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Image: anthroakitainu1.jpg   550x703 157765 bytes 2010.10.15

Anthro Akita Inu - Original For Sale

Ink and pencil on brown paper. Only a few hours left on the auction! If no bids, email me to make an offer. Vera_of_the_Willow [at] Yahoo [dot] com.

Tags: anthro akita inu scarf original art for sale vera boy male flaccid   [Comment] [Bid/Buy]
Image: anthroredpanda1.jpg   727x547 142873 bytes 2010.10.15

Anthro Red Panda - Original For Sale

Ink and pencil on brown paper. Original is for sale, only a few hours left for bidding. If no bids, please email me to make an offer.

Tags: anthro red panda pinup pin-up original for sale   [Comment] [Bid/Buy]
Image: Fox3.jpg   700x900 111145 bytes 2007.12.11

I was rather pleased with the light sketch I did of this months ago, and decided to go back and add some darker details. I wound up spending several hours more on it. I still might go back and add a bit more shading. x) Not often that I draw canids I'm satisfied with.

Tags: fox vixen vera honeytail scarf socks snow pencil   [Bid/Buy]
Image: kitty1.jpg   700x685 93045 bytes 2007.12.02

posing kitty. Pencil on cardstock. ON FURBID NOW!

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Image: kitty5.jpg   800x601 97939 bytes 2007.12.02

Relaxing siamese cat girl. Pencil on cardstock. ON FURBID NOW!

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Image: wolfess.jpg   600x633 84409 bytes 2007.12.02

Busty female wolf girl in light bondage-y outfit. ON FURBID NOW!

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Image: wolf.jpg   700x1093 110775 bytes 2007.12.02

This happy wolf fella is drawn with mechanical pencil on 81/2 x 11" cardstock. 4+ hours. ON FURBID NOW!

Tags: wolf male pencil   [Comment] [Bid/Buy]
Image: WeBelong.jpg   600x706 88536 bytes 2007.07.20

Little quick something for my Nitro <3

Image: wolfgirlsketch1.jpg   650x730 128347 bytes 2007.04.12

I know her leg's messed up. \r\nMech. pencil, cardstock, 4+ hours. Email me if interested in buying! Vera_of_the_Willow (at)

Tags: wolf, long hair, hair, fur, pencil, vera, for sale  
Image: verateasecolorsspots1.jpg   810x489 123853 bytes 2007.04.12

Vera being playful. Or maybe she wants to tear your throat out? ^.^

Tags: vera, socks, stockings, langurhali, monster, spots, feline  
Image: twofacedcomplete.jpg   770x961 159936 bytes 2007.04.12

Full description here:\r\n\r\nLangurhali and Conjuka Bethany Sellers/"Vera"

Tags: forest, mushroom, vera, langurhali, fireflies, mutant, mutation, deformity  
Image: veramouth_redo.jpg   600x658 100478 bytes 2007.02.07

Just a creepy little grin from Vera!\r\n\r\nDo not use without my permission.\r\nart/character Vera/Bethany Sellers.\r\n\r\nquestions/comments always welcome! Vera_of_the_Willow(AT)Yahoo(DOT)com

Tags: mouth, vera, tongue, piercing, maw, fangs, feline, splotchy  
Image: VeraMiw3.jpg   820x640 119788 bytes 2006.10.20

Random giftart to Lyenuv/Miw ;) Felt like I hadn't drawn Vera in ages. So I threw her in there too xD

Image: AyeAyecolors3.jpg   850x990 182706 bytes 2006.09.24

Annnnd last upload for now. I think I'm basically caught up on most of the art I've done the past few months that's worth posting xP\r\n\r\nThis is a new aye-aye chara I made while trying to pull through a horrible art block. I thought 'hm I want to draw something endangered.' Tried a bushbaby, then a greater glider, then a sugar glider... none of which turned out too well. I adore aye-ayes so I'm glad this one turned out to my liking. VERY speedy coloring; no more than 2 hours.\r\n\r\nGRUB BRA. <3

Image: LonghornGirl2.jpg   860x985 256935 bytes 2006.09.24

A long horn beetle anthro named Harlequin, which is another name for them :) They are beautiful insects. I love insectoid anthros, there are so few of them it seems. Next in line is an orchid mantis, another of my faves. -bug obsessed- <3\r\n\r\nHarlequin Bethany Sellers/"Vera" 2006

Image: posie.jpg   870x984 240847 bytes 2006.09.24

Posie is a Langurhali that... well read description here:

Image: DA_journalheader5.jpg   678x704 98284 bytes 2006.09.24

I was going to do a quick header for my dA journal and it turned into this, rather pleased with the outfit/hair ;) vintage Camp corsets are ultimate sexy.

