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Image: dameonrock.jpg   803x596 37749 bytes 2004.08.16

It's Dameon, my red fox character from waay back. I started this picture out as a sketch, re-doing an original Dameon Rock piece, and I found it came out so well I did a background. Then I scanned, and used a few coloring effects to make the water and sky. I didn't like how the water came out so much, but I loved Dameon's shading, and the sky I think came out pretty realistic. I used basically the same shading technique as the original Dameon Rock. I might color it later in its fullness, but for now I liked the contrasting color vs. black and white effect.

Image: deerboy.jpg   284x565 29635 bytes 2004.08.16

This is the first deer I've ever drawn, and I think he came out pretty good. I went online and had to do a small study on deer anatomy to draw it... I hope it's not too skewed. Some people told me he looked pretty handsome. Makes me feel all warm inside.

Image: transfowolf.jpg   487x611 41271 bytes 2004.08.22

Wolf finishing up a transformation... hehe... I suck at transfos :P But I liked the shirt ripping here. I started this as a sketch... then I fixed it up a bit, got rid of the trace lines, and turned it into a pencil job. Basically the only things I do are pencil jobs, as my scanner sucks at color scanning, and it takes too long to CG... and I'm lazy. Heh :P But hey, I'm not the only person who does pencil jobs.

Image: vahnanime.jpg   707x507 77908 bytes 2004.08.16

It's meeee :3 And no surprise, I'm a red fox. Foxes are about the cuddliest animals there is, and I just love cute animals. Fuzzy! The symbols in the background mean VAHN, and the symbols down by the giant eye mean Sakura... which makes no sense at all. I'm hopeless sometimes ^_^

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