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Image: ARTMare2.jpg   659x900 133307 bytes 2006.05.01

FURBID:\r\n\r\nThank you SO much for any bids... <3\r\nVera_of_the_Willow(AT)yahoo(DOT)com

Image: CHIVAL3.jpg   700x991 151290 bytes 2006.04.14

Giftart to Chival; Bunglechiv on deviantART.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nvera_of_the_willow(-AT-)yahoo(-DOT-)com

Image: kitteh.jpg   630x575 35069 bytes 2006.04.14

gift sketch for Kitteh. Wanted her socks to look sort-of like angora.. or something.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nvera_of_the_willow(-AT-)yahoo(-DOT-)com

Image: ARTCatgirlEaster3.jpg   400x520 46905 bytes 2006.03.31

Furbid :\r\n\r\nHer tits aren't enormous, so it probably won't sell :P

Image: ARTVeraback3.jpg   550x801 80452 bytes 2006.03.31

"I love my hair, my ears, my 'excessively large' tail and my style. I even love the real-life me; my body, my mind and my spirit. Many people do, at least the ones who matter most, my friends, family and fans. So why should I care what you think?"\r\n\r\n:)

Image: ARTHoneyxanderfly8.jpg   700x893 288024 bytes 2006.03.31

You're all I need in this world, I know you will lift me to heights I've never seen before, and take me to places I may have never reached without you by my side.

Image: ARTVeralick_color4.jpg   894x1132 167616 bytes 2006.03.31

I will devour the memory of you\r\nClean my open wounds\r\nForget the hurt you caused\r\nAnd turn my back on your lifeless corpse\r\nYou will have all the time in the world to think about the hurt you caused\r\nWhile I forget you ever existed.

Image: ARTVerabend2.jpg   700x700 95363 bytes 2005.12.17

Ouch! \r\n\r\nVera doing her contortion stretches, and getting stuck in a triple-fold while her cat, Merlin looks on as if to say "what do you expect me to do? I'm a cat!" x3\r\n\r\nRubberfolks gallery:

Image: ARTGiraffe2.jpg   645x993 132794 bytes 2005.12.17

Random giraffe character =3\r\n\r\n Bethany Sellers/Honeytail 2005

Image: ARTHoneypride3.jpg   710x807 212983 bytes 2005.12.17

DA:\r\n\r\nThese are Vera's pets... nameless for now... they are based on a dream I had, of an old cat... a fat cat.. a young cat... a cuddly cat and two cats in love. I'm still not sure what they represented in the dream but this is as close to how they looked as I can remember. :) Vera was wearing this really awesome fur cloak as well...\r\n\r\nVera and her pride TM/ Bethany Sellers 2005 All rights reserved.

Image: ARTHoneyvera_1.jpg   796x1197 122062 bytes 2005.11.26

description:\r\n\r\n Bethany Sellers/Honeytail 2005 do not use or reference without permission!\r\

Image: ARTHoneytailsocks5.jpg   700x833 182798 bytes 2005.11.22

DeviantART: (view for a better description)\r\n\r\nAnother colored pencils piece but with a photoshop bg. I tried to merge them together as best as I could, hopefully looks ok. If you'd like to draw Honeytail, I just created a reference page on my DA journal

Image: ARTHoneylolitatraditional4.jpg   600x685 161055 bytes 2005.11.22

Honey trying to be like one of those cute anime girls I suppose :P I just happen to love lolita dresses. Who doesn't? My first marker+colored pencil work in a while.\r\n\r\nart/character Bethany Sellers 2005 \r\nHoneytail_Kitten(AT)yahoo(DOT)com

Image: VintageVera3.jpg   860x1138 150042 bytes 2005.11.11

DA:\r\n\r\nWow, can't believe I forgot to upload this. Honeytail in all her vintagey goodness. That couch was a pain in the ASS let me tell you xD\r\n\r\nart/character Bethany Sellers do not reproduce, copy, trace, edit or chew on (too much) :3

Image: ARTPosie2.jpg   820x1007 186430 bytes 2005.11.11

DA:\r\n\r\nThis is Posie, again :P I rather like her hair this way.\r\n\r\nart/character copyright Bethany Sellers do not reproduce or trace, copy, etc

Image: ARTClover6.jpg   763x1000 170516 bytes 2005.11.11

DA:\r\nHoneytail's best friend, Clovertail. I was rather happy with this piece, although her legs still look funny somehow. Hopefully I will improve with the more animalistic legs. Also need to work on my use of the smudge tool...\r\nart and character Bethany Sellers, do not use, copy or trace\r\nComments/critiques/etc: Honeytail_Kitten(AT)yahoo(DOT)com