Image: ARTUnicycle4.jpg   700x800 104494 bytes 2006.09.24

Cecilia is a relatively new character in the Langurhali family. She's a contortionist/performer. Her tail is about 3x shorter in this pic than it's supposed to be; sometimes those tails can really overwhelm a picture so I will shorten them, or put them in the background for pinups like this xP\r\n\r\nCecilia and Langurhali Bethany Sellers/"Vera"

Image: ARTVerapurple2.jpg   720x850 81650 bytes 2006.09.24

A quick (maybe 2 hrs tops thus the crappy bg) coloration of my character and some of the themes often seen in my art when I'm doodling for myself. (socks, the colors purple & green, odd poses, darkness, etc)

Image: ARTVerasick4.jpg   800x1011 166832 bytes 2006.09.24

Vera and Xander represent myself and my husband. This is a very meaningful piece to me, because I did it while I was actually sick and my hubby was taking care of me. Also because most of the items you see are based off of things I have IRL. (Furrever Friends plush & clip-on on Vera's horn... fuzzy purple blankie... yarn and purple knitting needles... and a constant supply of TP) :P

Image: ARTWingedkitty_FURBID.jpg   499x562 114313 bytes 2006.09.17

winged kitty boy. for sale on furbid. if no bidders feel free to email with an offer if interested.\r\n\r\nVera_of_the_Willow(AT)Yahoo(DOT)com

Image: ArcticSwift_3.jpg   670x951 170217 bytes 2006.09.06

A gift to Arcticswift on dA for correctly completing a quiz on my Langurhali species! He really did his homework ;3

Image: __GRIZZYdrawing1.jpg   400x467 41552 bytes 2006.09.06

This is an idea I had for a stuffed animal :) I have most of the items I need to create him. He will be quite large, and quite expensive, but worth it I think :) His claws are actually hot peppers. He's completely harmless, but loves to play pranks on people...\r\n\r\nGrizzy Bethany Sellers/Vera 2006

Image: ARTSockskitty2.jpg   574x768 123500 bytes 2006.07.22

This is #1 of a 3 part series of pin-ups wearing socks, done with intentions to sell. I adore socks especially stripey ones ;) Taking offers until Aug 1, if no good offers are made they'll go to furbid! I'm quite fond of this one... \r\n\r\nEmail: Vera_of_the_Willow(AT)

Image: ARTSocksfox2.jpg   579x768 144444 bytes 2006.07.22

This is #2 of a 3 part series of pin-ups wearing socks, done with intentions to sell. I adore socks especially stripey ones ;) Taking offers until Aug 1, if no good offers are made they'll go to furbid! Email: Vera_of_the_Willow(AT)

Image: ARTSockswolf2.jpg   600x768 162010 bytes 2006.07.22

This is #1 of a 3 part series of pin-ups wearing socks, done with intentions to sell. I adore socks especially stripey ones ;) Taking offers until Aug 1, if no good offers are made they'll go to furbid! Email: Vera_of_the_Willow(AT)

Image: ARTFurbidTigress_1.jpg   700x1050 198353 bytes 2006.07.05

\r\nWell more than one Monarch in this version; but the original only has the one. I edited in photoshop so I could make prints for dA. I used to do this style all the time, I guess I stopped for a while there because of the patience realistic type stuff requires as compared to more human/toony stuff.\r\n\r\noriginal on furbid:

Image: ARTTourniquettemoonbg1.jpg   740x980 181892 bytes 2006.07.01

My new langurhali character, Tourniquette.\r\n\r\nArt/char Bethany "Vera" Sellers 2006.

Image: ARTBadges.jpg   1059x1111 346106 bytes 2006.05.28

Some gift badges to friends, and a few commissions. I guess they're chibi type versions :3

Image: ARTVeraRef.jpg   1230x723 236792 bytes 2006.05.28

Here's to hoping her ears don't get any bigger! 9_9\r\n\r\nVera Bethany Sellers 2006.\r\nQuestions/comments/etc : Vera_of_the_willow(AT)yahoo(DOT)com\r\

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