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Image: robur2.jpg   540x874 72913 bytes 2011.11.09


A commission for Robur, rocking some very manly headphones.

Tags: sugar glider robur hipster headphones converse   [Comment]
Image: roburicon.jpg   515x663 65388 bytes 2011.11.12

A headshot for Robur, cropped to avatar size.

Tags: male sugar glider hipster headshot icon avatar   [Comment]
Image: schizoidbat.jpg   500x500 53947 bytes 2009.07.18

21st Century Schizoid Bat


Tags: bat male gavin D:   [Comment]
Image: sciopent.jpg   430x673 55340 bytes 2011.01.07

Scientist of Pentacles

A tarot card of some sort commissioned by PlagueRat on FA. In retrospect I probably should have researched tarot symbolism a bit more before I got started, but I was assigned this card and I got this mental picture out of it more or less immediately, so there it is.

Tags: rat male wings plaguerat tarot scientist pentacles   [Comment]
Image: sirota1.jpg   748x920 97090 bytes 2011.10.31


A commission for Athelind of his Ironclaw character.

Tags: leaf nosed bat male sirota wizard air   [Comment]
Image: snowbats.jpg   604x1359 86144 bytes 2010.02.12

Snow bat

And then this morning I made a bat. I've spent most of my life in Texas, and this is the most snow I've ever seen outside of a ski resort.

Tags: snow bat sculpture   [Comment]
Image: snowfoxes.jpg   604x1359 82742 bytes 2010.02.12

Snow fox

Holy crap it snowed. In North Texas! I had to take advantage of it. So I walked around, admiring all the pretty whiteness that transformed the neighborhood, and then I made a fox.

Tags: snow fox sculpture   [Comment]
Image: snowweasels.jpg   604x1359 101673 bytes 2010.02.12

Snow weasel

And then of course I made a weasel. I'd never sculpted before yesterday, certainly not out of snow.

Tags: snow weasel sculpture   [Comment]
Image: strawberries.jpg   1148x857 93367 bytes 2011.02.03


First commission for Shade, featuring delicious fruit.

Tags: bat jackal male nude shade aleksander strawberry tongue   [Comment]
Image: summerfrilly.jpg   654x950 152597 bytes 2012.05.09

Frilly pink ferret

Summer likes dressing up sometimes.

Tags: black-footed ferret female summer pink dress not quite rococo   [Comment]
Image: tomatoattack3.jpg   1033x760 68447 bytes 2010.10.26

Tomato attack!

Morgan's Moogle character Saine under attack by a vicious Rogue Tomato, which is pretty much my favorite monster from any RPG ever.

Tags: final fantasy moogle rogue tomato saine   [More Info] [Comment]
Image: umjammerexperience.jpg   941x930 89738 bytes 2013.07.31

The Um Jammer Experience

Purple haze is all around\r\nDon't know if this tree is coming down \r\nMy saw's gone dull, feels like I'm condemned\r\nI'll never use Joe Chin's chains again\r\n\r\nSpix on FA told me to.

Tags: sheep female lammy um_jammer_lammy fanart   [Comment]
Image: void-ink.jpg   638x620 68155 bytes 2009.05.11


Some old thing. I dunno. I guess she's still okay.

Tags: lizard female staff skirt cloak   [Comment]
Image: wiiflail-cl.jpg   1030x616 75401 bytes 2009.05.11

Wii Flail

Flustered flailing and not a wrist strap in sight. That TV is screwed.

Tags: fox bat male scars wings wii tv red_wings   [Comment]
Image: xinthus1.jpg   864x1000 129953 bytes 2011.12.08


One of my last commissions before I close my queue in favour of more gainful employment. Full time work is certainly more profitable than drawing fuzzy dudes for money, but not really as gratifying.

Tags: bat white male druid staff magic   [Comment]
Image: youfirst.jpg   1071x768 142959 bytes 2010.08.10

You first

A commission for Vulnavia.\r\n\r\nI grew up with My Neighbor Totoro; it was my favorite movie ever for most of my childhood. When the Catbus showed up I just rolled with it, as kids do, and ever since then my impressions of it have been entirely colored by nostalgia. So not until actually sitting down and drawing it myself here did I actually look at the Catbus and realize holy goddamn that thing is freaky as hell.

Tags: bat rat cat vole vulnavia gavin catbus my neighbor totoro   [Comment]
Image: zephgaruda.jpg   850x1169 295592 bytes 2011.01.28


A long, loooong overdue painting for the pretty cool and infinitely patient Zephyr Kawabata. If I ever actually make it back to the UK I intend to deliver the original in person and possibly exchange masochistic RPGs.

Tags: snow leopard male feline garuda flying painting watercolor   [Comment]

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