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Image: beach_boys.jpg   599x800 188663 bytes 2004.04.04

My spring break starts this week and for some reason I felt like drawing this.\r\nI think the picture came out very well, but I like the lion the most. What do you think?

Image: Big-DadVCL2.jpg   422x832 66274 bytes 2009.01.08

Big Dad

*ENGLISH*\r\nThis is more of a character concept than a finished piece. Because there are anatomy flaws and the background was made too quick.\r\nAnyway, this guy is the father of Max and Jax.\r\nUnlike them, he wears clothes for his first apearance (I wasn't sure about drawing a 40-some-year-old penis) but, just like with his kids, I'll tell you his name next time I post a pic about him. XD\r\n*ESPAÑOL*\r\nEsto es mas un concepto de personaje que una pieza terminada. Porque tiene varios errores anatomicos y el fondo fue hecho muy rapido.\r\nComo sea, este es el padre de Max y Jax.\r\nA diferencia de ellos, el usa ropa en su primera aparición (no estaba muy seguro sobre dibujar un pene de 40 y tantos años) pero, igual que con sus hijos, les dire su nombre hasta la proxima vez que suba algo sobre él. XD

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Image: CheerleaderVCL.jpg   337x732 88313 bytes 2006.03.29

A bunny cheerleader, just because I felt like doing one.\r\nThe original plan included a skirt. But when I was sketching this I decided that I liked how her tail between the cheeks looked, and I wouldn't like to obstruct the view! ;)

Image: CVS-Rebecca0.jpg   464x813 62249 bytes 2007.05.14

CVS Rebecca

This is part of a project I'm currently working on.\r\nI'll show the rest of it later.

Image: DameVJ.jpg   591x738 99138 bytes 2005.04.14

A gift for Jawara Pittman.\r\nI had to decline a work offer by her, so I made this picture of her character "Dame Freedom" to compensate her.\r\nThanks for everything Jawara!!

Image: DannyBoy.jpg   589x911 95251 bytes 2007.02.26

Danny Boy

Last time I drew this guy , my friend ( ) drew him for me too, and he made me realize that this guy needed a name.\r\nSo, after a lot of thinking I finally decided.\r\nHis name is Daniel, but his friends call him "Danny boy".\r\nAs you can see, he is, well... let's just say he is kinda soft.\r\nI made this picture because I wanted to make an "official" naming or something.\r\nEnjoy.

Tags: muscle dog german shepherd   [Comment]
Image: DannyWorkoutVCL.jpg   589x753 86944 bytes 2008.09.09

Danny Workout

*ENGLISH*\r\nJust Danny working out.\r\n\r\n*ESPAÑOL*\r\nSimplemente Danny ejercitando.

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Image: fall.jpg   480x640 56251 bytes 2004.06.26

You must never give up, no matter what.\r\nToo bad he didn't think that way.

Image: Free.jpg   596x805 80190 bytes 2006.11.24

OLD WORK\r\nThe description is too long to go here (sorry), if you want to read it, click the "comment" link and read it at FA.

Image: FreeAgain.jpg   733x813 106310 bytes 2006.11.25

This the new version of this picture:\r\n\r\nI made a new version because I felt that this idea deserved something a bit better, so I added a background(it now looks how i want: she leaving the grey cloud to go to a better place), made the wings bigger and, of course, I fixed the anatomy a bit.\r\nI like the result.

Image: goodevil.jpg   509x600 89662 bytes 2004.01.17

My first upload to the VCL! XD\r\nAngela the wolf and Jessica the bear standing next to a neon sign.\r\nCopyright info is on the picture.

Image: Just_because.jpg   491x660 164169 bytes 2004.08.07

I just got a CD full songs of Nirvana, and I Love it!\r\nThis picture came to my head while listening to "Dumb".\r\nA cat boy with an I-do-not-care attitude.

Image: lift.jpg   400x550 52763 bytes 2004.01.24

This is a pretty simple one, but I really like the idea. Victor lifts Linda and they pose. Copyright info is on the picture.\r\n

Image: LindaportraitVCL.jpg   574x697 119921 bytes 2012.03.30

Linda Portrait

*ENGLISH*\r\nJust a quick picture...\r\nI felt like coming back to my artistic roots for a bit. :)\r\n\r\n*ESPAÑOL*\r\nUn dibujo rapido...\r\nSentí ganas de volver a mis raices artisticas por un rato. :)

Tags: Linda wolf female portrait traditional pencils   [Comment]
Image: lovetrust.jpg   542x699 96619 bytes 2004.01.17

Victor and Linda are under the shadow of an invisible tree.\r\nI like the way this one turned out(drawing pants is difficult!). BTW it is done with Prismacolors.