Image: ARTvineratigress3.jpg   730x945 166817 bytes 2005.10.30

This was the prize for winning my 'turn your character into a mutant cat' contest over on DeviantART that lasted about a month and had around 70 entries. \r\nDA link (view full description here as well) :\r\nThe winner's artwork is awesome so you should go see it, too :)

Image: ARTAslan4.jpg   800x643 102738 bytes 2005.10.29

Inspired by The Chronicles of Narnia, The Magician's Nephew chapt. 9 "The Founding of Narnia" where Aslan breathes life into Narnia, or rather roars it :) I simply can't wait for the new movie. Some of my favorite fantasy stories of all time <3

Image: ARTLJ_emotions1.jpg   500x568 106604 bytes 2005.10.25

Full versions of the previous LJ icons, these could be used as headers instead :) Pencil; Photoshop = colors.

Image: ARTLJicons3.jpg   415x264 47231 bytes 2005.10.25

Some Livejournal icon thingies I made of my character Honey Vera. :) My first attempt at them... it's fun to do all of the different emotions :3 If you're interested in some email me for prices (Trades, depending)\r\n\r\nHoneytail_Kitten( AT )yahoo . com

Image: DOORHANGER2.jpg   900x1008 319110 bytes 2005.10.24

This is my first experiment with my door hangers idea, gift for foxofthenight and chibi-mika from DA ^^ <3\r\n\r\nart Bethany Sellers / Honeytail 2005\r\ncharacters their creators

Image: ARTHalloween5.jpg   820x1064 403805 bytes 2005.10.12

Furbid:\r\n\r\nart Bethany Sellers 2005\r\n\r\nDA:

Image: ARTTourniquette4.jpg   840x784 207686 bytes 2005.10.11

New mutant cat character, Tourniquette. You could say she's a goth-mutant-zombie kitty ;3\r\n\r\nart/character Bethany Sellers 2005. Please don't color without letting me know and giving credit, do not edit or claim etc.

Image: ARTHoneytailface3.jpg   720x1178 213865 bytes 2005.10.11

This is Honeytail's third form in which her name is Vera. She is most like myself... but Honeytail with pink hair is still my mascot of sorts. This version has two large green horns and two smaller ones coming from the peak of her brow, and reddish-brown eyes. Bethany Sellers 2005

Image: ARTHoneyoriginal2.jpg   600x817 111520 bytes 2005.10.10

This is my character in her original form, without her horns and she is more cutesy and anime-ish in this style ^^; I haven't drawn her this way for some time and mostly this is a gift art for Pinkfairylotus, since she said this was her favorite form of Honeytail.\r\n\r\nart Bethany Sellers/Honeytail/ME! Do not steal, use, color or anything without my written consent.\r\nHoneytail_Kitten(AT)

Image: _FURBID1.jpg   550x740 102684 bytes 2005.09.24

Drawn at Anthrocon :) Furbid -\r\n\r\nquestions/etc Honeytail_Kitten(AT)yahoo(DOT)com

Image: ARTMale4.jpg   858x1047 144333 bytes 2005.09.12

One of the few males I've created that I'm relatively happy with :) Not sure on a name yet. He is a Langurhali or "Mutant Cat" Same as Honeytail. I have a contest on DA, to make your own character as a mutant cat. :)\r\nart Bethany Sellers/Honeytail 2005\r\nQuestions/commissions/trades/comments: Honeytail_Kitten(AT)

Image: ARTCatwalk5.jpg   730x923 128813 bytes 2005.09.04

A rather misshapen kitty I had drawn last night in hopes of selling on furbid X3 there's a nipple'd version too :P If interested in the linework or a colored version, contact me.\r\n\r\n Bethany Sellers\r\\r\

Image: ARTWolfsnow3.jpg   530x541 86491 bytes 2005.09.02

Furbid auction: Random doodle that turned into this, I rarely finish coloring pics with pencils but hopefully I'm improving :)\r\n\r\nArt Bethany Sellers\r\\r\

Image: ARTMushroomwolf4.jpg   600x696 176398 bytes 2005.09.02

A bansai wolf... random doodle I did for my club on DeviantART, "surrealanthro" :)\r\n\r\nart copyright Bethany Sellers/Honeytail\r\\r\

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