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Image: plowpotato.jpg   800x510 98725 bytes 2004.05.17

Farmer Snoggle just couldn't figure it out. The salesman had said that the Plow Potato could clear as much land as a team of oxen, but once he had it in harness, it just laid there. Not even dangling a stick of butter in front of it seemed to get it moving.\r\n\r\nHe was even beginning to suspect that maybe the salesman hadn't been entirely honest with him.

Image: polarcourt.jpg   864x576 136928 bytes 2004.06.03

I actually just wanted to paint checkerboard tile, but once again, I outwitted myself...

Image: porcupineA.jpg   576x720 217421 bytes 2003.02.12

A Brazilian porcupine--man, these are funky little beasts. They have prehensile tails and their quills cover most of their faces and ring their eyes. More fun with black and white! The bird eyeing her is a plush-crested jay, a native of the same range as the porcupine.

Image: purplehat.jpg   480x600 65183 bytes 2004.12.22

There are few joys in life to compare to finding a really COOL hat.

Image: pussinbootsretires.jpg   514x800 150390 bytes 2002.09.27

So I had a sketch of the cat chick and was playing around with combining the interesting pastel textures I'd been getting recently with the heavy outlined Art Nouveau style I love. I had flat colored everything, and then on a seperate layer had chalked in the interesting textural bits. It look okay, but nothing spectacular, but then I accidentally turned off the flat color layer, leaving chalk on beige background, and went "Dude!" It looked much more interesting this way, so I kept it. I was thinking vaguely about Puss-in-Boots, and whether she ever got sick of wearing boots and tried to become a normal cat again, or something like that.

Image: randomringtail.jpg   576x720 152588 bytes 2003.02.09

A ringtailed something or other and her bird of paradise (or other). Another random Painter doodle, with a little color washed in over the linework for kicks.

Image: ratjester.jpg   642x467 55072 bytes 2003.10.15

A commission for a birthday present, which, given that the birthday has passed, I can upload without fear of ruining the surprise.

Image: redprintfrog.jpg   432x432 98395 bytes 2004.04.23

5 x 5 (Yup, that's life size!) acrylic on a very small canvas.

Image: redrat2.jpg   650x471 63433 bytes 2004.08.17

Wild stylistic departures are fun! A rat and his acorn, inspired by the fun and kitschy work of Laurel Burch.

Image: rockwang.jpg   241x1000 87449 bytes 2005.09.24

After about five of these sculptures, the other mole rats began to suspect Roger was compensating for something.\r\n\r\nSomebody commented on a recent work saying that they thought I was over the phallic rock thing. Hmm, guess not. Acrylic on gessoboard, 6 x 24.

Image: sabertoad.jpg   650x520 77084 bytes 2003.02.22

Quick little doodle of that mighty marauder of the paleolithic, bane of fish, bugs, rodents, and very very small mammoths--the fearsome Sabertoothed Toad.

Image: seasock.jpg   600x480 59646 bytes 2004.06.30

Quick and silly mixed media, 5 x 7, for Anthrocon (probably.) I think I'm a little scared of sock puppets.

Image: serpentfloat.jpg   650x484 85309 bytes 2004.12.22

Some of us are just not cut out for our environment.

Image: siamesething.jpg   576x720 104795 bytes 2002.12.02

Inspired by Michel Gagne's twisted rabbits, and left with some doodling time on my hands one day while my fellow gamers negotiated a tricky pit trap, I cooked up a few weird little beasts based on Siamese cats, a few millions years evolution, and the hypothetical planet Snog. The result--Snogian fauna! Why, yes, I AM easily amused.

Image: siamesething2.jpg   720x576 132742 bytes 2002.12.02

Inspired by Michel Gagne's twisted rabbits, and left with some doodling time on my hands one day while my fellow gamers negotiated a tricky pit trap, I cooked up a few weird little beasts based on Siamese cats, a few millions years evolution, and the hypothetical planet Snog. The result--Snogian fauna! (And yet more Snogian fauna!)

