, when this was just an ink outline I couldn't look at this skunk and think, "wow, he looks grape-flavored." IT'S THE MAGIC OF COLOR\r\n\r\nNope, still not a girl.

Tags: skunk male darin dress scarf gloves socks crossdressing   [Comment]
Image: kalak.jpg   621x911 57695 bytes 2009.05.11

Kalak (commission)

My first full color commission. Thanks, Kalak!

Tags: bat male kalak commission   [Comment]
Image: wiiflail-cl.jpg   1030x616 75401 bytes 2009.05.11

Wii Flail

Flustered flailing and not a wrist strap in sight. That TV is screwed.

Tags: fox bat male scars wings wii tv red_wings   [Comment]
Image: gavoracle.jpg   634x827 110667 bytes 2009.05.11

Gavin (Oracle)

Gavin in an outfit inspired by Tales of the Abyss. It is an outfit I honestly do not particularly want to ever draw again.

Tags: bat male gavin scarf tabard wings   [Comment]
Image: darintrap.jpg   379x670 45521 bytes 2009.05.11


Hey guys check out my 1 AM shading! This would easily be the girliest girly girl I'd ever drawn, if it was a girl.

Tags: skunk male darin skirt purse crossdressing   [Comment]
Image: darinribbon2.jpg   452x703 62517 bytes 2009.05.11

Ribbon pants

My first attempt at cel shading. I think it suits my linework a bit better than my usual shading; maybe further experiments are in order.

Tags: skunk male darin ribbon vest orange half-gloves   [Comment]
Image: darintee.jpg   398x589 41146 bytes 2009.05.11


A skunk I've been drawing a lot of lately. Still getting the hang of coloring and shading and abstract backdrops and such.

Tags: skunk male darin t-shirt underwear   [Comment]
Image: quatbat-ink.jpg   393x765 56744 bytes 2009.05.11

Chiropteran Quatrina

My sister, to my knowledge, has no interest in furry whatsoever. But I rendered her as a fellow freaky animal person anyway, in a simplified rendition of some jeans she painted up herself.

Tags: bat female mantle   [Comment]
Image: fuchsmitbuch.jpg   646x452 38131 bytes 2009.05.11

Fuchs mit Buch

Something I drew for a good friend's birthday years ago. It's still pretty okay.

Tags: fox male azure book paws   [Comment]
Image: gavanri.jpg   394x770 58650 bytes 2009.05.11

Gavin (Wonder)

My character looking typically dull-witted in a vaguely Saga-inspired outfit. I don't so much draw figures as I draw clothes sometimes.

Tags: bat male gavin mantle scarf wings   [Comment]
Image: void-ink.jpg   638x620 68155 bytes 2009.05.11


Some old thing. I dunno. I guess she's still okay.

Tags: lizard female staff skirt cloak   [Comment]

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