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Image: randominterlude6.jpg   640x800 133704 bytes 2003.02.17

Poor Gothbat. Such a tormented existence...

Image: randominterlude5.jpg   640x800 211005 bytes 2002.08.24

Gothbat, Reanimator, part 2! (Poor Gothbat. Poor Herbie. Poor...err..nameless straight man.)

Image: randominterlude4.jpg   640x800 194672 bytes 2002.08.20

What young Gothbat hasn't daydreamed of raising the dead in the basement? (Okay, this is less classically goth, and more just silly, but I got a kick out've it. And is that a cute dead fish, or what?)

Image: randominterlude3.jpg   640x800 149104 bytes 2002.08.17

Well, it's official. I can't stop drawing Gothbat. In this third Random Interlude, a normally cheery and upbeat Gothbat broods over the loss of a close friend, alas. (Oh, the humanity!)

Image: randominterlude2.jpg   640x800 177453 bytes 2002.08.15

I realize that I am probably the only person who finds this amusing, but I feel an obligation to repay the debt to society that I incurred by writing all that Really Really Bad angst-ridden poetry in my teen years. And I confess, I wanted a chance to draw Gothbat again.

Image: randominterlude.jpg   600x750 134749 bytes 2002.08.13

It was one of those evilly whimsical days. I was just in a mood to compile all the cliches of the weird little sub-genre I could think of, and out came a weird little albino gothbat. It was weird little fun.

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