Image: skunkrock.jpg   650x520 56662 bytes 2003.10.19

Rock on, little brown skunk!

Image: slugrider.jpg   720x576 109484 bytes 2004.05.10

The renowned lizard warriors of Etrajen are best known for their hardy desert slugs. From the original cave slug stock, they have created a fearsome battle gastropod, capable of withstanding the heat of the desert and going without water for up to fifteen minutes at a time.

Image: slugtotem.jpg   541x720 139529 bytes 2004.02.28

Enough Charismatic Vertebrate totems--Slug is my co-pilot! (11 x 14, mixed media. God, I love painting slime.)

Image: smallrus.jpg   241x650 56226 bytes 2004.12.22

The common smallrus is about the size (and shape) of a small slug, much beloved by gardeners for keeping bird baths and puddles clear of mosquito larvae. And c'mon! It's a smallrus!

Image: smokercanid.jpg   720x576 70814 bytes 2003.01.13

This one is Gryllus's fault...she encouraged me to do something cartoony. Like most of my vague stylistic musings, I'll probably do two or three before I am distracted by another shiny object. This one was more of a warm up, which is why it's the most generic blue canine thingy imaginable. (I have this urge to scream "Generic blue canine thingys copyright ME ME ME!" but I'll refrain.) It's smoking because I was watching TV and one of those damn Target Market ads came on. I don't smoke, but those things annoy me so much that I want to take it up just to strike a blow for personal accountability.

Image: snogwoggler.jpg   720x572 106941 bytes 2003.06.28

Many sea creatures are famed for their haunting songs, but only the marine crested snogwoggler is known for its banjo solos.

Image: snorkus.jpg   800x353 57574 bytes 2003.08.29

Other than the fact that this catfishy beast is "Snorkus, Liberator of Goldfish," I have no idea what this painting is about.

Image: spike.jpg   518x800 81388 bytes 2002.11.15

It wasn't that Spike was afraid of the mice, he just considered them his social inferiors.

Image: springdance.jpg   565x700 150467 bytes 2005.03.31

It's spring! Spring! SPRING! And that means...flamenco piggies. (14 x 17.75, mixed media on illo board)

Image: storkenvane.jpg   539x720 151118 bytes 2003.08.08

While often mistaken for some kind of heron, the storkenvane is actually a late-model descendant of the platypus. (Playing around with watercolor over sepia ink.)

Image: tanukitea.jpg   800x533 110331 bytes 2006.03.28

Another tea label! I'd never drawn a tanuki before. There's a reason for that, or rather...two reasons. But we'll say no more about that.

Image: thegrape.jpg   600x480 47192 bytes 2004.06.30

Another quick and silly little 5 x 7 for Anthrocon. This is MY grape!

Image: thewingless.jpg   533x800 92198 bytes 2003.01.04

Did this piece about six months ago, for a tutorial in the book "Digital Fantasy Painting." Said book has at last been published, so I thought I'd post a jpg of my submission. Doing a tutorial is a little weird--you have to show every stage, so there isn't really a mechanism for quickly fixing things that are bothering you, like, say, the fact that the tail isn't quite integrated with the stump. But overall, I thought it was kinda nifty, and I love dewlaps, so the bizarre top-heaviness of it all appealed to me.

Image: thrasher.jpg   518x800 97663 bytes 2003.06.10

Bob the curve-billed brown thrasher has just discovered the ancient and evil Medallion of Really Really Nasty Evil Unpleasant Bad Things. And if Bob had opposable thumbs and could keep a coherent thought together for more than three seconds at a stretch, he would probably become the dark overlord of all thrasherkind, but unfortunately, he's just going to stash it in a treetrunk and then forget about it.

Image: tigerraj.jpg   576x720 237547 bytes 2003.02.10 Arrrgh! Brain! Explodign! Anyway, Valentine's day on the horizon, figured I'd make a pre-emptive strike to keep from having to paint froggy cupids or something.

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