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Image: Green-Dragon---Crayon.jpg   400x553 78668 bytes 2005.07.15

Re-colored my dragon in crayon. I think it turned out quite well.

Image: It_must_be_satan.jpg   400x539 90087 bytes 2005.07.15

Inspiration came from my English class. Reading a poem about a dancing singing creature with goat's feet, someone said it must be satan since it had goat feet. Drawn with pencil, inked, and colored with crayons. Time: 2 Hours.\r\n\r\nSorry I haven't uploaded recently... scanner was broken.

Image: Green-Dragon.jpg   556x680 221130 bytes 2005.06.05

Wooo! My dragon colored. This is my first attempt at painting color on in photoshop and I'm quite proud of myself. I like blue!

Image: Dragon.jpg   259x360 19302 bytes 2005.06.05

Working on anatomy... this is the outcome. I'm rather proud of it, so I wanted to upload a basic version and I'll color it later for everyone. :D

Image: 404.jpg   300x228 36518 bytes 2005.06.04

My new 404 error message! Didn't spend too much effort seeing as I'm tired and hungry, but I like it. The anthro furry alien is too young to have breasts so she's a bit flat-chested XD

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