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Image: 3greenroos.jpg   930x460 124592 bytes 2002.11.16

I've been trying these experiments with stylization lately, since it's not something that comes easily to me. In this case, I had this one tree kangaroo, and three ideas of what to do, and decided to do all three of them at once. And I STILL don't know which I like best. Damn.

Image: abetrade.jpg   424x900 138787 bytes 2003.09.27

My half of an art trade, with the wonderfully talented Chris Goodwin. This is his charmingly thick-legged donkey character, gone Art Nouveau.

Image: airmouse.jpg   650x455 109495 bytes 2005.01.14

The elemental mousie of air, who went all Art Nouveau on me. (My favorite of the bunch so far...)

Image: altfrog2.jpg   600x407 85981 bytes 2002.04.15

The second of my alternate frog paintings--two gold frogfinches on a Magnolia tree. To this day, I still like the dumb-but-happy expression on the top frog's face.

Image: altfrog3.jpg   367x550 92026 bytes 2002.04.15

Frogs with bird markings lead eventually to frogs with wings...Rana aves concolor, the flying golden frog, nestled in the roots of the bristlecone pine. The alternate frogs are mostly older paintings, but I still get the urge to paint frogs regularly.

Image: Altfrog4.jpg   650x329 102997 bytes 2002.04.16

Acrylic, rather than digital--a winged frog perched on orchids. The frog's markings are based on, of all obscure things, an African bird called the white-headed buffalo weaver. The original of this is 18 x 36, and hanging over my scanner, although it is for sale.

Image: Altfrog6.jpg   502x650 119192 bytes 2002.05.09

My latest Alternate Frogs--these guys are based on male woodducks. Me, I thought they were gonna be tigers, but the frogs had other ideas. I swear, some day I'll do a frog that's not based on a bird, really...anyway, the background was based on photo ref taken with my brand new digital camera, since naturally, my first act upon getting a camera was to photograph pond scum. (This is normal, right? Right?)

Image: amberbat.jpg   650x463 125401 bytes 2006.08.11

Birchnosed liked his insects well-aged. The Mesozoic seemed juuuust about right...

Image: ambulobeach.jpg   600x414 49522 bytes 2004.12.22

Ambulocetus, that cuddly landwhale (a real transitional form having both the head of a whale AND feet, and which probably moved much like a sea lion) goes to the beach.

Image: animedragongirl.jpg   667x800 107844 bytes 2002.12.30

Dragons, as we all know, are a highly sexually dimorphic species. Males become large lizardlike creatures, dedicated to acquiring hoards with which to attract potential mates. Female dragons, on the other hand, resemble pearly-skinned humans for much of their lifespan, the better to study the arts of gem appraisal, jewelsmithing, and flea-market antiquing, so that they can assess the value of a male's hoard down to the last penny and shop between potential mates. (Many of the original legends of draconic interest in virgins may actually be tales of female dragons in the juvenile stage scouting out a male's hoard.) Upon deciding on a male, the female undergoes a chysalis stage, whereupon, like butterflies, they emerge winged and extremely hungry. Male dragons who plan ahead will stock several sides of beef to forestall this, or else may find themselves backed into a corner of the hoard trying to fend off a ravenous female and uttering such useless lines as "Honey, can't we talk about this?" \r\n\r\n(Fine, I admit--I had too much fun with the anime ratgirl, and I wanted to paint something else anime...)

Image: animeratgirl.jpg   576x720 76357 bytes 2002.12.29

The "anime catgirl" subgenre of furry art takes a lot of flak. In my ongoing effort to find and recreate every cliche known to man, I decided to see if an anime ratgirl would get any more love. I haven't painted anything anime in years, so this was kinda fun. The style of coloring is one I've always admired, although I'm not really sure where it came from originally, since I mostly see it on wallpaper over at Deviantart. It's easy to do in Painter, though, and a nice break from the cel-style coloring I usually do.

Image: antelope.jpg   585x800 140487 bytes 2005.05.12

Having travelled thousands of miles, across two oceans and half a continent, to study the Great Red Crested Dragons of the Gibbering Waste in their natural habitat, Eland was beginning to suspect that their reputation for size and ferocity had been somewhat exaggerated.

Image: attackegg.jpg   600x415 48217 bytes 2004.12.22

Mixed media 4 x 6.

Image: attention.jpg   700x322 51026 bytes 2004.12.22

Mixed media, 4 x 10. Piece for Midwest Furfest. Evidentally hamsters damaging one another is way more popular a theme than I'd expected...

Image: ayeaye.jpg   657x576 94861 bytes 2002.12.16

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's an--aye-aye? They aren't pretty beasts, but I remember Raynflower asking me to try painting one sometime, since it seems like the only lemurs anyone paints are ringtails. So here we go, at long last, my aye-aye--it's not pretty, but it has a weird kind charm (and anyway, I've been playing with foreshortening, and I wanted something with really strange hands.)

