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Image: Vday07VCL.jpg   621x817 105292 bytes 2007.02.12

My gift

My picture for this year's V-day.\r\nHere we see Victor and Linda, showing us that the best gifts for Valentine's day are always free.\r\nAs always, I hope you all have a great day. ;)

Tags: fox wolf love romance valentine cute   [Comment]
Image: VivaMexico.jpg   550x697 128899 bytes 2004.09.16

(REUPLOAD)\r\nThe text reads:\r\nFor my first picture about mexican hollidays I wanted something big, spectacular and elaborated.\r\nBut the truth is that my brain went dry.\r\nAs I can't stay without doing anything, I guess there is nothing else to say but: VIVA MEXICO!!!

Image: VixyVJ1.jpg   486x700 54128 bytes 2004.02.29

A little gift I made for one of my favorite furry artists in the whole world: Chalosan.\r\nIf you don't know him, you're missing lots and lots of fantastic stuff.\r\nThis one is Vixy, my favorite character of all the ones he makes.\r\nWhat are you waitin' for? Go and check his stuff here on the VCL! (around letter "C" on the index by name)

Image: Volei1.jpg   500x647 147455 bytes 2004.07.10

This is Rebecca, my racoon girl, playing voleyball.\r\nIt looks that she is about to score!

Image: What-is-that.jpg   550x725 111451 bytes 2006.09.19

Here we see Nelly, taking a walk by the park.\r\nThen suddenly a very curious girl touches her belly, wondering what could be inside.\r\nThe part I like the most about the picture is the background, I know it looks crappy, but it's the first time I make a tree that looks somewhat convincing.

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