Image: MexiweenVCL.jpg   1200x810 225718 bytes 2008.11.01

Feliz Halloween

La descripcion es muy grande y la imagen tambien, por favor usen el link de comentarios -->\r\n\r\nDescription is too long and the pic is too large, please use the comments link -->

Tags: halloween mexican costume cosplay human   [Comment]
Image: Nelly.jpg   732x600 156708 bytes 2006.07.18

This is the colored version of this picture:\r\n\r\nIt's another picture of the girl I've drawn once before\r\nI still don't know what species she is, but I finally gave her a name: Nelly.\r\nAs you can see she's at some kind of restaurant near the beach, wishing you a happy summer.\r\nColoring this took me 2 weeks, (because I'm lazy) but it's finally finished and I feel happy about that.

Image: PandaBeach.jpg   639x1161 101004 bytes 2007.12.12

Sunset panda

*ENGLISH*\r\n\r\nI know it's almost christmas, but I felt like drawing a beach scene.\r\nThis is my first time drawing a panda, so please tell me what you think. ;)\r\n\r\n*ESPAÑOL*\r\n\r\nSe que casi es navidad, pero sentí ganas de dibujar una escena de playa.\r\nEs la primera vez que dibujo un panda, así que por favor diganme que opinan de eso. ;)

Tags: panda beach female sunset   [Comment]
Image: Patty.jpg   497x650 50225 bytes 2004.08.10

Patricia, my sister, is part of the Fan-club of a Mexican Hip-hop band called "Cartel de Santa"; The name of the club is "La jauria", What in Spanish means: "The dog pack".\r\nOne day she mentioned the name of the club and I said "So, you're a dog!"\r\nand she said "YES".\r\nSo...\r\nI choosed a Doberman because it fits her "Cute, but deadly" attitude.

Image: Pocky.jpg   501x374 100129 bytes 2004.07.01

Linda with her favorite doll and her favorite candy.\r\nI kinda like the way her hair came out.

Image: PrettyBoy.jpg   600x1000 133180 bytes 2007.01.24

Pretty boy

I had drawn this guy in adult works before but, I thought it could be a good idea to revamp him, changing the anatomy a bit: He's now 7 heads tall, He has bigger pecs and I reduced his waist-line, kinda based in the work of this artist:\r\nI like the way he looks, despite the lame background, maybe I'll make more things with this character later.

Tags: muscle dog german shepherd   [Comment]
Image: PrettyBoy2.jpg   576x1000 123077 bytes 2007.01.29

Pretty boy Part 2

Well, I really wanted to draw this guy again, so I did.\r\nAnd It also helped me to practice the way I draw backs.\r\nEnjoy!

Tags: muscle dog german shepherd   [Comment]
Image: qwertyVCL2.jpg   545x600 44235 bytes 2008.11.16


*ENGLISH*\r\nOne day I read this sentence:\r\nThe quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog" I had to do this, but...mmm...he's more like jumping "on" her... but then I'd be missing a few letters...\r\nI know!\r\nI'll change it to "The quick brown fox jumps on the very lazy dog" That fixes it! ^_^\r\nThis is a "just-because" picture featuring a pair of chibi anthros.\r\nAnd just for kicks, I'm going to call them Sam (the fox) and Anna (the dog-girl) XD\r\n\r\n*ESPAÑOL*\r\n"The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog" es una frase que se usa para probar teclados, ya que tiene todas las letras del alfabeto en Inglés\r\nLa lei hace unos dias y se me ocurrio esto: un par de chibis "actuando" la frase ^_^\r\nLo hice por que se me antojo y ademas, nada mas por que si, los llamare Sam (el zorrito) y Anna (la perrita) XD

Tags: fox dog male female chibi   [More Info] [Comment]
Image: Ready_to_fight.jpg   590x766 119081 bytes 2004.04.03

Rebecca on a ring making her fighting stance, preparing to fight an unknown rival. Or in a few words:\r\nShe is cute and ready to kick some ass!

Image: Rebecca.jpg   404x700 40793 bytes 2004.01.17

She is just there, striking a winning pose.\r\nThis is the realization of a dream, but I will not bore you with details.\r\nPrismacolors used.

Image: RebeccaRelax.jpg   800x601 110218 bytes 2005.05.02

Rebecca relaxes at home.

Image: Sitting.jpg   600x766 108295 bytes 2005.03.06

Not much to say about this one.\r\nI just like it.

Image: Tzitzimil.jpg   600x793 122249 bytes 2004.09.18

This is a collaboration between my good friend Tzitzimil and me.\r\nHe made the wonderful line art, and I made the not-so-amazing coloring job in Photoshop.\r\nHe loved it though, so I guess that's enough.\r\nYou can find his work here at VCL.\r\n\r\nUna vez mas: GRACIAS POR EL CHANCE AMIGO!!!!!!

Image: Vday05.jpg   794x624 113329 bytes 2005.02.11

My picture for valentine’s day.\r\n\r\nI really enjoyed doing this, because I had the chance to try new things on Photoshop.\r\nAnd the pose came out pretty well. ^_^\r\n\r\nAnyway, I hope you all have a happy Valentine’s day! <3 \r\n

Image: Vday06.jpg   525x672 88766 bytes 2006.02.14

My picture for this year.\r\nI wanted something different this time, that's why I used Eli and Juli this year.\r\nI know it's written on the pic, but I'll say it again: Happy Valentine's day.

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