Image: azeazelbunny.jpg   600x900 128314 bytes 2005.04.07

Bob had a sinking feeling that his correspondance course, "Learn Ancient Enochian Summoning Rituals By Mail!" had left out a few important bits.\r\n\r\nThat, or the Easter Bunny had gone REALLY goth...\r\n

Image: babylon2.jpg   700x453 120522 bytes 2002.06.30

My token 5% piece, uploaded because I'm so damn pleased with it. I'll spare you the long involved rant about Christianity and other things that goes with this piece, as this is hardly the time or place. It's called "Angel of Babylon II," and it was done in Painter and Photoshop. The original is huge, but won't fit here. Pose after a vintage French erotic postcard. I love those things, because they look like real women, and not skeletons shot with silicone.

Image: badgerkachina.jpg   576x786 136548 bytes 2003.02.16

The anthro-critter-in-Indian-gear is practically a cliche of furry art, but I've noticed that it's rare you see them in anything but semi-generic Plains Indian garb. Which is a shame, because there's some really nifty costumes available somewhat farther afield. This guy, for example, is wearing an approximation of the costume worn by the Honan, or Badger Kachina, during the Plaza Dances of the Hopi Kachinas. (Approximate because A) my grasp of watercolor isn't sufficient for really hellacious beadwork, and B) I didn't see much point in putting a badger mask on him.) Growing up in Arizona, I always thought the kachinas were seriously cool, and I've painted a few of 'em, most notably my little blue frog kachina...will have to do some more in the future.\r\n\r\nOn a technical note, I do NOT have the patience to paint fur normally in watercolor--it takes too much advance planning. So it was with great delight that I realized I could paint pretty decent fur just by laying down base colors and then glazing the clumps over the top in white casein paint. Woohoo, another victory for impatience!

Image: badgermech.jpg   800x640 135947 bytes 2002.09.22

Inspired by the artwork of a guy named Oscar Chichoni, who gets these really cool metal textures with oil pastel, I set out to capture something mechanical digitally...specifically a somewhat scratched looked mechanical badger. The robotic bits probably wouldn't actually work--it's almost more've an iron badger golem than a robot, but hey, for a texture study, I was pleased.

Image: badgermechdetail.jpg   659x551 123369 bytes 2002.09.22

Thought I'd post a detail, 'cos the textures are definitely the cool bit of this picture. The joy of mechanical badgers!

Image: badgeryoyo.jpg   576x720 67795 bytes 2003.01.15

Ever have one of those nights when you're kinda punchy and you want to draw something, but you just got nothin'? You know you should go read or sleep or something, but instead you lift the pencil one more time and somehow, out comes a badger with a yo-yo. Yes, this is how I amuse myself in the evenings. It's not deathless art, but it keeps me from mutilating a better piece of art in my frustrated creativity.

Image: badgerzen.jpg   576x720 222977 bytes 2003.02.09

Can' and white....*gibber* Seriously, these go so fast that I keep doing them in sheer disbelief. "I can't do possibly do that AGAIN!" Two and a half hours later..."Well, okay, but I can't do that AGAIN." I dunno, maybe my brain's on the fritz again.

Image: balloonattack.jpg   700x560 74101 bytes 2004.05.12

Fed up with the Porcupine Shaman cruelly popping his totems, Norgle, servant of the mighty Balloon Animal spirit, summons a fearsome Battle Balloon, and wreaks a soggy vengeance.

Image: balloontotem.jpg   560x700 67622 bytes 2004.05.12

The other shamans laughed at Norgle's Balloon Animal Totem, but he'd show 'em. He'd show them all!

Image: battlehamsters.jpg   650x499 91265 bytes 2004.09.21

I sing of the berserkers, beloved of the skalds and songsmiths, the great warriors of Thor's domain, smashers of Jotunheim, doers of deeds, wearers of weaselskins! Fearless in fighting, ruthless in raids, fleet of foot and fat of form, the brave berserk, the war-hardened servants of the war-god, the great Battle Hamsters of the North!

Image: beadeddragon.jpg   568x750 178109 bytes 2003.03.04

Another watercolor and pen piece, a bit more elaborate this time. It's 12 x 16, just your typical dragony type, wrapped in beads, with a frog. (Of course there's a frog.) Pet? Lunch? Buddy? Your guess is as good as mine...

Image: bearsalmon.jpg   576x720 113590 bytes 2003.07.09

A quick evening's amusement--Susan Seddon Boulet inspired, bear with Haida salmon. I was originally gonna have him holding a hummingbird, and then I thought "Y'know, I've seen plenty of footage of bears, and lots of them were carrying fish around, but I've never seen one cuddling a hummingbird."

Image: bigpinkbat.jpg   800x640 140322 bytes 2002.09.01

I had a run-in with a bat recently, which was kicking around my mind, and since I was in a graphic design kinda mood, I wound up with...err...whatever this is. Somedays I think I paint just to see what happens.

Image: birdermouse.jpg   633x700 98608 bytes 2005.05.08

Sometimes you go birdwatching, and the birds watch you instead.

Image: bloodgatherer.jpg   525x700 75298 bytes 2004.04.09

"I have an itch between my shoulderblades," said Blood Gatherer even more grumpily, "and my arms are too short to reach it." (Noodling around on my Happy Little Capybara Visits the Mayan Underworld idea. I'm not sure if this is the style I want or not...) \r\n

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